/ Original garden decoration. Ideas

Original garden decoration. Ideas

Many owners of dachas sooner or later think about the transformation of their site. In this garden decoration will help create a good mood.

In the case when the area grows curlywild grapes or peas, an excellent solution is to install the arch. The most original look forged products. However, the option can be chosen and cheaper. The arch can be made independently. At the same time, for its production, trunks of rakita or hazel are suitable, and for the support - woven wire with their own hands.

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A magnificent garden decoration - flowers. With their help, the territory can take an original and interesting look. Plant flowers can be in pots, flowerpots, as well as hanging flowerpots, which are then easily moved to any corner of the garden. Decorative containers from improvised materials (boxes, barrels, leks, etc.) will also look beautiful. Flowers can also be planted along existing paths. For this, petunias and geraniums, gerberas and fuchsias, roses and fragrant tobacco are suitable.

Excellent garden decoration, which will bringpleasant freshness and coolness - a small pond. Its construction, of course, is labor-intensive, but the final result will be a real pleasure. In order for the reservoir to be durable, a film of polyethylene or rubber is laid out on the bottom. The edges of the pond are laid out with tiles or stone. You can use and ordinary brick, which is fixed with a mortar. The surface of the resulting pond will be beautifully decorated with lilies. A wonderful and original detail will serve as a wooden bridge. This element is very popular in landscape design.

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Decorating the garden in the form of an original benchwill be the best place for solitude. To it it is possible to lay a path from sand, gravel, hemp, a brick, etc. The coating must be strong and comfortable. If you put the birdhouses in the garden, you will enjoy the chirping of birds. These feathered singers will delight everyone every day.

Ornaments for the garden, photos of which are presented inarticle, you can make yourself. For this you will need simple materials. The sculpture, which is created from spills or boards, solid wood or logs, will excellently revive the garden. You can weave it from twigs or vines. From the stump is a lovely house of Baba Yaga. Cows, horses, dogs and other animals are made of solid trunks. An unusual snag will serve as a silhouette of a bird.

how to make ornaments for a garden

How to make ornaments for a garden of unnecessary oldof things? Here you need a fantasy. At every summer cottage there are enough things that have served their time. Your original ideas will help to start a new life for them. One has only to think about how to use a clay pot, an old iron, a broken Viennese chair. First, you need to put them in order and clean from dirt and dust. After that, the items you selected should be washed in diesel, sanded, varnished or painted. And then it's up to your imagination. Some objects will turn into original pots, others decorate a hedge or a flower bed of flowers. All these decor elements are easy to make, and the result is the charm of antiquity, which they will give to the garden. The decorations for the site can be made from cement and unnecessary plastic or glass bottles, as well as from many other improvised materials.

In the network of stores selling summer goods,it is possible to purchase artificial animals. They are made, as a rule, from plastic or clay. At your pond, the acquired artificial heron or frog will look great, and on the wattle - cock singing songs.

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