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Voltage stabilizer for apartments: description and characteristics

Work of the electric grid in the household communalinfrastructure is often accompanied by negative factors that can lead to damage to equipment and devices. In particular, it can be voltage fluctuations, impulse drops, electrical noise and bursts. Eliminate such risks by using special devices. The most affordable from the point of view of household use is the voltage regulator for the apartment, which does not take up much space, but at the same time it will function properly.

voltage regulator for the apartment

Is it necessary to use a stabilizer?

Until recently, stabilizing devicespractically not used in everyday life. They were usually used in factories, offices and production facilities where powerful and at the same time sensitive equipment is used, and in most cases it performs rather important tasks. But today the question is more and more often - is there a voltage regulator in the apartment and can I do without it? Indeed, some of the electrical appliances are resistant to sudden drops and jumps of voltage. In addition, fluctuations in the network occur infrequently. In turn, the stabilizer still costs money, not to mention the costs and hassles in the installation process. Such kind of investments are guaranteed by the guaranteed protection of refrigerators, televisions and other representatives of household appliances, the filling of which can fail if uneven voltage is provided.

Main characteristics

At once it is necessary to note, that for an apartment ora small private house is better to purchase single-phase models. Usually they are divided into two segments, depending on the range of the covered voltage. The entry-level models operate in the 140-160 W spectrum, and the standard versions run in the corridor from 160 to 250 watts. The next important characteristic is power. It should be calculated even before the purchase of the stabilizer, estimating the maximum threshold. The specific indicator is determined on the basis of the total capacity of the sources that will be connected to the device. In the question of which voltage regulator is better for an apartment in terms of power, it is best to focus on a range of 0.5-30 kW. This capacity is enough for servicing the house with a standard set of modern home appliances. But, if there are non-standard consumers in the apartment, it is desirable to add another 10-20% for the insurance to the calculated capacity.


Experts usually divide stabilizers into twotype - electromechanical and devices with step control. But these two kinds should be considered separately. A simpler classification separates devices by type of construction and the number of possible consumers. Regarding the design, the most common is the voltage regulator for the wall-mounted apartment, which takes up little space and can be integrated alongside the meter for easy monitoring of operating parameters. Also becoming more popular is the floor version, which resembles an external power filter. But to confuse these two devices should not be, because they have different functions and the filter does not provide protection to the extent that the stabilizer does.

voltage regulator for apartment how to choose

By the number of serviced energy consumers, the instruments are also different, but here the differences are more individual - for example, there are models with three outlets, five, six, etc.

Electromechanical stabilizers

These models are based onautomatic transformer of small size. The functionality of this device is due to the possibility of voltage regulation due to graphite brushes, which, depending on the characteristics of the electrical circuit, move around the transformer coil. The advantages of such devices include high accuracy in voltage fixation, as well as a small mass. It is widely believed that the network voltage stabilizers for electromechanical type apartments have a serious drawback in the form of wear of said brushes. But this is not entirely true, because even in industrial high-power aggregates, graphite elements are used for years, providing precise regulation indicators. Especially if the device is purchased for an ordinary apartment, then you can not even think about wear.

do I need a voltage regulator in the apartment

Models with step control

In this case also appliestransformer principle of operation, but the regulation itself is carried out via a step-by-step system due to switches. When voltage fluctuations are observed, the automatic key eliminates them by moving the turns of the transformer coil. There are two types of switches, relay and digital. In the first case, the usual mechanical component is used, which, however, is designed for automatic operation, and in the second - thyristors and triacs. It can be said that this is the optimal voltage regulator of 220V for an apartment, because it has a low sensitivity to network frequencies. With regard to the accuracy of voltage correction, this indicator is significantly inferior to electromechanical analogs with a smooth adjustment. On the other hand, this type of stabilizer wins due to the high speed of primary processing of the voltage indices.

