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Spathiphyllum how to care for it

Spathiphyllum is a very beautiful plant, homewhich is Central and South America. Flower growers love this flower for its unpretentiousness, so spathiphyllum is increasingly seen in our apartments. This flower is very often called "female happiness". In the people even there is a sign that if a girl planted and begins to take care of this flower, will soon be married, and in her family there will be peace and love. Perhaps, it is also called feminine, because its flower is a cob, which is surrounded by a luxurious, more often white, veil.

If you decide to get spathiphyllum, how to care forfor it you have to understand first. And although this care is not so complicated, something still should be known. To plant this plant at home, you can buy a living part of the flower or its seeds. It is best, of course, to buy an already grown plant for its further cultivation, as the seeds very quickly lose their germination, and even sprout with great difficulty. Subsequently, the plants grown from them require more attention and care.

Planting spathiphyllum should be in not very widepot. If the space is large, the plant will begin to grow rapidly, with the flowering will be less abundant. The soil should consist of the following: leaf land, peat, coarse sand and humus. It will be lighter if you add a little charcoal and broken bricks.

So, you planted a spathiphyllum, how to care forhim further. Indoor flower spathiphyllum well tolerates our climatic conditions, although some nuances have to be taken into account. If we talk about lighting, then it should be moderate. He loves spathiphyllum to luxuriate in the sun, but at the same time he suffers hard direct sun rays. The yellowing of the leaves indicates that the plant has been burned. The duration of a light day on the growth of a plant has no significant effect.

Since spathiphyllum came to us from the country, wherethe climate is warmer, then the temperature for normal flowering should be between 18-25 degrees in summer and 12-14 degrees in winter. If the temperature is lower, especially in winter, this will be detrimental to the development and appearance of flowers. The plant does not tolerate drafts, it can wither and cease to grow.

Spathiphyllum, how to care for this beautifula plant still, that it pleased you every spring (and sometimes in the autumn) with abundant and long flowering. You should pay attention to watering the plant. It should be moderate. It is impossible to pour spathiphyllum, otherwise it may die. To prevent this, the next watering should be done only when the soil in the pot a little dry. In winter, watering is significantly reduced, but during flowering, on the contrary, it should be more abundant. The plant needs also in high humidity. To provide it with such care, it is possible to put a pot on a plate in which there is a damp pebble. If possible, spray the plant with water more often and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

Year-round spathiphyllum should be fed. This is necessary for proper flowering of the plant, as well as increasing its resistance to pests. Top dressing is carried out with a special fertilizer for flower crops approximately every 3-4 weeks.

Do not worry, you will learn how to transplantspathiphyllum. This is done every spring. If you decide to plant a well-grown and strengthened plant, make sure that the divided parts have a root system and at least a couple of sheets. Prepare the soil and carefully plant the plants. Lightly pour. Again, do not forget that the pot should be not very large.

Well, now you know what constitutesflower spathiphyllum, how to care for him and how to transplant. If you do everything right, you will soon be able to admire the beautiful flowers.

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