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Ways of guessing on playing cards. Fortune telling

Many people want to know their future. Only often they approach the question incorrectly. After watching the broadcasts of psychics, they are unreasonably assured that only the "elite" can open the veil that hides what should happen. However, there are quite time-tested ways of guessing. On playing cards, for example. Of course, you need to know how to explain them. And it is not necessary to learn the meaning of each picture. You can do without it. How? Let's look.

Which deck should I choose?

ways of guessing on playing cards

For those who are interested in the methods of divination byplaying cards, there can not be no important nuances. The fact is that a lot depends on the choice of the instrument. Grandmothers-fortune tellers, for example, are sure that a deck that has already been used (especially in gambling) can not be used for fortune telling. They call it deceitful. Therefore, it is recommended to beginners to buy a new one. Simple fortune-telling is performed by any deck. In many sources it is said that only thirty-six cards are needed. It is not necessary to strictly follow this recommendation. The fact is that many simple divinations are based on choosing not a picture but a suit. It determines the result. In this case, the number of cards participating in the scenario does not matter. It is important that the deck is new, "not played".

Can you interact with maps? Test

Whatever one may say, there are still people who are not given(maybe, for now) to look into the future. This may be due to many factors and circumstances. Sometimes it is simply not necessary to know it in advance, so as not to spoil something good that has already been sealed. Only those who plan to seriously use for their own purposes ways of guessing on playing cards, it is recommended to hold a small test beforehand. Will they tell you the truth?

simple divination

Here's how to do it. Take the deck, guess the color. There are only two of them: red and black. Now pull out one card arbitrarily. If it turns out to be a color, you can ask your questions. When did not guess, then postpone the event. The deck will not open the truth to you, whatever methods of guessing on playing cards you use. Just today, as they say, "not your day." This test is recommended to be carried out every time you take a deck in hand. In time, learn to "feel" those days when you can guess. By the way, it is not recommended to do it on days of great religious holidays, when "the girl does not weave a braid".

Free guessing

Let's start with the simplest version. You need to take a deck. Think about a question that can have an unambiguous answer. For example: "Do I need to tackle such a thing?" Now pull out one card. Look at the color of the suit. The interpretations are as follows: worms are definitely "yes"; diamonds - not smoothly, but without serious obstacles; trefovaja - it is not necessary, will spend much work, and the result will disappoint: peaks - there will be troubles, refuse. Approximately so you can interpret any question that should clarify the divination. The interpretation on this does not end. Still pay attention to the dignity of the fallen card. The higher it is (from six to ace), the more specific the answer is. For example, in our case, the ace of hearts is a sign of the highest favor for your cause. Six of the same suit says that success is guaranteed (but there will be no help from the universe). A picture can point to a person who will help you (will become obstructive). Simple guessing, but gives a lot of information.

fortune telling

One map

There is another option that can be considered simple. This is a method used for a long time. Fortunetelling is ancient and, it is believed, is right. So, you need to shuffle the deck, pondering the question. It is worded so as to receive an answer-advice. For example: "What will happen tomorrow?" Now pull out one card. She will talk about the main event of the day. The interpretations here are more complicated. Aces talk about news. Chervovy - pleasant, love. The diamonds are money. The club is business. Peak is a blow, bad news. Pictures foreshadow a meeting with a certain person. In this case, the degree of relations with it is determined by suit. Chervs are relatives. Peaks are random people. The king is a man of age. Jack - younger than a guessing. Dozens are successful businesses. Heartworm - heart, diamonds - money, peak - state, peak - random. Nines are cordial matters. It is best when a card of the hearts of a man falls. Eights - meetings. Peak - tears. Seven - talking. Peak - feast. Sixes are expensive.

new divination

Divination by four aces

If you want to get a specific anda certain answer to your question, then the following method is recommended. This fortune-telling fortune-telling, true and tested by many generations of our ancestors. A deck of thirty-six cards is recommended for its execution. Shuffle them by asking your question. Now put the four stacks upside down. To turn it is necessary in order, starting with the pile in which the last card is placed. Turn them all together and start shooting one at a time. When you get to the ace (any), then put the pile aside. So repeat with the other three. In this case, the cards, which will later participate in the scenario, form in one pile. Then we repeat everything from the beginning, forming three heaps, then two. After you remove the extra cards, look at the result. If there are only four aces left, then the answer is yes. In any other case, it is negative.

solitaire guessing

Divination by letterhead

There is a way to slightly open up what shouldto happen, with the help of a deck. In principle, the new divination, which is now becoming increasingly common, have many options. Here is one of the simplest. Make a guess - a card that will stand for you. Shuffle the deck, put it into three piles (one at a time). Look at which one was the blank. Put this pile in a row. Examine the cards that were on either side of the form. They talk about the most immediate events (the interpretations are given above). In addition, you need to pay attention to the following cards in order. They will tell what events affect the "core". If a picture falls out next to each other, then after your own layout you should do the same on it. It means a certain person who will be important to you. It is necessary to see whether it will come to your life with good or bad. In addition, new fortune-telling can be conducted online on Internet resources. Do not consider this an "empty undertaking". The fact is that in divination, the mood is more important, and not the way of the layout.

About solitaire games

In past centuries, women did not very often resort tofortune telling. This was considered a "witch" occupation, at the very least - old maidens. But solitaire fortune-telling replaced quite often. It was, first, intellectual entertainment, and secondly, a way to get an answer to an exciting question. Solitaires were laid out the most diverse.


Some used several decks. Do not treat them with disdain. Our great-grandmothers, the current "spider" and "kerchief" would seem "children's toys" in comparison with those that they were able to unfold. Solitaire-guessing is a kind of puzzle with clearly defined rules. The success of the layout depends largely on the observability and thinking abilities of the fortuneteller. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules, choosing the most profitable moves. The lesson is interesting.

Simple solitaire

Make a wish (question), shuffle the deck. Lay out cards one by one, carefully analyzing them. If forms of the same denomination or suit fall next, then the next one is put on the previous one. The same is done if the first from the third card is also correlated. Solitaire is considered a success, as a result of which one card is open. There are options when you can choose the options for moves. In this case, their order is not regulated. The guesser is given the opportunity to decide independently which move will be more advantageous.

free fortune-telling

Atmosphere for fortune telling

Often, beginning magicians do not know that not onlymaps determine the results of their efforts. No matter how you relate to it, the result of divination depends on your attitude to the process. To get the right answer, it is recommended to tune in seriously, create the appropriate atmosphere. Light the candles, put in front of you a "crystal ball" or some other magical attribute, turn on the exciting music. The mystery of this action must come from the soul, then necessarily get an accurate prediction. And one more tip, which necessarily give experienced mages. Pay attention to randomness. Information will come to you in the most unpredictable ways. For example, if you drop a card, analyze its value. Perhaps it is a clue to the universe, the long-awaited answer to the main question. Similarly, one should also refer to random events that occur during divination.

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