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Timothy: the meaning of a name, character and destiny

The name Timofey is currently not thatpopular as 20-30 years ago. But even nowadays it periodically occurs, as well as other ancient names. The reason is that it has interesting symbolism. In different countries it sounds like Timoteusz (Poland), Timothyas (England), Timoteo (Italy and Spain), Timoteu (Portugal), Timoteus (Greece), Timo (Finland), Timoteus (Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden). The article will deal with the meaning of Timothy's name, the character and fate of his bearer, and the mystery of his origin and the legend of the holy martyr will also be revealed.

History of origin

Scientists say that the origin of the nameTimothy and its meaning are closely related to the ancient Greek culture. In the translation from the language of Socrates, the name means "God-fearing", according to another version, "worshiping God."

The name Timothy is formed from two words: "Timo" is translated as "read", "Feos" - "God." There is an opinion that the mystery of the name Timothy and its meaning give the child more character properties that contradict each other. These children are conflict-free, independent, sensitive, calm, inquisitive, and at the same time they are powerful, selfish, lazy, inattentive.

Timothy is a controversial and kind young man

This name has a huge number of patrons, but the most revered is St. Timothy of Thebes.

Legend of the Name

In the Orthodox world there is a very famous legendabout the church reader Timotheus of Thebaid. He, along with Christians, experienced the persecution of the Roman emperor during the persecution of the Christian faith. They were subjected to torture, interrogation and unthinkable torture. Timothy and his wife Mavra were very young, but nothing could affect their faith. Timothy did not agree to give his books and for this he paid with his health, he was deprived of sight as a result of torture and torture. Maura was brutally tortured, but could not break her will.

Despite the pain and anguish, they still did not give up their faith. Young Timothy and Mavra were crucified on the cross, and 9 days they hung on it, and their faces were turned towards each other.

Characteristics of the name

The meaning of the name Timothy influences theits carrier. They are all good-looking, clever and charming. A man with this name is characterized by an increased responsibility, education is of great importance for him. Timothy have good patience. They are communicative, not conflict. These features contribute to their rapid rise in the career ladder. They are very fond of their work and always strive to show off their resourcefulness and intelligence.

The meaning of the name Timothy and the interpretation of the nameform a multifaceted personality with creative inclinations. Friends like Timofey for his positive attitude to life and cheerfulness. The bearers of this name do not tolerate monotony, they are always in search of something new and unknown. Timothy easily find a common language with women, in addition, with a better sex they are easier to communicate than with men.

Timothy are good-natured and not vindictive.

Timothy prefers a female company


According to the meaning of the name Timothy for the boy,this child is very impressionable and emotional from an early age. The child has a lot of talents, he copes with any problems "perfectly", he is very goal-oriented and always achieves what he wants. The meaning of the name Timofey rewards him with such characteristics as calmness, good nature, kindness, honesty, energy, correctness, efficiency, justice. Among peers, he is always easy to gain attention and popularity, but he is never a clear leader. He himself does not want this, because, despite the talents, Timofey is afraid of responsibility and avoids it. He is not interested in power, he is happy to learn and with interest learns everything new. Of course, the boy with this name has some shortcomings, but there are very few of them, that practically nobody pays any attention to them: unwillingness to take responsibility, shyness, impermanence, indecision. In addition, the Timothies are susceptible to the strong influence and influence of comrades. But the meaning of the name Timothy influences the formation of the child's curiosity and excellent imagination, which is useful to him in life.

As a child Timothy soft

A boy with that name, as a rule, grows upsoft and calm child. He is completely independent, conflict-free. The meaning of the name Timothy for the boy allows us to say that this child eagerly hears the opinion of adults. But he is a very big dreamer.

Often boys with the name Timothy are going througha difficult childhood. His main tragedy is the imperious nature of his mother, who always suppresses the child. Her opinion becomes authoritative for him and will affect relations with women and with his wife.

Teenage years

The meaning and characteristics of the name Timothycardinally change the child's character traits in adolescence. It begins to show commitment, responsibility, diligence, diligence, determination. All these qualities help him to achieve popularity among peers and respect among teachers. But at the same time, he develops shortcomings, for example, Timothy is afraid of criticism from peers. He is a very sensitive, sensitive and sensitive teenager. A nickname, betrayal, an unfair attitude can drive him depressed. The meaning of the name Timothy for the child and for the teenager can bestow on him a unique character, on the one hand, he is an exemplary pupil, a responsible youth, and on the other - an optimistic person, sociable and cheerful.

Growing up, Timothy and remains under the influencemother. In addition, he does not lack fans, it is much easier to communicate with girls, but sometimes he is burdened by the lack of a male company.

for Timofey a huge role is played by my mother

It really manifests itself only in the companynative people. He is a very ambitious and purposeful teenager. Dedicates a lot of time to education. This is a very important period in his life, and parents should at this time help the child with a choice of profession.


In adulthood, the meaning of the name Timothy andcharacter is most closely intertwined, he has formed excellent traits, such as kindness, justice, caring, friendliness, he is self-confident, fulfilling, constant, communicative. The name promises to its owner excellent prospects in a professional sense, it suits such professions as a psychologist, educator, teacher. He is loyal to the principles, he will never go to deceit for his own benefit, he will not leave a friend in trouble, he will not take advantage of human weaknesses. But with openness and friendliness, Timofey never tells anyone about his experiences and problems and will try to cope with all his failures independently.

Name Timothy: the meaning of the name and fate, depending on the time of the birth of the child

The formation of the character of Timothy is influencededucation, depending on which he can grow up developed and hardworking, and can become a self-interested and lazy person. But not only education is an important factor in the formation of the personality, the great importance is played by the season when the child was born.

