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You are dreaming snakes - this is a clear warning

If snakes are seen, this is a clear warning.

Want to know what, keep reading!

You see, dear readers, it turned outquatrain. But there are no unequivocal answers to such questions. To me, most often in real life pester with questions about dreams. And why does one or another symbol dream? Usually I answer as briefly. For example - to good! Or vice versa - unkind sleep! You can not interpret the dream symbol in two words.

Recently the neighbor ran up: Tell me what the dream book says: what does the snake dream about? I answer - it's some kind of warning.

- And what?

- It depends on how they dreamed!

If snakes are dreamed, dead, like my neighbor, thenshe has a friend. The dream says that this is a hypocritical person and this hypocrisy will make her suffer in real life. It is clear that it's not just about my acquaintance, but it's generally an interpretation of sleep.

If snakes are seen, then you should know that this is a signvarious manifestations of evil in real life. If you see how they wriggle or fall on people, then you will feel remorse. You also have a struggle for existence.

Snakes disappear, which the dreamer kills, so hewill win decisive victories, triumph over his enemies. You will put your interests above everything else, achieve recognition in a certain field of activity.

If in a dream you walk among these crawlingreptiles, this is a warning that some egoists pretend to be in your company's place. It is also possible that you live in fear of some kind of disease. This is not useful, because thoughts form events.

If snakes are seen and they sting you, also be careful! This is the spiteful intrigues of enemies that can be crowned with success. In particular, ill-wishers want to harm you in their work.

But, let's say that you dream of snakes or onea spotted snake creeping towards you on the green grass. In doing so, you bounce aside and it creeps past, but suddenly returns, turning into a great serpent, but with efforts, you get rid of such a vision. This is basically good. In reality you will feel that you are neglected, do not respect you, things are not going well. But everything will end perfectly, and all these troubles will prove to be false. You will be able to throw away unnecessary efforts aside and you will receive reward and satisfaction. Snakes, which are wrapped in a dream around you with rings, warn you that you are powerless in the hands of enemies, and maybe get sick.

Why snakes are dreamed of in which they turned into a dreamyour hair? Some events will lead to agonizing worries, worries. Snakes, which in a dream acquire bizarre forms, warn the dreamer of troubles. If in real life you manage to maintain peace of mind, then such misfortunes will disappear, not having time to manifest. Therefore, you should be ready in advance and adjust yourself to such events and overcome the obstacles associated with them.

Small snakes in a dream report about people whoThey will fight you against slander. They want to disgrace you and in any way obstruct your plans. By the way, in the beginning, these people will receive a warm welcome from your side.

If the snakes are dreamed and children play with them, then for a while you will be confused. Where are the friends, and where are the enemies? - such a question will be a dream come true dreamer.

The dreamer hears behind him the hiss of snakes andThis is also worried for behind the child. A bad dream! But we agreed that these are warnings. Being warned you can prepare, right? Sleep warns that you are inclined to give up something that is of value to you. It turns out that you were involved in an unacceptable intrigue for your conscience.

According to the Assyrian dream book, snakes snake to good. You will have an influential patron, a defender. This is what I wish for you, and also for achieving success in various spheres of life!

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