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Dream Interpreter. What did the rats dream about?

The answer to the question of what the rats dreamed of,depends on your attitude towards them. How do you perceive rodents? Like parasites or like cute pets? In what form did they appear in your dream? Pets and ubiquitous pests are completely different things. And the interpretation will be different!

what did the rats dream about
What does it mean when rats are wrecked?

Unfortunately, all sources interpret this imagepessimistic. After such a vision, to hang in the clouds to anything. Have you dreamed of rats? So you are surrounded by enemies. In this case, even if the rodent does not do you any harm, you need to prepare for a not too pleasant turn of events. The enemies will attack you. And the result of a skirmish depends on your determination. You can not be scared and build protective bastions in time - you will not suffer, you will blunder - the enemies will win. If a rat in a dream attacks you, you will suffer from betrayal. Infidelity you will show a man in whose loyalty you were 100% sure. His action will leave a very strong negative trace in your soul. You will need a lot of time to start believing people again. Kill a vile rodent in a dream - to defeat the enemy. The same meaning has a dream about dead animals.

what does it mean when the rat dreams
What did the white rats dream about?

This image also promises troubles, but not soterrible character. Rather, the white rat is a harbinger of misunderstandings. Perhaps you will come under the influence of a malevolent person, but in time come to your senses. And maybe this dream says that in a difficult situation you yourself will not show the qualities that you should be proud of. Kill a white rat - get rid of an uncertain situation, for the behavior in which you feel a sense of shame. To see an animal without signs of life - your thoughts about certain unseemly acts, for which you should be condemned, do not correspond to how others treat you. That is, you are in captivity of self-deception. Cheer up! Everything is much better than you think.

what a great rat dreams about
Why does a huge rat dream?

An incredibly large rodent attacked you - to trouble. However, you do not have any opportunity to avoid it. Be strong! This situation will change in time to a more prosperous situation. If in a dream you kept a huge rat under control, then in real life you will deal with a very dangerous companion. At any time it can turn into your enemy. Be careful! With such a person you need to be extremely attentive. But the dream presages that everything will pass without trouble.

What did the rats dream of - pets?

If you once had such pets, then,most likely, you just miss. This is not a prophetic dream. If you do not have such favorites, and you imagined that you are playing with them, it means that the behavior of a loved one will arouse suspicion among you. Calm down! For gloomy thoughts there is no reason. Loyalty and constancy - these are the features that characterize your soul mate. And with superfluous suspicions you can very much offend a good person. Feeding domestic rats - to illness, but not strong. If they have damaged your property, prepare for small but unpleasant losses.

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