Winter Timothy is calm and balanced, pragmatic and judicious. He is a cheerful and good-natured child. He becomes the soul of any company, he is the object of attention of many women.

Spring - confident in himself, responsible, reliable. He has a strong will-power character, his opinion is always authoritative among peers. He is a careerist and a very determined person. With women, this man is gentle, attentive, delicate.

Summer Timothy - taciturn, closed, lives inhis illusory world, very much appreciates loneliness. He is shy, difficult for him to adapt to society, so he chooses a profession that does not involve communicating with people. Marries late.

Autumn Tim does not like changes, very constant person, he chooses his wife once and for all. He loves stability and order, he always plans his future.

Relations with women

As for the fate of the boy Timothy, the meaningname influences relationships with the opposite sex, forming such important features as optimism, cheerfulness, special charm, positive thinking, willingness to help, caring, attentiveness, courtesy. All these qualities, of course, attract women. But there is one significant disadvantage - it is too idealistic and attributes to women the features that they do not possess, which in the end can lead to disappointment.

In the family Timothy does not aspire to be a leader

Love, marriage

The fate of a name in love and marriage is very complexa question that has theoretical answers. The fate of Timothy consists of many disappointments and partings, the cause of which is himself. With all this, he is a wonderful father and exemplary husband. He will never be the leader in the family (the roots of this lie in childhood, when the mother exerted strong authoritarian pressure on him), but at the same time he is an excellent family man.

A serious obstacle in family relationshipscan become an inequality in education and social status. The reason for conflicts in his family, as a rule, is tensions with relatives who constantly interfere in family life.

Name Compatibility

For the carrier of the name Timothy, peace is important andequilibrium. In the family, he will be happy with a calm and hard-working Natalia, dear Anastasia, balanced Svetlana. Marriage with Alevtina, Angelica, Tamara can be successful if a woman has her own business, to which she devotes all her time.

To be afraid of relations follows Vera, Raisa, Lyudmila. With them, if relations are possible, then only short-term.

Timothy is always a good family man

Profession and business

Diplomacy, responsibility andexecutive help Timothy to become an excellent lawyer, psychologist, politician, lawyer, journalist. But most often the bearers of this name choose professions that are related to the exact sciences. He can become an excellent programmer, engineer, doctor, scientist.

He has developed organizational and administrativeability, while he can cope with the most routine and monotonous work. If he becomes a leader, which is very rare, he turns into a hard, demanding, not forgiving negligence director.

In addition, Timothy can easilyorganize your own business that will flourish. He is scrupulous, has an excellent business acumen and reaction, he can quickly react in unusual situations.

Astrological symbols

  • The planet-patroness of the name are Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn forms responsibility, diligence. Under his influence, the character of a person is tempered and becomes strong-willed. Jupiter forms a person's optimism, generosity, success and brings joy to life.

  • A stone that can be used as a talisman is topaz.

This stone protects against spoilage and evil eye, magic andwitchcraft. It is used in meditation. In the Middle Ages, topaz symbolized happiness, prudence. He is able to pacify passions, combat depression, help in the development of mental abilities, attracts material well-being and luck. Topaz awakens the owner of the name Timothy honesty, decency, wisdom. The stone is able to fight with nervous disorders, relieves stress, relieves fears and soothes.

  • Element of the name - Water.
  • Symbol among animals - Bittern.

It's a bird that scares its scream, and alwayswas associated with the evil forces of the Slavs (because of the night way of life and the terrible "hoot"). It was believed that it brings misfortune and is a bad omen.

For a name, this symbol means a connection to something magical and unpredictable. At the same time it is believed that it is this bird that can negotiate with sorcerers and magicians and protect the bearer of the name.

  • The plant is a mascot - a daisy.

This flower symbolizes tenderness, openness, simplicity, loyalty and love. Our ancestors considered this flower as a sacred plant, he associated them with light, warmth, sincerity and kindness.

It was believed that daisies can bring to the house an understanding, warmth and comfort.

  • Talisman-metal is platinum.

Metal symbolizes true love, originality, affection, wisdom, success.

He is able to strengthen the positive qualities of man and neutralize the negative.

  • A happy day for all Timothy is Saturday, and the perfect season is winter.
Timothy the most good fathers

Name days

Since the name has many holy patrons, the namesakes are celebrated:

  • in January-1, 17 the number;
  • in February - 4, 6, 14, 26;
  • in March - 6, 12, 29;
  • in May - 16;
  • in June - 23 and 25;
  • in August - 14;
  • in September - 1 and 2;
  • in November - 10, 18, 22;
  • in December - 11.

Brief form of the name: Timoha, Timas, Timothy, Tim, Theme, Timo, Timon, Tyun, Timach, Timun, Timos, Timotheus, Theo, Tim, Timos, Timan.

Interesting Facts

The most famous of our compatriots who bore this name:

  • Prokhorov T. - an industrialist who lived in the middle of the 19 th century;
  • Krasnobaev T. - a well-known surgeon, one of the founders of pediatric surgery;
  • Gorbachev T. - Soviet scientist, was engaged in developments in the field of geology;
  • Granovsky T. is a historian and scientist. He was an ally of Ogarev, Herzen and Belinsky. He was a famous historian and philologist, but also a fine speaker. He could convince in his rightness of any opponent. In general, no one could argue, he was so competent to argue his position. He was a vivid supporter of the western way of development of Russia, the founder of the theory of the Western European Middle Ages in Russia. He collected a unique library, which included 4,600 volumes of books. Currently, the editions are kept in the Lomonosov Moscow State University scientific library.
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