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Scorpio guy, Scorpio girl: good tandem?

In a romantic relationship between a man and a womanhoroscope and sexual compatibility play an important role. Each sign of the zodiac has its own aura and can be combined or not combined with the opposite sign. Of particular interest is the Scorpio guy - a Scorpio girl, because they have an explosive pair.

Scorpio girls are very suspicious people. They will not strictly control their man, but in case of betrayal or treason they will not forgive. Forgiveness is, in principle, very difficult, although by nature they are sociable, friendly. The Scorpio woman excellently keeps secrets, both her own and others'. Scorpions say little about their personal lives and family problems. As a rule, they are not used to take dirty linen out of the hut. But face to face they can express everything they think, to offend a word.

The Scorpio man is a very passionate person. This applies to all life: friendship, relationships, work, family and sex. In appearance, such men look very calm and not burdened with domestic problems. In a conversation, they are quite soft and friendly. However, if you let such a man in life - be ready for a whole bunch of passion and a storm of emotions. With him you do not get bored, especially since for him, love will always be in the first place and take center stage in life.

Scorpio guy - Scorpio girl - it's easyan incredible combination of emotions. If a man and a woman fall in love with these signs, then this is forever. If, for some reason, the marriage is in danger, the couple will disperse. The Scorpio-Scorpio male girl is very categorical in her decisions. The couple is proud and willful, it is unlikely that someone will give in to another. What can be said about the personal relationship of a pair of Scorpio-man - Scorpio-woman? Sex with them is not in the first place, although it plays not the last role. Relationships in sex are very gentle and sensual. It is here that the Scorpions reveal their feelings to each other, forgetting about pride. The ability to forgive is the main key to understanding these spirit signs. However, mastering this skill for both is not easy. Having quarreled, neither the man nor the Scorpio woman wants to take the first step. A woman believes that this is a matter for men, to ask forgiveness from women. The man, in turn, will blame his mate for excessive taunts and quick temper. Two are very difficult to come to a compromise. Often, they will not even apologize, but simply overstep the grievances and continue to live on.

Tandem guy-Scorpio - girl-Scorpio can beattributed to good, but not ideal. Still, this couple lacks the ability to restrain their character. The quarrels between these zodiac signs are very long, although the relationship never loses its sharpness.

Scorpions are very creative nature, so fromcouples fellow Scorpio - Scorpio girl can get a good creative family. They give love with a head and are ready to remain faithful. It is good if the lovers have common interests that can bring them closer not only on the physical, but also on the spiritual level. Scorpions are good parents. They completely give them their love and try to properly educate. Children get everything they want, but only with good behavior. Parents-Scorpios can easily put the child in place, in one word.

Women and Men-Scorpios - rather complicatedcombination. According to astrologers, they are compatible by less than 40%, which means that they need to make compromises in order to build a real pair. After all, every rule has its own exceptions. If there are real feelings - love will necessarily live long. The main thing is to put maximum effort on both sides, learn to forgive offenses and be a reliable support for each other.

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