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What does a mink coat look like? A dream interpretation helps to answer this question

What does a mink coat look like? A question and, the truth, interesting. A vision of this kind is infrequent and, it should be noted, very few people can make out what kind of coat it was - mink, fox, fox, or some other. But in any case, there is interpretation, and it should be told about it.

what does a mink coat look like

Ancient dream book

So, what does the mink coat look like in this bookinterpretations? The vision has a dual significance. The first is a lie and pretense. But the second is more favorable, since it promises wealth and unprecedented success. Here already the meaning depends on what is currently the period in the real life of the dreamer, and from his own feelings on this score.

In the event that a person sees himself in a lightclothes or without it at all, but choosing a fur coat - it's for broken hopes, a depressed mood and the feeling that all the efforts that were previously applied to achieve one goal or another turned out to be in vain. Perhaps, the dreamer is even disappointed in something (or even in someone). But in this situation, the dream book advises not to give up. It is better to try to quickly "let go" the situation and start living a new life.

what does a brown mink coat look like

Modern dream book

So, what does the fur coat look like yet? According to the modern book of interpretations, to see someone else in it - to the fact that it's worth starting to be more gullible. Even if the dreamer is by nature very vigilant, one should throw away doubts. Now such a period in life that not only can, but also need to be guided by common sense. But emotions should be thrown aside. Here's what the mink coat looks like.

In the event that this piece of clothing was "alive" (that is, moving) - this is to change. And it is desirable to prepare for them. Morally, of course.

But to observe in a dream how the "mink"tear to pieces - not good. Probably, shortly there will be trouble in the life of the dreamer. Or even a major conflict. To see a child in a fur coat that is too big for him - to the appearance in reality of a person on the horizon with an extremely high self-esteem. And this man will be extremely irritated by his behavior as a dreamer.

what is the dream of wearing a mink coat

Good sign

And what does a brown mink coat look like? This is an excellent sign, especially if this vision came to the person from Wednesday to Thursday. It promises a long and comfortable existence. That is, a dreamer can relax and enjoy life - no problems, and even more financial, in the near future he does not shine. The main thing is that the coat does not fall out of the fur coat. This will be a bad forerunner. Typically, such a vision promises a complete rupture of any, even the strongest, it would seem, relationship. And a disaster can turn into a dream, in which a person sheltered by a "mink". This vision is a harbinger of prolonged loneliness.

And what does a black mink coat look like? See her on the hanger - to a pleasant and full of intense emotions and colors of travel. The more beautiful a fur coat - the more pleasant impressions the dreamer will get from this adventure.

Also it is necessary to tell, to what it is dreamed to put onmink fur coat. This vision promises a great profit. And often the cash receipts turn out to be unexpected - inheritance from a distant relative, a lottery, a prize, an increase at work. And again, the more expensive and beautiful the thing looks, the better will be the material condition of a person.

what the black mink coat looks like

Interpretation by Freud

If you believe this famous dream book, "mink"is a symbol of wealth and success. To buy a fur coat - to wealth and significant, impressive success. But this is only if a person buys a luxurious, expensive, long ... But to buy a small one - to shyness. More precisely, it is a sign from above, that it's time to get rid of this quality. Do not be afraid to say something superfluous in the company of friends or colleagues, you just need to overcome your fear.

Little in the book says about what he dreams aboutlong mink fur coat. Here everything is also good and positive: this vision promises a stable financial situation. But if the "mink" is as beautiful and luxurious as possible, and yes even a long one, then one should not boast about its well-being in life. Otherwise, as they say, you can inadvertently jinx it. And still the dream book advises after such a vision to take a closer look at the people who surround the dreamer. Probably among them was a man who pretends to be who he is not.

But to see the old fur coat in your dream - to trouble and instability.

According to Miller

But this book of interpretations asserts that"Mink" dreams of those people who have very high ambitions. And they do not want to show their real face to the public. That is the same - a lie and pretense. But to see a man completely naked, but with a fur coat thrown over his shoulders - to betrayal, which, unfortunately, is unlikely to be prevented. But to be ready to fight back is worth it.

There are also "weather" interpretations. For example, if the dreamer sees himself in the "mink", then it's a cold snap. If one of the relatives appeared in a dream, dressed in a fur coat, on the contrary, to warming.

what does a long mink coat look like

Other interpretations

If the girl dreamed how she is given a fur coat frommink, and they are all so new, snow-white and soft, it's to a pleasant acquaintance. Soon, in her life will appear a very interesting person or a promising young man. So you can adjust to a long and serious relationship. And if the girl already has a chosen one, then it is to marry. And the more expensive and beautiful the coat looks, the better, stronger and happier the marriage will be.

And when a man tries on himself a "mink" - this is to profitability in his business. So in both cases the sign is positive.

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