/ How to make a stove for a bath with your own hands?

How to make a stove for a bath with your own hands?

The stove in the bath is the main object. It depends on it, how quickly the room will warm up and cool down. If someone decides to build a stove for a bath with their own hands, then he should know that he is taking on a very responsible and laborious work. There are different types of baths: Turkish, Finnish, Japanese. But a person from the middle zone of Russia is always a mile away, Russian. Every visit to the bathhouse is a holiday of the soul and body. A person, having got into it with a birch broom, feels not only clean, it breathes easily, and his soul is in a blissful languor, even all the worries go somewhere, as if he was born again.

bath oven

Furnaces for a Russian bath were always laid brick. They heat slowly, but heat is evenly distributed, the steam from them is dry. However, making a brick oven for a bath by oneself is a rather laborious process. Professional stoves are laid out of a special brick. It requires a solid foundation, which is carried out even before the walls. The foundation must be well waterproofed. Do this with a roofing felt, which covers the last row of the foundation, then stack a row of bricks, on them - another layer of roofing material, then proceed to laying. Next, it is not bad to find a scheme for laying bricks on the Internet and perform work in stages according to this scheme.

gas oven for a bath
A metal oven for a Russian bath is unsuitable. It immediately warms up and quickly heats the room. Usually they are stoned. But the stones heat up slowly, because of this, the steam turns raw. It's difficult to breathe from such a couple. You can overlay a metal stove with masonry. Lay out the bricks themselves, leaving a gap between the metal surfaces and masonry at ten to fifteen centimeters. The thickness of this cladding should not exceed half the thickness of the brick.

Also used as wood and gasoven for a bath. However, there are many opportunities that allow you to make a metal oven for a bath with your own hands. There is a homemade construction, made of a large metal pipe.

oven for Russian bath
A piece of pipe is cut into two parts. From one part is actually the stove with an ashtray, a grate, a furnace with a door. Above the furnace is installed a grate, on which stones will be subsequently laid. The second part of the pipe is used to create a water tank. A chimney is welded to the bottom of the tank, which is pre-inserted into the corresponding holes in the bottom and the tank lid, which are also made of sheet metal. The pipe is welded to the bottom so that the water does not flow out of the tank. A tap is welded to the tank. The tank is mounted on the first part of the pipe using a special tire. It is also laid with a brick and installed on a foundation, which is a masonry in two rows of refractory bricks. The wall, which is located next to it, it is better to cover with a layer of foil as a heat reflector for fire protection purposes. Such a stove for the bath with their own hands can not be used for living quarters.

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