/ Scorpio and Aries. Compatibility of partners

Scorpio and Aries. Compatibility of partners

What do the stars say about the union of Scorpio and Aries? Is the compatibility of these signs real? Or this union will bring a lot of conflicts? Before giving answers to these questions, it is necessary to understand the features of each of these signs.


Talent leader. These people are endowed with power and special energy. That men, that women are impulsive and inclined to exaggerate. They tend to make a molehill of an elephant from scratch. A remarkable feature of Aries is optimism, they always believe in the best.

But with diplomacy and sociability sometimesthere are problems and even embarrassing situations. The meaning of life for people born under this sign is work. Thanks to the strength of will, quick reaction and even some cold-bloodedness from Aries, excellent doctors are obtained, military professions are well given.

Often these people have a weak nervous system, and they can flare up, rude. A spoiled mood can lead to aggression.


This sign has the toughest character ofall signs. Temperament riotous, impulsive. He often rushes to extremes. If he fights, then to the last, if he likes, then with all his heart, so Scorpio and Aries compatibility is quite real.

On the one hand, his character traits have everything to achieve considerable heights in everything. But temperament and irritability in the right situations can work against him.

He is sober, inclined to see tricks and does not trust people. But he shows honesty and decency in relation to others.

This is a real fighter, which by any meanswill achieve its goal. Especially this quality is manifested at work. Scorpio fit the legal profession: an investigator, a lawyer or a good field of action for him to serve as a politician.

Are Aries and Scorpio compatible?

On the one hand it seems that this is the realdangerous mix. Two persons with a difficult character, always having their own opinion and standing on their own. But, strangely enough, this union can be even very promising. In a relationship, they are both optimistic, have a reasonable mind and do not have a heightened emotionality. Of course, quarrels will arise, but they quickly solve problems through negotiations. Although completely scandals with the beat of dishes can not be avoided, the temperament will not go anywhere.

Scorpio and Aries compatibility. If the Aries is a man

Scorpio woman is an interesting nature. She is attractive, sexy and cunning. And Aries likes this bitchiness, such uncongenity only inflames emotions in him. Yes there is emotion! He's just crazy about her! This union is inherent in passion, they draw inspiration from one another. But such a wild combination simply can not be calm. There will be scandals, and, probably, fights. But as soon as this outburst of hatred passes, the feeling of love and passion rolls with even greater force.

Scorpio and Aries compatibility. If Aries is a woman

In this alliance, the obvious leader is Scorpio. The woman will have to fight with herself and stand behind his broad back, and not run ahead of the locomotive. If a man begins to overdo a stick and become a dictator, then the woman Aries will not tolerate it calmly, it is easier for her to leave such a relationship, even if she loves, but she will not submit to someone else's will. Although not all so terrible, if Scorpio will respect her opinion, reckon with him, then in life this couple can achieve a lot.

Scorpio and Aries sexual compatibility

As in relationships, passions are raging in bed. Temperament signs are transferred to sexual relations. The presenter here is Scorpio. In this pair he gives himself all away, and Aries accepts. For Scorpio, sex has a great value in life, without it it will simply wither. But Aries refers to this more lightly. In general, this is a windy sign, attracted by the diversity and frequent change of partners. Therefore, Scorpio must constantly make something new in their sex life.

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