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The Hadiths of Qudsi and their significance in Islam

Perhaps every Muslim knows well thatsuch hadiths. These are the sayings or actions of Mohammed, the founder of the religion of Islam. All hadiths are included in the Sunnah, which is one of the foundations of the Sharia. They are considered reliable in the presence of the isnad - the chain of people who gave them. If any of them were dishonest or mentally ill, this circumstance diminished the significance of the message attributed to Muhammad. All the hadiths are conditionally divided into reliable and weak ones. The first category includes messages with continuous isnad, transmitted by mentally healthy, reasonable people. Reliable hadiths are divided into common, single, common, rare and little-known.

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The classification of such messages isIslamic scholars. The Musnids collect and systematize the statements of Muhammad and Isnad. Muhaddis carefully study the transmission chains and their shortcomings. The highest degree in this matter is the Hafiz. He must know a large number of authentic hadiths, and also be able to confirm their reliability. Among other things, the Hafiz can separate the truthful messages from questionable ones, understand the methods of their transfer, and have clear ideas about the types of isnads. Up to now, there have been reports of the scrupulousness of the work of Islamic scholars, who had to gather information about the actions and statements of Muhammad. In addition, many claimed that they were considered a hafiz, without knowledge or skills necessary for this.

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However, we return to our topic. There is a separate group of authentic hadiths, different from the others. In them, the speech of Muhammad, according to the beliefs of Muslims, which sets forth the words of Allah himself, is transmitted from the first person, however, it is not a direct revelation. This is the hadeeth of Qudsi. They can be read without first bathing, they are not used in prayers. The Hadiths of Qudsi are relatively few and are found in about a hundred different reports. Some of them were placed in collections by Muslim scholars.

All the hadeeth of Qudsi begin with the words "O my slaves." They can be conditionally divided into affirming the unity and exclusiveness of God, establishing the rules of rituals, strengthening faith in the Doomsday and prescribing norms of behavior.

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Hadiths of Qudsi are not required to readand study, in contrast to the Koran. Despite this, they play an important role in Islam. Many of them are recommendations that bear an uncommon meaning. This is a hadith about the life of orthodox Muslims. In particular, they prescribe to be content with small, avoid envy, be laconic, patient, and virtuous. One hadith of Qudsi recommends doing good even to those who are unfriendly to you. These religious texts emphasize the need for good deeds and repentance for the committed sins. Some Hadiths of Kursi actually repeat a well-known saying from the Qur'an that actions are judged by intent. In general, they remind of the main pillars of faith, duties and virtues.

If you are a Muslim, then the hadeeth of Qudsi will help you to better understand your faith.

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