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Hortense "litl lime" - aromatic notes of the autumn garden

Mid-July in many gardens is marked by violencecolors and aromas: the hydrangea blooms. Luxurious white, lemon yellow, pink, lilac, purple colors over time not only do not fade, they acquire inimitable shades, giving the charm of the late summer garden.

Main characteristics of hydrangeas

This plant is now especially popular, notrequires special care and is easily adapted. Hortensia is unpretentious, almost any type of soil is suitable for it, it is frost-resistant, and it does not need additional warming in the winter. Often used as garden hedges. Hortensia grows very quickly and requires vastness. Given this feature, before planting it is necessary to plan the landscape well.

hydrangea panicle lime lime
Low-grown varieties, for example, hydrangea "litllime ", they have a dense erect stalk that does not require a garter and additional supports. The plant does not suffer from drought, it tolerates high humidity, prefers penumbra." Residents of megacities practice the cultivation of fragrant beauty in flowerpots. In this case regular airing of the room is necessary, since some varieties have too rich flavor.

A gardener is important to know

Different varieties of hydrangeas are distinguished by their heightbush, size, quantity and shape of the inflorescence. The size of the inflorescences depends on the quality of the trimming. If you cut the shoots as short as possible, the plant will give larger brushes in the next season. But this method is suitable only for dwarf varieties, such as hydrangea panicle "lit lime". Dozens of small flowers are gathered around the stem and form a panicle. Hence the name.

hydrangea litl lime photo
Other varieties have a less sturdy stem, andA heavy "cap" can break it. It should be remembered that the desire to increase the size of the inflorescences will lead to a decrease in their number. Inadequate watering will reduce the growth of the stem, so you need to water about twice a week. And the main "intrigue" - completing the season and blooming, the hydrangea becomes even more beautiful: the lemon-white inflorescences light up with pink-purple lights.

Fine hydrangeas wilting

These plants die beautifully. Drying, they change color to a brighter: from white to pink or purple, reminiscent of strawberries with cream or currant jelly. Fading, they seem even more attractive and spectacular. Dry bouquets are often used in decor. The main thing is to protect them from direct sunlight, otherwise they burn out. The quality of the cut depends on how correctly the time is selected. Fog, rain and dry weather can spoil the beauty of the inflorescences, make them brown. When the snow-white petals take the right shade and feel the parchment to touch, it's time to cut out the buds. After removing the leaves, they are hung down with a "head" in the shade until the inflorescence is completely dry.

The middle of July is the beginning of the flowering of hydrangeas. At the peak of flowering buds from yellowish become snow-white, and by September, blossoming, begin to turn pink. This is how the hydrangea "litl lime" behaves. It is noteworthy that each new variety is usually compared with these indicators.

hydrangea litl lime description
A unique program of color change is "laid" and in the "kicks-winks" sort. Raspberry shade with the advent of autumn is manifested not only in its inflorescences, but also on leaves, especially in sunny weather.

Recently, some of the most popularshrubs for the decor of the adjacent area are the varieties of "sandy cutters" and hydrangea "lit lime". The latter is the yellowest among his girlfriends. Its lemon-green pyramids with time turn white, and in the beginning of autumn they acquire the unique purple notes all with the same shade of lime. Such varieties are very compact and short, only 100-120 cm in height.

Colorful show is famous for "mega pearl". Every year at the end of summer, its crimson, chocolate-colored bunches in combination with bright lemon leaves become the main ornament of the garden. Lush sultans of inflorescences on erect stems from afar look like fairy fountains.


In the inflorescences of hydrangeas there are two types of flowers. Larger and more noticeable do not form seeds. Fertilnye are near. These are tiny balls with stamens. It is they who produce that intoxicating and unique aroma. The more of them, the stronger the hydrangea smells.

Hortense "litl lime": description

To date, this is one of the mostpopular and favorite varieties. The plant is characterized by abundant and long flowering and can become an excellent ornament of the garden in the period from July to September. Has a low compact bushes about 1.2 meters in height. The stems are quite stiff, strong, erect, do not require the use of additional supports during flowering. Before you in the photo - hydrangea "litl lime."

hydrangea lit lime
The photo once again proves: she is the undisputed favorite of the season. Dense inflorescences in the form of hemispheres of a yellowish-lemon shade with time become white, and in the end of summer are painted in gentle shades of pink and "burn" against a background of dark green crenate foliage. Hortensia "litl lime" is a dwarf hybrid of its famous relative, a limewater.

Ideal conditions for growing are consideredsemi-shade and acidic loose soil with regular watering and top dressing. The plant is well tolerated by cold and frost, and in the spring it requires shaping trimming. This contributes to abundant and long flowering in the summer.

Experienced gardeners claim that too muchhydrangeas do not happen. It is worth a try only once - and this beauty will forever take hold of your heart. Many joke: always go shopping with an empty trunk to buy them as much as possible! And so many times.

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