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Why does a big wave dream? Interpretation of dreams

Water symbolizes life. Covers physical and emotional aspects. Quiet water in the lake means the same quiet, but limited life, without turbulent events, fateful moments, with the familiar surroundings and surroundings. At the emotional level, it means complete tranquility, absence of interesting exciting moments.

The movement of water is a change in life. And what does a big wave dream about?

what does a big wave dream about

Waves in a dream

A big wave of destructive nature carriesa series of unpleasant fatal events, experiences and troubles. Coping with them will not be so easy, but can not be avoided. Fear in a dream will be transferred to real life, and what will end, depends on the end of the situation seen in the dream.

  • For a married couple - a series of big quarrels that will arise unexpectedly and end up parting or divorce.
  • For a businessman - losses in business.
  • For work - large checks, troubles.
  • For a public person - shame, dislikes, falling.
  • To a child, such a dream promises problems with study, a collapse of hopes.

Big waves in a dream in the bright sunny day, which you observe with admiration, prophesy the fateful moments in your life.

  • For an unmarried girl or boyfriend - meeting the other half.
  • For a businessman - a great prospect.
  • For a public person - recognition and honors, fame and success.
  • For the patient - recovery after a serious long illness.
  • For the child - a successful passing the exam, admission to the university.
  • In the intimate sphere - a test of great pleasure.

dream dream a huge wave

Dream interpretation: a huge wave in different water bodies

Why dream of the sea, the waves? What does this dream portend? Large waves at sea are quite normal. On a small lake, river or pool - is surprising. In other words, something unusual will happen.

The sea means life "on a grand scale," without limitsand obstacles. Free free life, a large internal energy reserve. For people who live near the sea, sleep will not be so fateful. Another thing is those who have never seen him in reality or on vacation once a year.

Why does a big wave dream? Such a dream prophesies serious changes in life. Emotional recovery, joy, pleasant surprise. Before making an important decision, a dream with a huge wave indicates that everything will be wonderful, do not worry, success is assured.

We leaf through the dream book. A huge wave on a lake or river heralds interesting events in a life of less extensive character. It can be an interesting acquaintance, getting the desired job, a successfully completed case, a good mark in school. Fate will smile in some way.

Suddenly a huge wave in the pool appears that there will be an event in life that seems unreal. Fate prepared for you a surprise.

But not always big waves promise success and positive result.

big waves in a dream

Covers a big wave

The approach of a large wave causes fear,worry for life. And what to expect, if in a dream she covered? What does this dream mean? The big wave covers - this dream warns that you will soon find yourself in a difficult situation, getting out of it will be very difficult. It is necessary to spend a lot of efforts, to show steadfastness, courage and patience. Which side to wait for trouble?

It is necessary to recall every fragment of sleep. It will necessarily be relatives, children, husband, wife, colleagues, friends, superiors and so on. That is, by the presence of one of them you can determine where to expect problems.

How will it end? Remember the end of sleep.

  • You managed to get out, stay dry - overcome difficulties and surprise yourself.
  • We got out of the water, but all clothes and hair got wet - you can solve the problems, but they will leave a serious imprint on your future life. Sediment inside, disappointment.
  • The wave is after you, but you managed to escape from it - show cunning and dexterity ("get out of the water").

The more you were under water, the longer the period of trouble. Quickly got out - solving problems for 1-2 days. Long floundered under the water - it is necessary to do a good job.

sleep a big wave covers

Large waves on the sea in the distance

Why does a big wave dream? There is such a situation that it is observed from the outside. Waves do not hurt you physically, but they are emotionally interested.

This dream says that you will fall into a situation that does not directly affect you, but you will participate in it.

If it is a pleasant sunny weather, beautiful waves - the events will be joyful. Perhaps you will be invited to a wedding, anniversary or other celebration.

Large waves destroy nearby buildings,take people - trouble in the circle of relatives, relatives, friends or in a team. It can be a divorce of a brother or sister, an accident in the family of acquaintances.

Dreams a huge wave

Why does a big wave dream? Getting ready for bed, you are mentally sorting out the information that bothers you. For example, the upcoming transaction, the exam, moving to a new place of residence, an important decision, a major purchase. All this is programmed by the subconscious mind. In a dream, you will receive information, an answer to the question that interests you. This dream can foreshadow the failure of your plans.

dream big waves at sea

The most favorable sleep with a huge wave

What else can the dream book tell us? The wave is huge, but you managed to saddle it and quickly move with it on the sea? You can not think of a better one! You will become a darling of fate. The situation will develop in such a way that everything will be decided without your participation, but in your favor. Huge success, recognition, luck and happiness are assured!

Sleep dreams of:

  • long-awaited happy marriage;
  • acquaintance with promising people or sponsors;
  • business development and large profits;
  • overcoming a serious illness;
  • receive high-paying work.

Dreaming dreams of everyone. Some of them remember and try to explain, others - do not attach importance to them. But the result does not change from this. The dream picture that has been seen will necessarily be transferred to real life. However, it should be remembered that a dream can portend as an early event that will come true within 1-2 days, and "work" for the future. That is, you can evaluate his power within a month.

Pay special attention to your feelings. If in the dream book you read that your sleep is quite favorable, but the alarm does not leave, then something will go wrong.

Have a nice sleep! Let you see a big wave in a dream on a clear, sunny day more often!

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