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Dream Interpretation: Comb. What can she dream about?

The meaning of this or that vision is besttell the dream book. The hairbrush is a very interesting symbol. Previously, he personified femininity. The wooden comb, as it is now believed, is a symbol of the completed case. And in the male visions it is a symbol of the feminine. This list can be listed endlessly. But it is better to turn to the most authoritative books of interpretation and find out what the promising accessory for combing hair promises. It's really interesting.

dream book comb

Modern dream book

The comb that appeared in the vision for the girl isa harbinger of a quarrel with a loved one. If she saw several different combs stuck into her hair, then one should expect trouble. To look from the side to yourself, long and thoroughly combing your hair - to the losses and unnecessary waste of big money.

If a man saw such a dream, then he will feel disappointed. And it will be connected, more likely, with the beloved. So says the dream book.

The hairbrush that a person bought in the store promises good changes. If she had wooden denticles - to the end of an old, long-standing affair.

They say that when a man in a dream sees a comb andtakes her, it means that in his life there will be a woman who he will love. If he put the comb in some safe place, so that no one could find it - in the near future he will enlist the support of an influential person.

 comb out your hair in a dream

East dream book

If the girl had to comb her hair in a dream,but it turned out badly, because they were tangled with each other, and the comb could hardly be taken out of them, so it is necessary to put their thoughts in order. Because of them, she does not manage to complete some things in real life. Maybe it is being pursued by arguments and doubts.

When a man sees himself carefully combing his hair with a comb, it means that he has serious explanations with his lover.

This is not all that the dream book tells. The comb, completely clogged with hair, promises troubles and worries, which will collapse on the dreamer suddenly. But a broken comb usually promises joy and pleasant troubles.

If the girl dreamed that the comb hadToo many teeth, she should behave more modestly in real life. Most likely, the behavior of the dreamer causes many reasons for gossip and rumors. But if she bought a brand new comb, you should wait for the appearance in the life of a new fan. The main thing is that it does not break during the time when the girl will do herself a haircut or styling. Because such a vision promises a disease.

sleep comb

Esoteric dream book

This book, too, can tell a lot. If the girl saw that she had to comb her hair in a dream - it's worth to be careful, since in real life she can make some rash act, for which she will then be ashamed. To avoid bitter remorse, it is better to think carefully about your actions.

But, when she sees herself doing with helpcombs a beautiful hairstyle - that's good. Such a dream portends success in all spheres. Fortunately, a vision is usually dreamed of, in which the girl puts a large braid out of her curls with a scallop.

If the hair suddenly turned white duringcombing - do not worry. Because this vision promises a pleasant and comfortable journey. If the curls turned black - this is also a good dream. The comb, which man brings them in order, foreshadows honor and wealth.

Aesop's book of interpretations

Many interesting explanations contain in themselves andthis dream book. The comb, which a man lost and tries to find, says that soon he will lose something dear. Maybe it will be parting with his second half.

Pocket comb is a harbinger of happiness in this dream book. And, if a person has lost it, great grief and unhappiness awaits him.

To see the torn hairs on the teeth is to big embezzlement. It should be as economical as possible and avoid everything that will lead to waste.

If a person accidentally broke a scallop - it's not good. Something unexpected will happen. And the event will not be pleasant.

Doubly explains the plot in which a personI had to see a comb in my sleep and see how it is used by someone else. This means that in the life of the dreamer there will be one interesting person. And she will change his life. That's just which way it's another matter.

to see a comb in a dream

Other interpretations

There are other values ​​that can havesuch a dream. The comb by which a person tries to lay the hair of someone else sitting next to him, usually foreshadows the appearance of the enemy. Or, most likely, in his life will come the one who will frankly dislike him.

If a person sees himself from outside and notices,as someone familiar brushes his hair, it means that this person does not respect him. In general, it's better to distance yourself from it. If this is not possible, then it is better to just keep the contact to a minimum.

By the way, when a man sees himself combinghair to another guy is a good sign. Let and a little strange. But this dream promises an early solution to all sorts of problems. And, most likely, the improvement of material well-being.

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