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Trash basket for your own hands - a good touch in the interior

In everyday life there are no trifles. This is especially clear for women, so try to surround themselves with the maximum necessary and useful things. In a family in which there is at least one child, you can not do without such an item as a laundry basket.

laundry basket
With your own hands made or bought in the store, this thing is a pretty good helper in any household.

How to make a basket?

In modern stores you will be offered a lotboxes and boxes, in which you can add laundry to laundry. Of course, these products are beautiful, compact, look stylish, and therefore fit into the interior of any bathroom. But on the other hand, for dirty laundry you can do with simpler things. For example, a laundry basket with your own hands is created very simply, and materials for it can be found in your own home. What should I do with this functional accessory?

laundry basket

First, you can use paper, the samenewspapers that often accumulate in our home. In addition to paper, we will need scissors, wrapping material, glue, clips, threads and a little patience. To the basket for linen, created by their own hands, wasneat, it is important to patiently treat the process of its manufacture. First, we cut the paper into ribbons - wide and narrow: the more layers there are in the box, the more reliable it will be. The edges of the blanks should be sewn with threads of any color. After this, the resulting ribbons must be weaved, and then put them in staggered order. By twisting the tapes, they can be glued together in addition - this will make the construction more reliable.

wooden laundry basket

A basket can be created for linens its hands and from textiles. In addition to storing things in the bathroom, such an accessorycan be used to store toys or press. To create a similar fabric masterpiece, you need to stock up a fabric (for example, monochrome and decorative) and thread in color to it. From the material, we cut out two details: a circle and a rectangle. Rectangular parts must be folded in reverse to each other and stitched. Also, the circles are sewn and then the finished parts are stitched together. Your basket is ready! For beauty it can be decorated with various elements.

Spectacular and stylish looks wooden basketfor linen. It is rather difficult to create this yourself, but the products offered by the shops are distinguished by their colorful and unique appearance. Accordingly, such an accessory will fit into any room!

laundry basket wicker narrow

However, the most fashionable models arewicker baskets. They can be of different shapes and configurations, different weaving techniques. For example, for a compact bathroom, a woven laundry basket is perfect. Flexible woody plants are used to make such accessories, for example, lianas or rattans. As they grow in the humid tropics, the wood itself is water resistant, and this is achieved without any chemical treatment. Wicker baskets are also very durable, which means they will last much longer. Plus, all such products for the house have an excellent decorative appearance. Due to the attractive appearance of such a basket can be placed in the bathroom and in the living room.

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