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Game desktop with their own hands: entertain, teach, help

After the market flooded homepersonal computers and there was an entertainment industry in real time, talking about the "death" of desktop games. As it turned out, it's premature. All children (and, as it turns out, adults) are still delighted with the colored field spread out on the table, which requires moving the chips by the number of points dropped on the discarded cube. And especially appreciated if the game is made with your own hands, - because then you can choose any topic for it.

The game of monopoly own hands
The popularity of table games does not decrease. The famous "Monopoly", for example, is loved all over the world since 1934. But in detail copied the game "Monopoly" with their own hands - it's boring, you will agree. Is it not better to show a minimum of imagination and to rename the cards of real estate in the enterprises located in your city or country? This will make entertainment much closer to reality.

The game is very thin can bring a child to the worldmoney, to teach not only to use them, but also to calculate spending. The game is tabletop, made with your own hands on the topic of finding a treasure in the desert gives an opportunity to return to the city and buy things necessary for searches in the bazaar. But on what to spend the money gained from the found treasures? On the "eternal jar" with clean water? Or on a "long rope" so that you can descend into the "abandoned well," but on the way back to risk dying of thirst? You have to choose.

Game desktop with own hands
Developing board game, own handsConstructed, necessarily includes an educational element. "Overcome an obstacle": it is considered passed only when the child correctly read the sentence on the card. "African Photo Safari": in order to "photograph" the animal, it is necessary to find its image in the book-catalog and read the description. "Cosmonauts": "flight" in space is accompanied by a meeting with celestial bodies, stars and constellations, each one should have a mini-story.

It's enough just to make cardboard boxes withpaired pictures, mix them and lay them on the table with a "shirt" up - here's a table game for finding the same pictures. First one box turns over, then the second one. If the pictures on them are different - the details are flipped upside down again; if the same - remain. The tabletop game with your own hands can be complicated: instead of the second picture, a word is written in a foreign language; so they are better remembered, plus the vocabulary is replenished.

Board game with your own hands
In a wide and shallow pallet, mold outwaterproof clay plasticine islands, reefs and shallows, designate different colors of ports, make from the same shades the simplest ships. Now you can play at least in the pioneers, even in the pirates of the Caribbean. A child, performing the role of the wind and blowing into the sails of boats, simultaneously performs exercises of respiratory gymnastics.

These are just a few of the examples to make it clear: the desktop game with your own hands can be made from anything and on any topic. The main thing - that it was exciting, and it would not be lost interest soon after the start. And more importantly, that the same pleasure was obtained from the process of creating a game of their own.

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