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What does a flea look like?

Few will call fleas pleasant creatures. Not that they were so dangerous, but their way of life and nutrition in an ordinary person does not cause anything other than a feeling of disgust. That is why most dream interpreters define sleep, in which, these or that unpleasant creatures are one way or another, as a sign of quick troubles, although usually small and serious threats to the dreamer do not foretell. But each rule has exceptions, and in some cases, on the contrary, such dreams are interpreted as exceptionally favorable and promising quick monetary gains.

So, what does the fleas dream of? A lot of small insects jumping over the body - a sign that soon one of your relatives will seriously let you down in business, than cause your anger and discontent. A woman to see fleas - to gossip and slander. If insects crawl over her head and hair - she herself is too frank and trusts her secrets to people who do not know how to store them.

Search in a dream of fleas on your body - toanxiety, perhaps one of your family members will get into big trouble, which you will have to deal with. Insects creeping over your head mean troubles that will happen because of your own rash actions. If you dream that someone else is looking for a flea - then, you do not have a serious reason for concern, and all the troubles in real life will not be touched at all.

If you dream of fleas, jumping or crawling aroundyou - to idle chores and not profitable business. To catch a jumping flea - you have all the possibilities to realize your plan, just this dream promises to win or other unexpected money profit.

Why do fleas have other people? Seeing how insects creep on someone else, especially if it's your friend or relative, then you should know that this is a warning sign - you should not trust this person with your secrets and deeds, as he does not know how to keep his mouth shut and, perhaps even "unclean by the hand." If a woman dreams that the fleas are jumping over her lover or husband - maybe he is not faithful to her.

Feel flea bites or see your blood on yourselffrom the wounds left by them - in real life expect trouble from gossip about you and slander. Combing in a dream places from bites - to experience painful experiences, suffering, caused to you by close people.

What does a flea in a cat or anothera pet. Insects jumping in your pet's wool are quick financial expenses for completely unnecessary business and purchases. To see a dog that itches from flea bites - in real life to envy the luck and money of a friend. To catch fleas on an animal or destroy them in some other way - you, against your will will be dragged into other people's affairs.

What are the dreams of fleas jumping over the floor of yourat home. As a rule, it is a dream that promises a good material prosperity, but at the same time a lot of troubles and worries. A dream in which fleas leap over your site or summer residence promises a big financial profit, even wealth, as well as a good harvest this year.

Press in a dream a lot of fleas attacking you - in reality to beat off numerous attacks of competitors and enemies. Destroy all insects - victory over the enemies will be entirely up to you.

There are fleas in a dream - to great trouble,the cause of which, most likely, will be the native person by blood. To see how a dog or cat eats a insect in a dream means you can safely rely on your friends and relatives - they will always come to your aid in a difficult moment.

Pressing fleas jumping on you - meansto be subjected to various kinds of attacks from people close to you. To kill (crush) all insects is a good sign, promising a dreamer full victory over enemies.

Why do we have fleas that kill an animal? This dream promises fast troubles, big embezzlement and even illness. If it's a dog - sleep portends a serious illness of a close friend.

To see an unusually large flea - soon to receive interesting and important news for you.

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