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Master class, how to make an organizer for the office with their own hands

If you have a lot of pens, pencils, brushes,markers and other office supplies, then you definitely need to organize a storage place. And it is desirable that it was not only convenient to get objects, but everything looked beautiful. We suggest you learn how to make an organizer for the office with your own hands.

We use banks

personal organizer for the office

Normal banks will help you not only storea large number of stationery, but also sort them into groups. To do this, take an odd number of glass containers (for example, 5). From the cans will be made a pyramid. Most often two or three tiers are made. You can choose different cans for each row. In one tier, the diameter and height of the tare should be the same.

Take the glue gun and glue togetherjars for the first row. To all was beautiful, put the container on its side, and put the bottom in the wall. When the first row is ready, proceed to the second. In it, the jars are glued between the two lower ones. Thus, in the upper tier will be one container less.

Complete the organizer on the table with pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and other office for her kind.

Take the stand under the hot

organizer on the table

The original organizer for the officehands will come from cork stands under a hot or beer mug. To do this, take six pieces of the same size birdekeley. The more, the higher the stand will be. Gently glue the supports together. They should fit tightly to each other and not get out of the pile.

Now take a drill with a drill diameter of 3.8inch. Make several holes in the stack of stand stands. The depth of each should be somewhere in the range of three or four birekel (depends on their thickness). Dust the dust.

In the holes you can insert pens and pencils, and to the organizer using the buttons to pin small notes.

Depending on what kind of office you are going to insert into the stand, select drills of the appropriate diameter.

Let's look in the box

how to make an organizer

Not always the dimensions of the table top allow to fiton it all the necessary items. Therefore, sometimes you need to make an organizer for the office in the box with your own hands. This is done quite simply. First, take a few small cardboard boxes. You can use absolutely everything, even packages from flakes. Arrange all the boxes in the box tightly to each other in the order you want. The main thing is for you to be comfortable then take the items and put them back.

When you have decided on the layout,it is necessary to make the height of each box the same, so that it is below the box's walls by a centimeter. Then you can proceed with the decor of the packages. To do this, use colored paper, wallpaper, self-adhesive, decorative tape and so on.

When you're done with the decor, arrange the boxes in the drawer as you planned it earlier. If they do not fit tightly together and this organizer moves, you can glue the packages together.

Table stand from boxes

personal organizer for the office

Boxes are useful also for makingdesktop organizer for the office with their own hands. To do this, take a few cardboard packages and put them in two or three rows. The first should be the lowest, the next higher. Thus, cut the boxes, so that in the end you have a ladder.

Cover the packaging with paper, glue orpaint them with acrylic paint. Then glue the boxes together. First make the first row, then the second and, if necessary, the third. Fill the organizer with pens, pencils, clips and other office supplies.

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