/ What does corn dream about: versions of various dream books

What does corn dream about: versions of various dream books

Corn is a very productive cereal, its largecobs and strong green stems are considered the personification of vitality, prosperity and fertility. It is these associations that arise in a person who has a dream about her. In addition, the peculiar shape of the ear of this grain culture often serves as an excuse for ambiguous jokes, so very often the dream in which it appears also has a sexual background. Why do we dream about corn? There is no unambiguous answer to this question. Verified dream books will help you to understand it.

what does maize dream about

Dreamer of Dmitry and Hope Winter

These interpreters have their own opinion onabout the fact that dreams of corn on the cob. They believe that such a dream warns that only having shown proper firmness and consistency, the sleeper can achieve a reliable income for his family. If the dreamed ears seem to be withered and too hard, it means that the excessive severity of the dreamer can become a hindrance to his prosperity.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

In this dream book it is written a lot of interesting about that,what is the dream of corn. The field overgrown with this cereal in a dream symbolizes a very lucrative, but risky occupation that can cause a sleeper certain tension. But to pick corn on the corn in dreams is to give oneself a pleasant pastime, which will become a fascinating entertainment amidst diligent work.

Ripe corn is dreaming of material profit,and green - to a bad state of health. If a woman dreams that she is cooking corn cobs, then she awaits a meeting with a new admirer. Butter from corn in a dream personifies a hot passion, and to cook something on it means to experience a passionate love for your chosen one.

what does the corn in the cobs dream about

Сонник XXI века

In this proven dream book it is written thata dream about this cereal entails a large profit. As to what the field of corn is dreaming about, there is a detailed explanation - this dream portends a lucrative business, which, most likely, will be related to agriculture.

The newest dream book

The compilers of this popular dream book assert that corn in a dream predicts an intimate contact with the sleeper, devoid of any romantic relationship.

what does corn grain dream about

English dream book

This dream book speaks directly about whatdreaming of corn. The ear of this cereal symbolizes the male sexual organ in a dream. And, if he has a bright yellow color or a sleeper has a sweet corn taste, then in reality he can expect complete harmony in sexual relations.


This dream book connects corn in a dream with prosperityand fertility. This dream for men and women is usually treated differently. For representatives of the weaker sex corn cob symbolizes relations with a man, and the more ripe and large he is, the prettier will be her future partner. A dream about corn cobs growing in a field on a long stem, foreshadows healthy children, pregnancy, prosperity and family happiness.

Men dream about corn predictsmaterial profit, success in any business, and the field, which is planted with this cereal, symbolizes the work that he should do. And the more sturdy and tall the corn stalks dream of, the more fruitful the works of the sleeper will be.

The dream of harvesting corn is one of the mostfavorable. Seeing him, in the near future about his future may not worry. And the fact that the dream of corn (grain), and does talk about the fabulous wealth that awaits the dreamer in the future. The fact is that the seeds of this cereal symbolize money in a dream. Accordingly, the more of them in a dream - the richer will be a sleeper awake.

In this dream book there is an answer to the question of what the boiled corn is dreaming about. It is associated with friendly meetings, pleasant surprises and fun pastime.

what does the field of corn

Culinary Dream Book

The culinary dream book offers its own version of thewhat a dream about this cereal dreams about. The endless field of green corn symbolizes the impending happiness in family life. And if a dreamer dreams of a stalk with many ears, then he will have charming children.

Sonnik Miller

Seen in a dream, purified corn cobspredict, according to Miller, the success and joy in life. If in a dream the sleeper is busy harvesting corn, then in reality he will sincerely rejoice at the prosperity of relatives and friends.

Walking in a dream over a luxurious cornfield means a big profit for the farmer. Such a dream predicts a dreamer's harmony in the house and a wonderful harvest.

A young man who has seen corn in a dream can be sure that he will be happy and meet new friends. However, a battered and crushed cereal symbolizes misfortune and loss.

Corn grain, thrown in a dream in the newly plowed land, signifies the patronage of an important person and the inevitable success. To see in a dream the first shoots of corn - to wealth and fame.

If the dreamer dreamed of a corn grain, bedded in a nursery, then all his boldest hopes will come true, and grandiose plans will be perceived and understood by others.

Popcorn in a dream symbolizes the boundless trust and patronage of influential people. To use green corn for food - to harmony in friendly relations.

what does boiled corn dream about

Now you know what the dream of corn is. In general, it is a favorable sleep. He portends well-being, wealth and happiness in personal relationships. However, the crushed corn or battered corn stalks in the dream indicate some difficulties that await the sleeper in the near future. About how to cope with them, you can learn from other details of sleep.

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