/ Why can not you look at the moon? What is the threat of moonlight?

Why can not you look at the moon? What is the threat of moonlight?

Why not look at the moon
The night has always been connected in the minds of people withmysterious rites and events. Many rituals of antiquity were held only in the dark. And evil spirits crawl out of their hiding places only with the onset of dusk.

Many magical rituals were conducted andare held at midnight. It is believed that it is at this time that the veil between the worlds rises, and the otherworldly forces are particularly strong. Another moon of night magic. Some rituals are conducted exclusively on the decreasing or on the growing moon, some only on the full moon.

It has now been scientifically proven that moonlight does not haveno magical power. It's just a reflection of the sun's rays. But the rituals associated with the moon are still very popular. And not only ceremonies. Some people shear, transplant plants, only after checking with the lunar calendar.

Maybe the truth of the moonlight bears in itself somethingmagical and incomprehensible to us? The moon really affects the life of living organisms and natural phenomena. An example is a sea tide. The position of the satellite relative to the Earth leaves a completely explicable trace from the scientific point of view.

But why not look at the moon? This seemingly stupid question does not stop asking until now. Explanations are very diverse. Sometimes so ridiculous that the hair stands on end.

Some associate this feature with werewolves andvampires. Although this is very stupid. After werewolves with the moon is associated only with the transformation, and it has absolutely nothing to do with vampires. Unless, you zazevaytes, watching the night light, and you will attack one of these mythical creatures.


Talking about why you can not look at the moon,children, probably remember the scene from the cartoon "Legends of Night Watchmen." There, with the help of the moon, small owls were zombified, forcing them to forget about the past. They will be closer to the truth than adults with legends about werewolves. After all, the moon really acts on living things, not only in fairy tales.

It so happened that all the signs and superstitions are veryoften have very interesting stories of origin. Man has always been closely associated with nature, but until some time many phenomena were explained only with the help of magic. In those very times, the answer to the question of why you can not look at the moon is hidden.

The fact is that the lunar cycle is very influentialon the vital activity of organisms, including, and on the mental state of man. In the full moon, for example, there are more frequent cases of exacerbation of mental illnesses. However, our ancestors did not know that strangeness was caused by this or that position of the moon in orbit. Therefore, it was believed that you can not look at the moon, otherwise you'll go crazy.

moon light

There are, of course, contra-indications in our time. Do not advise a long time to look at the moon in a telescope (or you can get a small burn of the cornea, there may be a slight defocusing). But the mind does not threaten anything, only the eyes.

It's just that the legend about why you can not look at the moon is just disappearing. So enjoy the night light, it's very interesting and even useful. Within reasonable limits, of course.

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