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A person who does not age: myths and reality

In the spring of 2016, the 70-year-old singer Sher"Twitter" photo, which she is depicted next to her 90-year-old mother. "So in my family look in 70 and 90. Mom without make-up," - wrote Sherilin. Internal glow, women's smartness is explained by favorable genetic heredity. Many now thought: "So that's why there are people in the world who do not age!" But practically everyone has the opportunity to curb the "age races".

a man who does not age

Do not run, life!

Fans of the singer in their comments wrote,that they do not believe in a miracle - photos are retouched. Cher replied that she did not know how to do this. For the unfading skin, she thanks not the art of drawing, but her grandmother, who looked beautiful until her death. However, do not underestimate the power of good genes. A person who does not age, causes admiration of others.

But is it possible to permanently stop this naturalprocess, turn it back? Or at least slow the running of minutes, hours, months, years? In the arsenal of those who actively resist nature, and can, on the contrary, live with it in harmony - fitness, cosmetics, diets, rejuvenating procedures and many more ways. On this path, people win, they suffer defeat. But both are just preparations for leaving ...

Is it worth it to get discouraged by the fact that it's getting oldhuman organism? I think not. Recently, gerontologists made an interesting discovery: those who "hovered" in time and space, often have many problems in their personal lives. They do not develop or break up their families, or even do not have a more or less serious relationship with the opposite sex. That is, youthfulness is not a panacea for earthly problems.

In the photo below, Sister Collins: Joanne (born 1933) and Jackie (born 1937). Last on the right.

people who do not age

80 is the sign of infinity

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that there will be an Earthman, notdreaming to reveal the secret of eternal youth. It's so tempting - to remain forever full of vital energy, a merry fellow, a romantic, ready to embrace the immensity! But "no way to twist the string" ... Sooner or later, the first wrinkles appear on the face, silver whiskey turns gray. And, as the poet Sergei Esenin wrote, the heart, touched by the cold, does not really beat.

Some surrender already on the verge of the fortieth. Others transform their "eighty with a tail" as a sign of infinity. Why? Maybe the long-livers use the fabulous elixir of youth? Or do they know the magic incantations that are pronounced every evening, at a time when the sun is hiding behind the horizon? Hardly…

Rather, "infinite" (each of them - proudowner of the title "A man who does not age"), comprehended the essence of simple but very important things: you need to eat a balanced healthy food, remember a clear mode of wakefulness and sleep, lead an active lifestyle. And, of course, under no circumstances to lose optimism.

why people grow old

Old age will not find us at home

So why do people grow old? Physiologists believe that the human body grows old when the systems of breathing, blood circulation, excretion of "waste" of vital activity begin to steadfastly "flounder". Because of the accumulation of products of decay (zashlakovki), internal organs do not receive sufficient nutrition, quickly wear out.

The situation can be "turned" like an hourglass: heart, liver, kidneys are gradually "tired", they do not work 100%. The vital activity of the systems of the human body is disturbed, it falls ill and dies. But, whatever one may say, the essence is one: there are no eternal individuals.

Is everything so sad and irreversible? Scientists have long been trying to find a way to "lull" the processes of degeneration and "cheer up" the regenerative, (regenerative) processes. Optimists in science insist that it is humanly possible. It is necessary only to thoroughly study the mechanisms of immortality.

We do not need such ballast

There are people who consider the saving proceduredeep cleansing of the body. They assure: a person who does not age is just the one who cares about removing slag. Exchange processes are accelerating, systems and bodies begin to work as a clock. If you eat properly, the cleaning effect is saved for a long time. But too zealous in this direction is also not worth it.

No one argues with the fact that in the humanthe body accumulates a lot of "scum" (decay products) over the years, which must be periodically removed. There are many ways to cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys. However, before applying them, it is good to consult a doctor, since the restoration of useful trace elements (and they are displayed together with "harmfulness") is a complex and time-consuming task.

Lack of necessary substances in the body canshow up and outside the purges. For example, if a person eats an unbalanced food in which carbohydrates, fats or proteins predominate. A harmonious combination is important. You can not get involved in "fast food" (fast food), marinades, smoked products. Products containing dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives, quickly settle in the body, turn it into a kind of "chemical warehouse", which sooner or later begins to poison every cell. The photo below shows Elijah Wood.

people grow old fast

Do not forget about water and sleep

There are people who underestimate the role of water inorganism. But without this priceless component, metabolic processes can not proceed. And although some nutritionists offer to consume almost 2 liters of clean water per day, while others recommend drinking only "at will", one can not forget about the spring pharynx. Sometimes the body gives a false signal ("I do not want to drink"). Then it is better to include brains and, in spite of everything, "refresh yourself" H2O. The burst of energy is felt almost immediately.

It is important to lead a flexible way of life: more walking, sports, resting not with a book on the couch, but walking in the fresh air. If you can not cope with intense physical activity, do the elementary gymnastic exercises every morning.

Do not stop admiring the simplestthings: the first snow, the warm rain, the passerine flock on the asphalt ... Do not let the problems turn you into pessimists. Look at life with kindness and joy, and you will notice how you are getting younger!

Today the world is full of lovers of night vigilscomputer: correspondence with friends, games without beginning and end. Virtual life has risen in the way of the real. If you want to live long, remember: the day is for wakefulness, the night is for sleeping. The body should rest on average 6-8 hours. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get into the number of those who are called "people who do not age". In the photo below - Paul Rudd.

the human body is aging

A little about nutrition

If you are accustomed to eating not fractional and often (likedesirable), but "rarely, but accurately" (in huge portions) - sores are not far off. To prevent this, normalize the regime of the day and food intake. In the morning, lean on protein foods (chicken breast, beef, cottage cheese, etc.). This will allow you to be energetic, launch the right metabolism. A person who does not age is a fictional character. But pushing old age is quite realistic.

Remember popular advice: in them there is everything, including rejuvenating recipes. These include herbal teas. One such, commonly known as the "Tibetan", includes flowers of chamomile, birch buds, St. John's wort, immortelle. Monks from Central Asia called the elixir of youth the infusion of garlic into alcohol.

It is drunk, adding drop by drop to the milk. Regular use increases endurance, stress resistance, as well as a mixture of ground lemon, garlic and honey (last week, take on an empty stomach for 4 teaspoons). Take care of yourself! Do not panic about the fact that people quickly grow old. Love the world. Then in your album will necessarily appear cool photos with the signature: "So in our family look in 70 and 90". Be healthy.

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