/ What to sow in March for seedlings? When and what vegetables to plant for seedlings

What to sow in March for seedlings? When and what vegetables to plant for seedlings

Cultivation of vegetable crops is a troublesome business. Each of them requires certain knowledge and skills. To obtain a good quality harvest, a seedling method of cultivation is used at earlier times. It is used for vegetable and annual flower crops. The grown seedlings allow to receive the necessary "race" for reception of qualitative ripe production. This increases the period of fruiting, as well as increases the yield and the ability to ripen the fruits of heat-loving plants.

Age of seedlings

Vegetable crops are plants that canbe cold-resistant and thermophilic. Depending on this age of seedlings for each of them is different. Therefore, we sow vegetables for seedlings at a certain time.

what to sow in March on seedlings
A group of plants whose seedling age atlanding in the open ground is forty-five or fifty days, these are all varieties of early cabbage. For late-ripening varieties, this period is 30 days. Cabbage salads and Peking cabbage are planted with seedlings, the age of which will be from twenty-five to thirty days. And for saplings of cucumbers, squash and watermelons, it is from thirty to forty days. The longer period that will be required to obtain seedlings will be sixty or seventy days for such plants: onions and leeks, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, celery.

Emergence of sprouts

A different number of days will be required to germinate the seeds.

Time of germination of seeds

Vegetable culture

Emergence of shoots, days















Cabbage head




When to sow the seeds?

This question can not be answered unambiguously.

Their adjustments are made by the specific features of the climatezones. Time to sow in each of them can be different. However, the principle of determining this period is the same, which will allow us to calculate exactly what to sow in seedlings in March, and which vegetables sooner or later.

When calculating, you should consider:

  • the advent of favorable conditions for embarkation on beds;
  • necessary seedling age;
  • the period of emergence after seeding.

when in March sow tomatoes

It is not difficult to determine these parameters. For example, let's try to find out when to sow a salad. The required age for planting on the beds is twenty-five days after the shoots, which appear five to ten days after the seeds hit the ground. Suppose, favorable weather conditions for planting lettuce fall on April 25. We determine the date of transfer of seedlings to beds. The formula is simple and applicable to any climatic zone. The date of seeding of any vegetable is determined as the difference between the planting date of the plant (April 25) and the age of the seedling (25 days), taking into account the sprouting season (10 days). As a result of simple arithmetic operations we get the required number. In this case, it turns out on March 21. Similarly, you can determine the date of planting seedlings for any kind of vegetables. Moreover, this formula is applicable both for growing in open ground conditions and for film greenhouses.

Preparedness of transplantation

Saplings when planting on beds should bestrong and well-formed. Such planting material quickly takes root and is not sick. The preparedness of the seedling is determined by the number of well-formed true leaves.

Preparedness of seedlings for landing in the ground

Vegetable culture

Number of leaves, pcs.















Growing tomato seedlings

A good planting material is a pledgequality harvest. Saplings can be purchased on the market or grown on their own. We sow the seeds of the tomato on the seedlings in March. The day of planting is determined taking into account one or another climatic zone. So, in the middle zone of Russia, when growing tomatoes in greenhouses and greenhouses, planting material will be needed in the early days of May. Seed sowing occurs in the third month of the year.

When to sow tomatoes in March?

The timing of seed sowing is affected by the early maturity of the variety, which determines the number of days from seedling to planting. They will be stretched for the whole of March.

Seeding is as follows:

  • late-ripening - the first days of March;
  • mid-ripening - mid-March;
  • early - the end of March.

Many truck farmers at the same time take into accountfavorable days, indicated in the lunar calendar. However, when you begin to plant tomatoes in March, you should first familiarize yourself with the description of the selected varieties. Some truck farmers make the mistake of sowing seeds before the due date. For example, sown in early February tomatoes by the time of planting in the soil will stretch out and outgrow. At the same time, the survival rate of the planting material is significantly reduced. As a result, the productivity of the plant deteriorates.

