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Demian. The meaning of the name of the true conqueror of women's hearts

the meaning of the name
Lately you will not surprise anybody unusual andoriginal names. A modern parent tries to give his child a unique and sometimes old name. If you do not know how to name your baby, then pay attention to the name Demian. The meaning of the name in translation from Roman means "conqueror". Earlier, more than two centuries ago, this name was pronounced as Damian. From the Greek language, Demian is translated as "blessed."


In Roman mythology, there was the goddess Damia,which patronized various sacraments, and also personified fertility and abundance - such a child's value. The name Demian, if we speak literally, is translated as "dedicated to Damia". The Romans greatly revered Damia, and for every celebration they brought her gifts, so in those days the name Demyan was very common.


The choice and meaning of a child's name often affectshis fate. The boy Demian is a very lively and agile child. Moderately selfish, but at times showing a steep temper. In his nature, there is some narcissism. He can be extremely demanding of people around him, but he quietly closes his eyes to his faults.

the value of the name demian
Freedom-loving, selfish, straightforward,stubborn, calculating - this is the whole of Demian. The meaning of the name characterizes him as a very inflexible person, accustomed to go literally on the heads for the sake of achieving the goal. Had he been a bit more diplomatic and cunning, then things would have gone better. Ambitious and arrogant, easily entering into disputes, sharp on the tongue, clever - than not the bright hero of the novel?

But these shortcomings are incomparable with its merits. Demian, whose name has an impulsive character, is still a very brave and courageous man who will never allow himself to be known as a coward. Therefore, in any, even the most extreme situation, you can not rely on him. For his family, Demian is a kind and sympathetic person. Despite the constant changes in mood, he has an excellent sense of humor. This feature will often help him out in life.

Among other things, he can become a real artistour Demian. The meaning of the name and strives to direct it to the fate of the ocean of emotions and feelings, but at the same time it can preserve a stony expression when a storm rages in its heart. In public, he may seem open and sympathetic, but Demian is able to hide his feelings in his soul from prying eyes. In the circle of colleagues, he can be considered a careerist, therefore, the handsome Demian will never know about poverty.


demian significance of the name

In love, he is one-man, but very jealous. Demian, the meaning of whose name means "conqueror" for no reason, easily conquers women's hearts. And although his future marriage is possible and for love, but he does not exclude mercenary goals. Demian will never allow himself to fall in love with a girl below his class. He always weighs feelings with reason. And because he is very jealous, he will carefully monitor the personal life of his wife. Therefore, the lady of his heart must be careful, because the jealous is very vindictive and will some day recall the offense. Therefore, Demjan needs to look for a woman who is calm and harmonious, who can pacify his ardent temper.

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