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Name day Vladislav: the meaning of the name, the tradition of the holiday

The names of Vladislav are celebrated in October. It's Angel Day for all the bearers of this man's name. The patron saint of all Vladislavs is Vladislav Serbsky, who ruled the state in the 18th century, overthrown by his younger brother.

All men - owners of this name - celebrated the name day of Vladislav in 2013 on October 7 - the day of memory of Stefan Vladislav (Serbian).

Name day of Vladislav according to the church calendar

Meaning of the name

In Russia, the name Vladislav was in the form of "Volodislav", which included 2 words - "own" and "praise". Literally this name meant "Glory-master".

Birthday Day - what does it mean?

Many still do not know very well thatReally mean the name day. The very name of the holiday gives the answer - "name day" from the word "name". That is, on this day they pay homage to their name, to be exact, to that Saint, whose name is a man.

name day of Vladislav

This name is given to the child at baptism and oftenit happens that it differs from that which is given at birth. This difference is explained by the fact that in church saints there are no great martyrs with this name. Then the baby is named after the Holy One, whose memory day is closest to his birthday.

Why celebrate the name day?

Vladislav should be congratulated in order tohonor the memory of his "high" namesake. Wearing it, all the Wladyslaws receive protection from the heavenly patron. Turning to him, you can hope for the fulfillment of cherished desires, requests. In addition, the patron saint promotes the development of spirituality and the acquisition of charitable qualities of character.

What do they give to the name day?

Name days are a holiday, and cheerful. And for any holiday it is customary to give gifts. What do they give to the name-day of Vladislav?

name day of Vladislav in 2013

As well as on other name days, on this special dayIt is not customary to present anything that embodies all that is temporal and transient. On behalf of the name-day, all that is related to religion, gifts for God. In the old days on this day, the birthday man could receive a handwritten icon, church literature, lamps, candles and other attributes.

If icons were given, then, as a rule,depicted the face of the Holy One, whose name is the culprit of the celebration. By the way, on the morning of the birthday, the birthday boy went to church, where he had to confess, take communion, put candles, put on the icon of his Holy. In addition, relatives ordered a moleben for the health of the birthday boy. So celebrate and name-day Vladislav.

Traditions of the Name Day

Before the revolution in Russia celebrated only the name-day,considering this day the main holiday in a person's life. After changing the regime and building many traditions were destroyed in the fight against religious relics, including the name day. Then they began to recognize only the day of the actual appearance of man to the light.

And how celebrated the name-day of Vladislav forthe church calendar? We marked them widely, covered the tables rich with food and drinks, called relatives and friends. Celebrated this day in a spiritual atmosphere, not allowing for revelry, outrage and other things that are not acceptable to God.

As a treat exhibited pies, loaves,rolls, brewed home-made beer. Baking could be both sweet and salty. Required were rolls with raisins. The godparents were offered a loaf with a sweet filling - that was how they expressed respect for their status.

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