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Grout for tiles in the bathroom. Select and use

Ceramic tiles are beautifulmaterial for bathrooms. It has a mass of operational advantages that are in demand in such premises. But no less important is the grout for the tiles in the bathroom. From its correct choice and use depends not only the appearance of the room, but also the durability of the repair.

trowel for bathroom tiles
Trowelling of tile joints in the bathroom is not performedonly for the sake of aesthetic purposes. Although this is an important factor. This operation carries also functional duties. In general, grouting is necessary to protect the coating from various kinds of contaminants. And in the bathroom to the usual dirt is added and high humidity, which can lead to the appearance of mold and fungus.

Types of grouts

Epoxy grout for tiles in the bathroom. This variety belongs to the categorycostly. So a 5 kg package, on average, costs about 3,500 rubles. But at the same time it is characterized by a long service life. It consists of epoxy resins, hardener and various additives, which make it possible to obtain a seam of gold, silver, metallic, bronze or pearlescent color. Of the shortcomings can be identified only one - this is a strong viscosity. It is for this reason that working with it is quite complicated. It is classified as professional construction mixes. The artist needs great skill to apply it. Also, to perform the work will require a special tool and electronic scales. If they are not, then the result may turn out to be sad.

trowelling of tiles in a can
Cement trowel for tiles in the bathroom. Work with it is much easier than with the previousconsidered. It can be easily processed and does not dry out for a long time. In addition to the cement base, it contains special ingredients that provide additional performance indicators, including moisture resistance. To prevent mold or fungus from forming in the bathroom, it is necessary to build a dry mixture with a latex plasticizer, rather than water. Only in this case can a high-quality and suitable for rooms with high humidity trowel for tiles can be obtained. Its price is about 1200 rubles for a 5-kilogram package. But it can be higher and lower, depending on the manufacturer and included in the composition of additives. After application, it should be covered with a special moisture-resistant impregnation. This will significantly improve its operational properties.

How to use

  1. trowel
    Usually the grout is sold as a drybuilding mixture. Therefore, the first thing to do is to dilute it with liquid so that it has a plastic state. The required proportions are usually written on the package.
  2. The finished mortar should be spread out on a trowel with a metal trowel.
  3. Then you need to apply the solution to the tile with a grater at an angle of 30 degrees.
  4. Next, you should walk a few times on the surface of the tile with a force to rub the solution into the slit.
  5. The last step is to clean the treatedsurface. While the grout is not dried, all surpluses are removed using a float. After it has completely dried, you should perform a wet cleaning. That's so easy to apply a grout for tiles in the bathroom.
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