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What does a boar dream about? What does a dream mean in which you see a wild boar?

As you know, in a dream you can see people, anda variety of subjects, and unexpected events. And what if the hero of your vision was none other than a boar? Is it worth expecting a well-fed and well-off life from such a dream, or does it make sense to be careful not to be on the festive table yourself? So, offer today to find out what the boar is dreaming about. To do this, we turn to the help of several of the most complete and popular collections of interpretations of dreams.

what the boar is dreaming about

Gustav Miller's dream: if the boar had a dream

According to the information in this collection, if youdreamed of a fat and fat boron, then we should expect a revival in the near future in trade and business. Skinny and painful looking boars promise grief and anxiety. If a whole pig family (dad-boar, mother-pig and their babies) dreamed, then people engaged in agriculture can count on a rich harvest, and all the rest - for success in business. The boar squealing acts as a prophecy of very unpleasant news. It can be like the death of a loved one, as well as receiving an insignificant reward for your hard work. If you dream that you feed your pigs, then soon you will have the opportunity to increase your property. To see in a dream a boar, which you are trying to sell at the market, is to acquire great wealth. However, in order to achieve it, you will have to make a lot of effort and move vigorously towards your goal.

wild boar dream book

Dream Interpretation of Freud: a hog in a dream

This collection of interpretations of dreams states thatpresence in the dream of this animal is a reflection of the presence in your sex life of violence and, perhaps, cruelty. What does a wild boar, attacking you, dream of? A similar vision may indicate your dissatisfaction with your own sexual life. It is likely that the reason lies in the fact that you feel unable to satisfy all the desires of your partner. If you dreamed that you are battling an angry boar, then soon you risk quarreling with your loved one because of differences in views on intimate life. However, after a while there will come a very passionate and stormy reconciliation. The dream in which you saw a boar running, is a reflection of the situation that has developed in real life, in which you spend all your time working, and therefore you do not have the opportunity at least to relax a little. Also, most likely, you do not have enough sexual relaxation. Try to allocate a little time for rest, otherwise such an intense schedule can eventually lead to a mental disorder.

kill a wild boar in a dream

If the boar had a dream: Dream Hasset

If you imagined that in a dream the boar runs away fromyou, then the reality of events will develop very successfully and help you to avoid serious danger. A large and wild beast foretells numerous troubles. To kill a boar in a dream is to be a victim of an accident.

An ancient French dream book: what dreams of hogs

According to the compilers of this collection,the wild boar that is seen in a dream warns that you have a very dangerous and cruel enemy in your reality, but you do not suspect about it. There is meat of wild boar - to a serious illness. What is the boar you are hunting? Such a dream is seen as a precursor to a serious danger that can even threaten your life. Kill a wild boar - to complete victory over all your enemies.

what does a wild boar dream about

Hogs in a dream: Ukrainian dream book

Wild boar is considered by the authors of thisa collection of interpretations as a symbol of the threat from a dangerous and cruel enemy. The dream in which you are trying to drive the boar out of the yard is considered a very bad sign, foretelling a serious illness or even death. Catch a fat and large boar - for joy and fun.

Dream of Aesop: wild boar in a dream

This beast compiled this collectioninterpretations is seen as a symbol of anger, ferocity and cruelty. Therefore, the dream in which the boar appears, indicates that in real life you are faced with a human evil, transformed in the subconscious into the image of a dangerous large beast. What does a boar look like that is moulting on a tree of fangs? Such a vision acts as a warning about the serious danger that threatens you. However, if you will be very careful about your actions and actions, then perhaps you will manage to avoid trouble. If you dream that you are attacked by wild boars, then in the near future you will meet with a bad person who will do everything possible to harm both your career or business, and your personal life. The wounded boar symbolizes victory over enemies and ill-wishers. The dream in which you came into contact with a huge wild boar, predicts that you will be able to unravel all the secret intentions of enemies and take the necessary measures that will avoid both financial loss and dishonor. A bad sign is a dream in which you see a sleeping boar. It is likely that the enemies are hiding and waiting for the right moment to inflict a heavy blow on you, which you may not be able to recover from.

see a boar in a dream

Hogs in a dream: Gypsy dream book

Wild boar, according to the compilers of thiscollection, serves as a warning of the need to fear your business partners or colleagues at work. If you dream that you are chasing a huge hog, then in real life you risk unexpectedly encounter a very cruel enemy. Hunting for wild boar - to vain efforts and work. Kill this beast - to defeat enemies.

in a wild boar

Dream from A to Z: dream about wild boar

If you dreamed of a wild boar or a wild boar, then youexpects to meet with a very dangerous and evil person. Try to do your best to stay away from it, as it can cause serious harm to you and your family. What does a boar, fleeing from you, dream of? Such a vision predicts a successful resolution of all difficult situations. Also you will be able to avoid serious danger. Hunting for a wild boar - for great home joy. The killing of a wild boar presages the likelihood of becoming ill during an epidemic or becoming a victim of an accident. Domestic boars surrounded by pigs and piglets promise the dreamer financial well-being and success in business. A massive fat boron predicts a rich harvest for all people engaged in agriculture. Loud boar squeals - to bad news related to the death of a loved one or a meager reward for hard work. If you feed a domestic boar, then you expect a promotion or a successful transaction. A dream in which the fairer sex saw that one of her acquaintances turned into a wild boar warns her about an unreasonable rejection of the marriage proposal, which she will bitterly regret in the future. Boars lying in the mud, predict that your enemies are hiding and patiently waiting for a suitable opportunity to take advantage of your weakness or defenselessness to achieve your goals. Buying a boar in a dream - to increase your welfare, but only on the condition that you will work hard. Sell ​​a live boar - much luck. To cook boar meat - to discontent of relatives and friends by your behavior, there is it - to the long road, to sell - to betrayal on the part of a close person.

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