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To kill a cat in a dream: the meaning and interpretation of a dream. What does it mean to kill a cat in a dream

About a third of our lives we spend in a dream. Sometimes people do not remember dreams, but quite often he dreams about prophetic dreams. They are most important. They can find answers to questions. Such nightly dreams warn us against future dangers. During sleep, the human brain perceives energy in its pure form, without realizing it in such a mapping. Therefore, the information that enters our brain is coded by some familiar symbols. These can be objects or phenomena of the surrounding world. Did you have to kill a cat in a dream? What's this for? What could this dream mean? It's time to find out the answers to these questions.

kill a cat

What does a cat mean in a dream?

In our dreams, a cat is a symbol of betrayal. It represents a lie and hypocrisy, gossip. In reality, this animal is rather cunning and clever. No wonder they say that the cat walks by itself. She finds for herself the place where it is more convenient, better, more comfortable.

What does it mean to kill a cat in a dream? If the cat in dreams is an enemy, then the killed animal means victory over it. This is a good dream, it means that the rival will surrender.

When you kill a cat in a dream, it is important that yousurrounds at this moment, what the weather, time of day. All these moments also matter. Thus, it becomes possible to more accurately and correctly interpret the dream.

Are you surrounded by cats and trying to fight? So, in reality you have a lot of envious people, perhaps in a team you do not have relationships. If you killed at least one cat in your dream, then you will have an ally. And maybe in your life it will be one less detractor.

When he dreams that a person is trying to kill a cat,but it does not work for him, in reality it promises useless struggle with competitors and envious persons. It's time to find a compromise and a common language. Luck is not on your side, fortune does not yet smile at you.

kill a cat in a dream

Why dream of killing a cat?

In a dream it occurred to you that you killed an old cat? So, in reality you will be able to avoid any problems, to prevent failure. Did someone kill your favorite pet? It bodes ill. Someone wants to seriously hurt you.

Are there many evil cats around you? Well, if in a dream you could defeat and kill them, and you did not need outside assistance for this. This means that you will be able to cope with the difficulties. If in reality you want to radically change everything, and you had a dream where you kill a cat, then it's time to change everything in reality.

For those who work in commerce or engaged in business, killing a cat in a dream is a good sign. It's time to change something in business, to introduce new technologies, even if it's risky.

kill a black cat in a dream

How did you kill a cat in a dream?

Did you have to kill a cat? What does this dream mean? If you tried to cut this animal, then you have wits and cunning enemies. To defeat them you will have to use their own methods. If you managed to kill a cat in a dream, then in reality you will win and you will be able to bring out hypocrites and liars.

If the murder was committed with the help of a brick,then it says a lot of problems around you. But you somehow do not want to fight them. Killing a cat, but she survived? Hence, methods to combat problems in your life do not bring success, you are not able to defeat enemies on your own.

Meaning of Miller's dream book

You fight with a cat and come out the winner,killing the enemy in a dream? Such a dream is a harbinger of the realization of a dream against all obstacles and adversities. Your opponent won in a dream, and you surrendered? So in reality, obstacles will become a serious and insurmountable obstacle to achieving the goal.

What else can tell this well-known dream book? To kill a cat in a dream is a good sign. Aggression of the animal presages the appearance of enemies, enemies. Therefore, getting rid of the evil beast in your dreams is very good. If you are trying to kill a cat in a dream, and she is crying and mewing, then it is worthwhile to look closely at your friends. Perhaps, among them there are two-faced persons who are capable of betraying you.

dream to kill a cat in a dream

To kill in a dream a cat - the interpretation of a dream according to the dream book of Freud

What does it mean to kill a cat in a dream by the dream of Freud? This interpreter identifies the animal, imbibed in a dream, with the sexual life and passions of the dreamer.

If you killed a cat, then in reality the passion inrelations. If you dream that you beat a cat with your feet or hands, it speaks of sadistic inclinations in an intimate life. Were you scratched by a small kitten? So you like masochism.

Why do you dream about a cat being killed? Meaning of Hasse's dream book

Killing a cat in a dream on this dream book - to trouble.

Fight with this animal and lose - the people around do not listen to your opinion, do not consider it.

They killed and ate a cat? So, soon expect a serious betrayal from a loved one.

what is it that dreams of killing a cat in a dream

Kill a cat or a kitten - according to the dream book "Felomena"

Did you have to kill a cat in a dream? Why this dream? What about this dream tells the dream "Felomen"? Killing a cat that personifies an enemy in a dream is to create good conditions for life, to get rid of enemies and solve all problems.

Kill the kitten - to sadness. You will not be sure of your future.

Murder of a black cat in a dream - interpretation and meaning

In reality a black cat is a symbol of trouble. If you are torturing this animal in a dream, then in reality your conscience is unclean. Killed in a dream a black kitten? So, really miss your chance. Sometimes a dream presages a disease.

But there is another interpretation: to kill a black cat in a dream - in reality to avoid serious trouble.

When a black cat dreams, then very soon you will get a noisy quarrel or even a fight. If such an animal has crossed your path, you will find in reality an unpleasant person.

Black purrs symbolize an evil and malevolent woman. If in a dream a cat of such color attacks you, it promises in reality an unpleasant encounter with the enemy.

kill a cat in a dream

How to learn to recognize the meaning of incoming images?

With the help of a dream book you can always find outthe meaning of dreams. But sometimes this or that dream can carry quite the same interpretation as the book indicates. So, it is necessary to learn to recognize the images themselves, to understand what is laid in the dream and what is the meaning for you.

Our brain translates memories into certainimages. Thus it is possible to communicate important information, to bring it to the person. The image can be associated with some kind of problem that you are actually trying to solve, and maybe with certain situations at this stage of life. Dream Interpretation will not give an accurate answer. After all, each of us has our own problems, life goes on in different ways. The value of sleep for a girl may differ from the value of the same vision for a guy. The nature of the person, his mindset is important here.

It is a pity that you can not communicate directlyconsciousness and subconscious. Then it would be possible for man to decipher his dreams. But you can learn to understand the signs, symbols. And then you don't have to look into the dream book every time to find out what it means to kill a cat in a dream, for example. So you will not need such clues, you will be able to know yourself and develop intuition.

It is enough to spend a little time to learn how to further decipher the meaning of dreams. This will help in life, you can quickly resolve business issues.

which means kill a cat in a dream

Dreams and days of the week. When dreams come true and when not?

  1. From Sunday to Monday. Such dreams are prophetic. For those born on this day of the week, the likelihood that they will come true is quite large.
  2. Monday to Tuesday. Dreams, dreamed during this period, come true within a week - one and a half.
  3. From Tuesday to Wednesday. Special attention should be paid to these dreams. Most often they come true. These are prophetic dreams.
  4. From Wednesday to Thursday. Very rarely, dreams dreamed during this period come true.
  5. Thursday to Friday. It is very important to remember the dream that occurred during this time. Try to remember the details and the details, because these are prophetic dreams that are most likely to come true.
  6. From Friday to Saturday. Here the probability is 50 x 50. But still such dreams should be given attention. They warn of possible troubles, trials, which will be faced in reality.
  7. From Saturday to Sunday. Such dreams do not need to be told to others. Quite often they come true.

Some people believe in dreams, others do not. But still, every person has such dreams, which then come true in real life or foreshadow something important. To attach importance to a dream or it is better to forget about it - the decision is yours.

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