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How to bewitch someone who likes it? Plots

Tender and passionate love is perceived, beyonddepending on age, as a great gift. Only now it can be "spoiled." That is, a person suddenly realizes that his magnificent impulse came across impenetrable indifference. And the painful search for options for correcting the situation begins. Sooner or later a person thinks about how to bewitch someone who likes. True, it happens that such a question is asked and those who treat the topic of the relationship lightly, if not to say "hooligan". Let's understand how to make a love spell safely, avoiding the negative consequences of this.

how to bewitch someone who likes

The most important thing is the goal-setting

Being interested in how to bewitch someone who likes,people view the situation very one-sidedly. This is not particularly bad, only selfish, or what. It must be understood that the spell is an interference in someone else's life. You will say that this is exactly what you want, and strive to bring your love into this (someone else's) life, to build happiness in it? Well, there seems to be nothing wrong with that. Only here is the question: but you were invited there? If there is no reciprocity, then, you see, you were not particularly interested in this person as a person or an object of passion. Should I insist on my own? The question, as a rule, is philosophical and does not matter for those who seriously think how to bewitch the one who likes. Give them practice. Let's go over to her, and then we discuss the consequences.

how to bewitch at a distance

There are many ways, choose

To begin with, it is possible to bewitch,remotely, independently or through the work of a specialist. These are all different methods. They have their pros and cons. Solving the problem of choice, try to assess the negative consequences of each. If not to reasoning, and so it would be desirable to learn in practice how to bewitch the one who likes, then safely choose independent work. Its main advantage is that your mistakes will be minimal, and the effect, if successful, is stunning. It is important to put into the ritual not only faith in its effectiveness, but also your love, a sincere desire for happiness to another person (let's call it a victim). As a rule, they forget about this. But in vain. Magic works on emotions and intentions. It depends on them which forces will come to your rescue. And in the case of privorotami - also "payment" of this service. Dark, as you know, will want "blood". Do you need this?

A simple white method

It is recommended not to start your magical experiments withvery complex rituals. There are a large number of apparently simple, but internally pure and rich in harmony rituals. For example, you can learn a simple plot. To bewitch for life with his help, maybe it will not work. But to interest, to attract the attention of the victim, it will be for certain. And there, iron, love will blossom naturally, without any magic. So there will be no sin on your darling, and the desired happiness is quite possible. Here is a conspiracy: "As a bird without sunlight nests do not match, the chicks will not lead, so you (name) without me suffer, you do not know peace. As the water flows in the stream, it tends to go downhill, so in your soul the love for me (name) arises, splashes out. Amen! "You need to say it mentally, looking into the victim's eyes. If you are shy, then say these words for a treat and offer the person you like. It also works.

how bewitching on the photo

Rite of the Spell

Sometimes use a ritual that requirescontact, does not work for one reason or another. Many are simply embarrassed or lost in the process. In this case, you need to know how to bewitch at a distance. Too, by the way, nothing complicated. For example, let's take a rite with an apple. You need a fresh fruit grown in your area. Desirably ripped off with your own hands (if possible). An apple is recommended to use red as a blood. Prepare a small piece of paper, on which write the names (yours and the victims). Still need a "golden" thread (yellow or lurex). Cut the apple in half a Friday with a new knife in half. Place the cooked leaf in it, fix the fruit so that it does not fall apart, thread, saying: "How the apple of red flanks dries in the sun, so the Lord (name) suffers, the joys of life do not know. To yearn, grieve, just do not despair. Apple sushi - love reborn! Amen!"


Rite with a portrait

Sometimes the love spell does not work because of inexperience"The magician". When such a beginner learns advice how to bewitch a person, he pays much attention to detail, completely ignoring the creation of the necessary thought images. And this is extremely important. Energy should be directed at the victim. Otherwise, the words of the conspiracy, the very intention of the magician dissolve in space, before reaching the addressee. And to cope with the situation how? Bewitching on the photo! The use of the portrait in the ritual just does not allow the magical energy to fly "into the milk." In this way it is attached to the victim. And it is recommended to do so. At night, heat a needle in the flame of a candle. Accumulate the index finger. Punch out a drop of blood. Drive this finger on the photo, reading the following words: "I order, I punish with passion for me to burn, cares of the other do not know. You can not cope with (my name) with my will. You will want to listen, you will know suffering and suffering! If I'm not around, you do not like the whole white light! My strength penetrates your heart, it subdues you, you do not know the barriers! So be it! "It is necessary to hide the photo securely so that someone else's eye does not fall on him, he does not turn off the flow of magical energy. And when you get what you want, burn it in the flame of the same candle!

how to bewitch a man

The Consequences of the Rite

Here people are looking for specific information, likeindependently charm the person, not understanding, that for execution of desire it is necessary to pay. This is a big mistake. The fact is that a white or black spell is an interference in the "God's craft". By the way, doing such practices, people do not even bother to understand what, in fact, their essence. Perhaps, the victim of the spell and herself would have rushed to the arms of love with pleasure. You just need to pick a key. Nevertheless, when applying the spell of a spell, a person assumes a certain responsibility. It is necessary to realize that you will have to give something for help. And no talk about what you can pay off, do not be misled. You will have to pay, not money at all.

how to bewitch yourself
At best, it will be a malaiseor an accident without serious consequences. If you have seriously heated, you will have to give something very expensive. Unfortunately, it can be peace, happiness, harmony. Having found the desired "subject of passion", you can understand over time that there is no value in it that was dreamed of. And it will be too late to fix it. Spoil the life of both the victim and yourself. So you will wait for old age and death, every minute paying for frivolity and greed. Such steps should be considered, using all available information. And it is better to believe that the Universe will necessarily give you mutual love, without the need to subordinate someone to one's will.

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