/ How to carry out lighting in the garage with your own hands?

How to carry out lighting in the garage with your own hands?

The lack of windows in the garage, of course, leads toa decrease in the degree of light transmission. As a matter of fact, the radiant light passes only through the doors or gates of this room. And to work normally with various tools, including electrical ones (for example, charging a battery), you must have your own wiring in the network. Therefore, if you are only building a garage or are thinking about buying it, first think about whether it has internal lighting and if it is not available, consider in advance how you will build it. Today's article will help you understand this issue.

lighting in the garage with their own hands

Mounting options

It is worth noting that the interior lighting in the garage can be laid by two methods:

  • open;
  • closed.

The latter method implies a wholea number of installation works. At the first stages it is necessary to lay the cable, and for this it is necessary to make stitches - holes, where this wiring is laid. After this, it is necessary to start facing works, and then cover the walls with plaster.

This algorithm works greatfor premises of brick or concrete. If you need to make lighting in the garage (the photo of the result of the work is located just below), in which the walls are made of wood or metal, this method is not suitable. For such premises it is necessary to use an open type wiring when the cable is mounted on the wall already after performing the cladding work.

lighting in the garage

Making the lighting in the garage: developing a plan

Whichever way you choose, in any caseit is necessary to develop a plan of the algorithm of work and a drawing, by the values ​​of which you will conduct the cable around the perimeter of the room. In the drawing, indicate the exact location of the outlets, cables, lamps and switches. When lighting in the garage, you must specify the order of connection and wiring, as well as the necessary turns at an angle of 900. All sockets, lamps and switches are necessaryin accordance with a certain sequence. It is worth noting that the first details in the list listed above are connected before the next ones, and not vice versa.

lighting in the garage photo

What else do I need to know when installing electrical wiring?

Making lighting in the garage with my own hands, in the firstturn it is necessary to make a marking of walls. This can be done with a conventional cord or dye. It should be, measuring the construction roulette necessary segments, mark the rotation angles and other marks on the surface. When installing light switches, remember that they should be placed on the right side of the room gate at a distance of about 100-150 centimeters from the floor. Sockets are mounted at a height of 50 centimeters from the floor. In this case, the wiring and cables should be located at a distance of no more than 10 centimeters from the ceiling height. If you follow these rules, your lighting in the garage will be carried out according to all fire safety rules with maximum practicality and functionality.

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