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Stove on self-development

Used car oil - excellentfuel for the stove. It is relatively inexpensive. When the car is changed in oil, the question arises as to how to dispose of it, since it is difficult to apply it for anything else. But the waste oil burns perfectly. How to make a stove for working? The stove, which should burn such oil, should have a special design. But it is not so complicated. The stove is worked out quite easily by hand. Material for its manufacture is metal.



Immediately I must say that the stove is notfor heating of living quarters. It is good to heat a garage or a workshop, so it should not be very large. The stove is on the floor. Over the furnace itself with the furnace must be located a radiator and extractor. It can be done with supercharging and without it. The supercharging increases the combustion temperature, but this will also speed up the wear and the output of the furnace. For the device of the furnace it is offered to take the case of the compressor from any old refrigerator. He will serve as a furnace. We will need another steel pipe with a diameter of eighty to one hundred millimeters and a length of at least four meters. It will play the role of a radiator and hood simultaneously. It will take another pipe made of steel with a slightly smaller diameter than the first one. Its length should also be from two to four meters. This will be an additional radiator.



The compressor casing, that is, the furnace needsplace horizontally and weld to it legs from a corner about twenty centimeters long. The body is mounted on them. At its center, a hole for drawing is cut out and a pipe for drawing vertically is welded. A Bulgarian in the exhaust pipe makes more than a dozen holes, which begin ten centimeters from the body and end in half a meter from it. On the same pipe at a distance of one meter from the floor, another hole is cut for the additional radiator. It is inserted into the hole and placed along the wall parallel to the floor. Another hole with a diameter of 5 cm is cut in the body of the stove to fill the work. There is such an oven with very good efficiency, it takes a little space.

Safety precautions

how to make a stove on working

The stove on the working site is an object of highfire hazard. It is better to test a new stove in the open air. All easily ignited objects must be removed from there. If the oven is already running, then you can not add oil there. It is necessary to wait until the stove cools down, and only then refuel it. It is also necessary to remove flammable objects from places where radiators are located.


Drawings of such a stove can be found on the Internet. Do it will not be long. A little money and money. Of course, it is not perfect. But made by own hands, this stove on working off, having high efficiency, will create excellent conditions for work in a workshop or garage. If you supplement this design with a sheet of metal, fixed on an additional radiator horizontally, then it will be possible to warm tea and food.

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