Additional functionality

The device is constantly being improved, and inthe accuracy of the voltage fixation, and in terms of overall operational safety. In advanced devices, for example, developers are provided with a system for indicating the operating status. Thus, the user can recognize the parameters of the output and input voltages, as well as control the parameters by means of external control elements interconnected with the indicators. As for security systems, manufacturers are increasingly endowing stabilizing devices with high-strength enclosures that are also resistant to internal overheating. Specialists also recommend buying a voltage regulator for apartments with automatic diagnostic modes. This means that in the event of a malfunction, regardless of the current status of the device, the system will give the appropriate signal according to the emergency button principle.

voltage regulator for the apartment in the guard

Installation of equipment

Particular difficulties in the process of physical installationstabilizer should not arise. As a rule, manufacturers complete the devices with special brackets, with the help of which it is recommended to mount. The only nuance in such an installation is the need to comply with the distance from the ceiling of 30 cm. Most of these models are installed in a separate order, but there is also a voltage regulator for the apartment in the shield, which has small dimensions. It is easy to integrate into the work panel of the electrical board, but it is important to take into account the shortcomings of this solution. Compact models have a minimum level of mechanical protection, and their power level rarely exceeds 10 kW. Again, for comparison, individual stabilizers are able to serve the aggregate power of consumers at a level of 30-40 kW.

Nuances of connection

Before connecting the device, you mustCheck its external condition for damage. Also, if during transportation the outside temperature was negative, it is necessary to leave the stabilizer for 2 hours at room temperature, without making any manipulations with it. Then you can proceed to the connection. First of all, the so-called "Bypass" mode is disabled, if one is present. It is usually prescribed for preventive work. Then connect the ground wire to the corresponding terminal on the device. After that, the load wires are connected or the direct connection to the outlet is made. Depending on how the installation was performed in the apartment, the voltage regulator may have a different degree of deviation from the actual parameters when registering the operating parameters. Therefore, it is best to conduct an electrotechnical examination in advance, which will determine the most advantageous place and method of installation with the connection of the device.

Stabilizer maintenance

installation in an apartment voltage regulator

Usually, manufacturers recommendrevision of the device once a year. During these checks, the user must evaluate the reliability of the wiring, among which load, ground and input voltage. It is equally important to check the external state of the device. The main thing at this stage is to make sure that the airflow circulation openings are not closed and provide free ventilation. Of course, the case itself must be cleaned of all sorts of dirt and dust. By the way, the best voltage regulator for an apartment in terms of convenience of content is a device provided with a dust-insulated casing. Such models have a special design with a coating based on a dustproof material. Also, if possible with the help of electrotechnical devices it will be superfluous to estimate the quality of the work of the built-in measuring equipment of the stabilizer.


Leader in the domestic market of stabilizersis the company "Resanta". Its products are presented in a huge assortment, and in terms of quality characteristics, some models are not inferior to imported analogues. Also among the Russian manufacturers of this equipment are the companies Teplocom and Caliber. If we talk about foreign brands, then a qualitative voltage regulator for an apartment is easy to find in the Wester, Sturm and Elitech lines. The developers of these companies implement the latest technologies in stabilizers, while maintaining a high level of quality in the main parameters.

How to choose the best option?

voltage regulators for apartment

Technical indicators should be the starting pointpoint in the choice. Again, the combined power of the household appliances used will determine which range of power capacity should be oriented. In addition, it is important to take into account the design features and ergonomic advantages. As for the design, the most convenient way of installation and fixing is determined here. Ergonomics, too, should not be underestimated, since it will allow you to comfortably use the voltage regulator for the apartment. How to choose a model for this indicator? Pay attention to devices with digital control panels, and in particular, having liquid crystal displays. The fact is that the visual representation of data of this kind is often accompanied by a wide range of indicators that the user can control.

Price issue

In the entry-level segment, devices withPrice tags from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. These are the simplest devices that can perform their tasks qualitatively, but in the mass they lack additional functionality, not to mention modern security systems. The middle class, costing from 5 to 7 thousand, also does not particularly indulge in terms of technological perfection, but you can be sure that the manufacturer of such a device has provided a reliable element base. In the upper range there is a voltage regulator for an apartment of the order of 12-15 thousand. These are multifunctional models provided with LCD displays and improved means of monitoring indicators. In addition, they differ in their original design.


what voltage regulator is best for an apartment

Even if the local power grid is not characterizedfrequent power failures, this does not mean that household appliances are in complete safety. The reason for a sharp fluctuation may be an accidental factor, which in the end can lead to the need for expensive repairs. In just a few thousand rubles from these risks will help get rid of the voltage regulator for the apartment. How to choose the optimal model is a simple matter. Sometimes it is quite a cheap device, whose list of duties will include the control of one or two pieces of equipment. If the apartment is literally stuffed with all sorts of electrical appliances, the need for a stabilizer is significantly increased, causing the need for a more powerful and reliable system of electrical protection.

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