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A dream interpretation: a hamster. What to expect from a stocky rodent?

Everyone knows a small noisy animal, whosereserve, namely the ability to hide grain for its plump cheeks, is played in many favorite Soviet cartoons. That's right - it's a hamster. And if in life first of all it brings a lot of joy and funny moments (and only occasionally - sleepless nights), then what can you expect of him in a dream? Popular dream books will help you figure it out.

hamster in a dream

Psychoanalytic dream: a hamster is the meaning of sleep

Psychologists and psychoanalysts associate thisA small animal with all the known human vice - greed. If the animal escapes in a dream, and the dreamer tries to catch it, it means that the sleeping person is expected to have unpleasant incidents through the fault of his acquaintances. A dream, where a sleeper turns a hamster, means his craving for easy money.

General dream: a hamster. What happens if he dreams?

As always, the general dream book examines every variant of the appearance of the rodent in a dream, and, depending on this, gives a unique interpretation of sleep:

  1. If a hamster in a dream is in a cage or just walking around in the field, then this means a change in things for the better and quick well-being.
  2. If the dreamer himself becomes a hamster, then this is the messenger of an early inheritance.
  3. had a hamster
    If the sleeper buys or sells hamsters, then his well-being will entirely depend entirely on his decision.
  4. If you see a lot of hamsters in a dream - in reality, the sleeper awaits communication with financial employees (employees of banks, warehouses, bookkeeping, etc.).
  5. If a hamster has dreamed of eating an appetizing grain - to prosperity or profit without the participation of the sleeper.
  6. Running hamster, which, despite all the efforts, it is not possible to catch - to waste money through the fault of children or loved ones.
  7. Murder of a hamster presages the destruction of what could make a sleeper happy, his own hands.

Spring dream: hamster - the meaning of sleep

You seek help from a person whose greatest weakness is money. This will prevent him from helping you.

dream dream hamster

Summer dream book: hamster - the meaning of sleep

Hamster heralds internal diseases. And nothing concrete.

Autumn dream: hamster - the meaning of sleep

The rodent, dreamed of in the autumn, does not bode well. This dream becomes a call to the vigilance of the dreamer, because the thieves are already there and ready to put their wealth in their pockets.

Sonny Longo: what does the hamster dream about?

This dream book treats a hamster as pathologicalthirst of the sleeper to the accumulation, and this quality strongly prevents him from living. If a hamster in his sleep stuffs his cheeks with stocks, it means the sleeper's passion for accumulating unnecessary, which will (or has already led) to the cluttering of his home. One can regard this dream as a sign from above, talking about the need to stop the waste of money and rethink its priorities.


Most of the dream books in the opinion of the rodentconverge - a good sign. And, as already it was possible to be convinced, only in very rare cases such dreams bear negative value. So, seeing a funny munching muzzle in a dream, do not be afraid. This cute animal is a sure sign of an early improvement in life.

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