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What is the dream of a cross? Interpretation of dreams

There are such symbols, which in dreams, and inreal life has a special meaning. These include religious attributes. For example, what does a cross look like? Have you tried to figure it out? What does the symbol of faith promise to the one who met him on the roads of the country of Morpheus? Does it matter which material the object is made of? Is there any difference when dreaming gold or silver crosses? Let's find out how the well-known interpreters cover this topic.

what the cross is dreaming about

Sonn of Nostradamus

Man enters into not the easiest period of life,this wise author thinks. It is necessary to choose between light, but illegal, enrichment and conscience. The symbol of faith appears as a clue: do not yield to low desires, try to follow the commandments. Someone will seduce you, trying to push the true path of the soul. We need to consult our understanding of decency and duty before making a decision. This is what the cross looks like. Putting it around your neck will have to help your neighbor. But think many times, what and how to do. A person who asks for support, will throw a dreamer into serious trouble, will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Finding out what the golden cross is dreaming about,Mr. Nostradamus draws attention to the importance of the image for the girl. If she is in the land of Morpheus holding this symbol of faith in her hands, she will choose not an easy path, worthy of a noble lady. This is a good sign for someone who understands the truth of happiness. She will be able to intuitively separate the deception from righteous love, when she will have to choose between the aspirants for her heart. If the cross carried an eagle in its clutches, then the country may suffer from aggression from a stronger state.

what is the dream of a golden cross

Wangi's Dream

The seer did not have a very simple relationship withpriests. Nevertheless, she explained to what the cross is dreaming. The symbol of faith she considered a sign of special favor of the Angels. If you just saw him, then you know how to forgive people, to love them with all your heart. Do not give up such a rare talent. It's useless! Dreams of a golden cross - to show their wisdom and kindness in real life. You have a very wide soul, try to share this wealth with close and completely unfamiliar people. Do not close, even if they try to hurt or offend. This behavior will not lead to anything. Dreams of a cross on the head, which put on you a priest, then, the angels will save from any trouble. The seer considered a relatively bad symbol only a grave on which there is a crucifixion. This is a reminder of duty to a person who forgets about his duties to the Lord. If you see this, try to live in harmony with your conscience, otherwise you will be punished.

silver crosses

Sonnik Miller

This wise source of interpretation is twofoldrefers to the creed. Deciphering what the cross is dreaming about, he relies on his meaning for a true believer. Just the appearance of it in the night plot predicts serious trouble. One should remember the teaching of Jesus and follow His precepts. During life's troubles, rely on the tips of conscience, do not use the dirty methods of treacherous enemies. In the end, truth always wins, there is no question of anything.

Dreams of a cross to the young lady, means hermodesty, coupled with goodwill will help to win an excellent reputation and respect for society. This will be noticed by someone who will protect it for the rest of the day. It is necessary to think about this good sign and not to deviate from the principles of virtue.

Silver crosses in the hands of othersinduce the dreamer to charity. Give a helping hand to the suffering. This behavior will pay off a hundredfold in the future. The world will also turn to you with its kind side, suggests Mr. Miller.

What is the dream of a cross

Esoteric dream book

Hard times come, this wise mansource, but feel no fear. Dreams of a cross on the chain - there are serious tests. Most likely, you are ready to make a big mistake. The symbol of faith calls once again to consider what is already ready to take. Sometimes it's better to wait, to follow the development of the situation, then to intervene in the events. This behavior leads to the fact that the circumstances are revealed more widely and in more detail. And having more reliable information, and making the right decision is easier. That is, a tip of sleep - do not cut from the shoulder, do not rush. It is not yet time for activity, it is necessary to wait. In addition, the cross shows that the person is already ready to sin. It is worth knowing that for such an act the payment will come necessarily. Think again, before you hurt your neighbor.

Dream Book of Meneghetti

The author considers the analyzed symbol to be negative. He portends pain. Most likely, you will have to suffer because of your own wrong attitude. Something, committed earlier, will now be opened, plunging the dreamer into the abyss of shame. He will be ashamed of the mistakes of youth. The cross in a dream calls to repent. This does not mean that any misconduct should be made public. It is enough that you apologize to the offended person, realizing the depth of the error. Then you will be able to change your destiny - your own, and the one to whom you were guilty.

The patient with a cross signifies the return of the disease. It is necessary to consult a doctor and, together with him, try to stop the negative processes in the body.

A young lady, when she saw a symbol of faith in her dream, should behave more cautiously and circumspectly. In her honor, an insidious man encroaches. Communication with him will ruin her heart and soul.

what the cross on the chain is dreaming about

Country Dream Book

This source is sure that our image isharbinger of fate. If you see a cross on your neck, then there are important events ahead. From how you perceive them, understand, respond, will depend on a future life. A person can no longer turn from the path that he is going to go. But whether the direction is chosen correctly, it is necessary to solve independently. Some - on the bitter experience of later years. Dream is significant. It is recommended to look at the events of life from the outside, in order to once again analyze whether the choice corresponds to your true attitudes. If in doubt, seek advice from the person whose opinion is of value, is credible.

A worldly dream book

Cross in night vision this sourceproclaims a fine sign. He portends positive changes in life. There is a period of great achievements ahead. The symbol of faith in a dream encourages you to believe in yourself and not to abandon plans. Their implementation will make you feel real happiness. You will be able to understand that you did not in vain come to this world, you know how to change it for the better, which causes grateful admiration of others. Maid in the dream to see a cross - to the fact that the opinion of others around her will change for the better. She will win the favor of people with her kind and modest deeds, sincere intentions and reasonable behavior. Good sign.

a cross in a dream

Universal dream book

The creed in night vision appears inanticipation of taking on serious obligations. He, as it were, tells the person that it is necessary to weigh our own strengths one more time. Will he be able to fulfill with honor additional obligations to another person? It is necessary to solve it independently. In addition, the cross is a sign of sacrifice. Probably, in the near future will have to give up something of value. This, of course, is unpleasant and even difficult. But when the time comes, try to take into account the interests of all participants in the events. Then you will see that the more worthy person claims for something from which you have to give up. Show wisdom and get out of this man's way. For nobility, fate will repay good, that's the meaning of the appearance of a cross in a dream.

In general, he pushes for a deeper analysisevents, penetration into the essence of the interaction of personalities. You saw it - do not rush headlong to the goal, look around. Suddenly there are those who need your attention. Do not refuse them in this smallness, so as not to stay at the end of the journey all alone. Good luck!

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