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What does the rat dream about? A black rat in a dream. A rat bites in a dream. Interpretation of dreams

What does the rat dream about? What do these rodents symbolize? In some dream books one can read that their appearance in nighttime dreams predicts negative events. In others it is written that rats promise luck, changes in life for the better. Much depends on the details of sleep, which must be remembered.

What does the rat dream about: Miller's dream book

What is the interpretation of Gustave Miller? What does the rat dream about? Their appearance in night's dreams promises conflicts with neighbors. Sleeping at risk of becoming a victim of deception on their part, quarrel or even fight with them. Also, the plot can warn of a future conflict with a business partner.

dreamed a rat

To seize a rodent means to feel contempt for human baseness. The dreamer should not be afraid of his enemies, he will certainly win over them. The murder of a rat is of similar significance.


What does the rat dream about? Such a plot promises conflict, treason, betrayal. If the dreamer is married, there is a high probability that the husband is cheating on her. Strangely enough, the violence with the female and the rat is dreaming for good. A woman will manage to make the right decision in an intricate situation, she will withstand all the trials. The husband who left the family will definitely return.

to dream a rat

Does the rat bite in a dream? This means that distant relatives are spreading rumors about a woman.


What do rats have to do with the stronger sex? Such a plot promises men a better financial situation. It's great if there are a lot of rodents, this allows you to hope for a big profit.

to catch a rat in a dream

If a man dreamed that he was attackeda big black rat, in reality you have to look more closely at your companion. There is a high probability that this person is preparing to betray him. It does not bode well for a meeting with a gray rodent in a dream. In reality, one should be afraid of being set up by colleagues. The white rat dreams of prosperity, stability.

If the rat is large

What does it mean to see a rat in a dream? Such a plot can predict various events. Interpretation depends on the details.

  • To see a large white rodent in a dream is a good sign. Soon a person is waiting for changes in life for the better.
  • It's great if a white rat dreamed ofcell. Such a plot indicates that luck turned to face the sleeper. In reality he awaits an unexpected prize, an increase in wages, promotion on the career ladder. Also, the dreamer has a chance to win a lot of money in the lottery.
  • What does it mean to dream a rat if it is big and black? Such a plot promises bad news. A person learns of the illness or death of someone who is important to him.
  • Gray rodent dreams of someone who will soon be givengood advice. It is better to listen to him, otherwise you can get into a critical situation. It is also recommended to look closely at your nearest environment. Some of the false friends are plotting, dreaming of harming the dreamer.
  • The larger the rat size, the more trouble you should expect.

Many rats

Why do you dream of a pack of rodents? Most guides to the world of dreams promise people conflict, trouble, loss. Housewives such dreams warn of a coming quarrel with her husband and his relatives. Conclusion of the world will not be easy, so the conflict is worth trying to prevent.

dreams about rats

The appearance of a pack of rodents in a dream is a good sign for entrepreneurs. To businessmen such a plot predicts a large profit, a successful completion of an important project.

Bite of a rat

Does the rat bite in a dream? Such dreams, unfortunately, predict negative events. Someone will dissolve the gossip behind the dreamer's back, which will negatively affect his reputation. There is a high probability of quarreling with someone from the inner circle. An important person can forever leave the life of a sleeper as a result of a quarrel.

rats in the house

Bite of a rat to the fair sexdreams of parting with the second half. The break will be painful, the woman will suffer for a long time. If a rat bites in a dream by the hand, it is worth while refraining from borrowing. A person will not be able to repay the debt in a timely manner, which will turn into big trouble for him.

Bite by the foot promises conflicts in the family. Relations with relatives will become so severe that a person will have a desire to leave home. If a large rodent grabs a finger, then it predicts failures, obstacles. Also, a person who has seen such a dream risks falling ill.

To Kill a Rat

What does it mean to see a dead rat in a dream? Such dreams are considered a good sign. A man must win a victory over the enemies who are plotting behind his back. Also, the plot predicts successful solution of problems, overcoming obstacles on the way to the set goal.

rat bites in a dream

If a woman kills a rodent in her dreams,in reality it will defeat its rival. A businessman who has seen such a dream, in reality will leave behind competitors, will be able to attract a large investor. Problems will remain in the past, things will go well.

Many dead rats are a dream that promises victory over enemies. Ill-wishers prefer to leave a person alone, they will leave his life forever.

Black, white, gray

What does it mean to see a black rat in a dream? This should be taken as a warning. In the near future, the dreamer should beware of accidents, illnesses. He can quarrel with people who are important to him.

gray rat in a dream

In most cases, gray things do not look goodrodents. However, if the dreamer was able to throw such a rat out of his house, then he will have to defeat his rivals. Changes in life for the better promise white rats. For girls, such a dream predicts a wedding, and men are expected to improve their financial situation.

Rats in the house

Rats in the house are a dream that has a positivevalue. If rodents become pets, this predicts peace in the family. Material difficulties will remain in the past, the reasons for conflicts will disappear.

Different subjects

A rat runs away - a dream that can have bothpositive or negative. If a person manages to neutralize or catch a rat in his dreams, then in reality he will win over enemies, competitors. However, some dream books claim that such a plot predicts material losses. A person can become a victim of burglary, he can be hijacked by a car. If the cat catches the animal in a dream, it means that the loyal friends will help the sleeper to get out of the difficult situation.

What if the rat dreamed to crawl over the body? Emotions that a person experienced during this dream, do not play a role, even if it was disgust. In reality, he will succeed in love affairs, he will not know refusal.

In their dreams, people sometimes hunt rats, theycan put traps or put poison. Such a story promises the appearance of a reliable friend who will warn about possible problems and help to solve them.

Dream interpretation of Felomen

What does the rat dream about? Suppose that rodents simply appear in nighttime dreams, do nothing. Felomen's dream interpreter offers the following possible explanations.

  • A person does not like the way his life develops. He should think about what can be done to change the situation for the better.
  • The dreamer is surrounded by enemies. Many people envy his success, dream of destroying his life. Ill-wishers are able to impersonate friends, so it's worth taking a closer look at your surroundings.
  • Someone from a close dreamer tries to useit for their own purposes. It is necessary to show firmness so as not to become a victim of manipulation. Once obeying someone else's will, the dreamer will be forced to do it all the time.
  • Sleeping at risk of serious illness. Pay more attention to caring for your health, especially if there are grounds for concern. Ideally, you should visit a doctor.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

Sigmund Freud considers the rat an interesting symbol inpsychology. It serves as the personification of sexual aggression. People who see such dreams dream about sex with elements of sadism. Also they can be attracted by group relations.

For virgins, the appearance of rats in a dream has a different meaning. Such a plot indicates that a person is afraid of acquiring a sexual experience, and is morally not ready for it.

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