/ Why does not spiderfollum blossom?

Why does not spathiphyllum blossom?

You brought home a beautiful strong flower withgreen bright leaves and white enchanting flowers, transplanted into an elegant ceramic pot and put it on the windowsill, and after a while noticed that the spathiphyllum does not bloom. What is the problem?

This flower was called "women's happiness" for good reason: it is also hardy, patient and able to forgive many mistakes in care, but gross neglect of its needs leads to the death of the plant.

If you have transplanted the flower into too large a flowerpot, do not be surprised that spathiphyllum does not bloom. The roots of this plant should completely occupy the entire space of the bowl with the earth. Like many other indoor flowers, spathiphyllum blooms when conditions of detention become extreme for him. The small space of the pot is one of these conditions for a healthy plant. While the root system does not grow, do not wait for flowering. Therefore, it is better to choose a pot of this size for the transplant, into which the previous one will fit closely.

If the leaves start to turn yellow or black, thismeans that the roots rot. The plant must be urgently transplanted. But it is necessary to do this correctly: to select an integral pot, buy the "Home Doctor" land in the flower shop, provide good drainage (seashells, pebbles, expanded clay), rotten rootlets very carefully, remove the flower, moisten the soil and sprinkle the leaves with water. It is better to put the pot in a deep container with water on the drain so that the water does not touch the pot, but always was near. If the pot is in a pan without drainage, make sure that after watering there is not accumulated water. Moisture from the pallet must be removed. After transplanting, the plant should not be fed until fully rooted.

Sometimes spathiphyllum does not bloom due to the fact that heThere is not enough light, and sometimes he does not feel well because direct sunlight is directed at him. It is contraindicated draft. Overdrying, as well as waterlogging the soil is detrimental to the health of this native of the South American tropics.

Water it by spraying. Put in a well-lit place, but protect from the scorching sun. If the leaves are drooping - it's a signal that it's time to sprinkle the flower abundantly. If, even after watering, the spathiphyllum leaves do not look elastic, then it is necessary to rearrange it to a room where the humidity of the air will be much higher. That is why this plant will feel best in a greenhouse or winter garden with a humid atmosphere.

Although it is widely known that a spathiphyllumeasily multiplies by children, the flower does not like when the roots are separated by force: from this spathiphyllum can slow down growth or stop flowering. Wait until the baby fully ripens, its spine completely formed and the bush itself will separate from the mother. Such a sprout can be given to a girlfriend, without the risk of damaging your flower. Otherwise, the plant will slow growth and stop blooming.

The reason why spathiphyllum does notto become a wrong winter. If the flower has stood all winter long next to the central heating battery, it is not necessary to count on an abundant flowering. During the rest period it is better to rearrange the pot in a room where the temperature does not fall below 16 degrees, but at the same time the air will remain cool enough. The temperature of 16-20 degrees is optimal for the rest period.

If you have met all of the above conditions, andSpatifillum does not bloom, so it needs extra food: during the growing season do not forget about fertilizing the soil (once a week), however, as in the wintering period (once every three weeks). Top dressing is carried out using a universal fertilizer or a special mixture for flowering plants. Fertilizer is diluted with standing water.

And more experienced housewives say that if you regularly cut old ripe inflorescences, new ones will be formed faster.

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