Peculiarities of growing

Seedlings of tomatoes can be obtained at home.

when to sow flowers
To do this, observe the light andtemperature conditions. The crops are produced in pre-prepared containers filled with specially prepared soil. It should be fertile enough with good aerobic qualities. Before sowing the seeds are processed. This activity includes: sorting, decontamination, soaking and other methods that will improve the quality of planting material. Seed the seeds to a depth of not more than 1.5 centimeters. To accelerate the production of shoots, the seedlings are covered with a polyethylene film. The room is maintained at a temperature of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

After the emergence of the shoots, the plants are moved towell-lit places. Lack of light leads to rapid stretching of tomatoes. For early terms, you can use varieties that are not demanding for lighting. Care for plants provides for moderate watering. Excess moisture can lead to the disease with a black leg. A month later the seedlings are dived, pinching the bottom of the spine. Tomatoes are heat-loving plants. Landing in the ground is possible in the event of stable, favorable weather.

Seedlings of pepper: terms of planting, peculiarities of cultivation

Ripening of the fruits of heat-loving culture, inDepending on the variety, it occurs in the period from 95 to 125 days. Seeds of this plant sprout a longer period than tomatoes. To accelerate the emergence of seedlings, it is necessary to carry out seed treatment. What sow in March on seedlings among the many varieties of pepper? Only early maturing varieties are suitable for this period. They are sown in the first days of the month. Mid-ripening and late varieties will require a longer period of cultivation. Seeding of these varieties falls on February. Each vegetable culture has its own growing characteristics. When sowing seeds, it should be taken into account that they have a long period of germination and a low percentage of germination. It is recommended to carry out their treatment in order to obtain better germination and to shorten the germination period. The soil must be highly nutritious with a full set of trace elements.

when to sow seeds
Pepper does not tolerate damage well enoughroot system when planting in the open ground. Therefore, it is advisable to grow seedlings in separate cups without picks. After emergence of sprouts observe the temperature regime:

  • day temperature - 20-25 degrees Celsius;
  • night temperature - 15-18 degrees Celsius.

High humidity is also provided,which should be 70-80 percent. Pepper is neutral to light. Unlike tomatoes, it does not require additional lighting. Before planting in the ground, pepper seedlings are hardened.

Eggplant seedlings

What to sow in March for seedlings? In addition to planting material of tomatoes and pepper, eggplants are grown in the third month of the year. It is a thermophilic and photophilic vegetable culture.

sow seeds of tomato on seedlings
In the open ground it is planted in late May or early June. Therefore, for the average Russian strip, the seeding date falls on the last week of the month. Growing seedlings of eggplants and tomatoes are similar.

Cabbage seedlings

Do not hurry and planting materialcabbage. She, like the tomato, will drag along with a lack of light. As a result, you will get a planting material that is unsuitable for growing quality head.

time to sow

What varieties of cabbage to choose? What to sow in March for seedlings? For these terms will be suitable: early and mid-season white cabbage, early-ripening cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels and early Savoy cabbage.

Planting material of flowers

The seated method is suitable not only forcultivation of vegetable crops. It is often used by gardeners to obtain seedlings of annual plants. When to sow flowers? In this case, one should not rush. Many annual garden flowers are light-loving plants. When sowing seeds in early periods, special additional lighting will be required. Therefore, the most suitable month is March. Already from its middle it is possible to grow good qualitative seedlings of such colors: sweet peas, sweet-smelling tobacco, hatsaniya, hibiscus, petunia, salvia, lemon, snapdragon and others.

Many gardeners successfully receive seedlingsgrown-up annuals. It is important to know not only when to sow flowers, but also the small tricks of their agricultural techniques. Often mistakes made by beginning gardeners do not allow growing quality planting material. What should I look for? First of all, it's seeds. They are sorted and sorted. Do not forget about the shelf life. Do not use overdue seeds. It's a waste of time. It is not superfluous to process the seeds. The sowing is carried out in specially prepared seedlings. They are filled with the land recruited in the garden. Sowing should not be thickened. Particular attention is paid to the emergence of seedlings. Providing favorable conditions is the key to obtaining a quality, viable seedling. This is a regular watering and air temperature, which should be at a level of ten to twenty degrees Celsius. If the shoots are thickened, they are thinned, rejecting poorly developed plants.

when to sow a salad
Plants that are very weakroot system, sown in individual cups or special cassettes. Petunias, snapdragons and kohis suffer from damage to the root system. Growing in cups allows this to be avoided. On the contrary, asters, annual dahlias, marigolds and other flowers have a fibrous root system. For these plants are suitable for bulk plastic containers. At the age of not less than seventy or eighty days, the flower planting material is ready for placement on the flower bed.

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