/ How to choose a puncher for your home

How to choose a puncher for your home

The puncher is a specialized drill,It is designed for long-term work when drilling hard material. The feature of the device is its impact function, in addition, Bosch perforators have a high drilling speed. To choose a worthy tool is not so simple as it may seem. When making a purchase, you should pay attention to a lot of different nuances.

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Unlike an ordinary drill, in a perforatorThe impact function is carried out by means of pneumatics. This allows the device to have an increased transmission speed. Whether the punch is used for home or for industrial activities, in any case it belongs to the class of professional devices. Therefore, these electrical appliances, respectively, are more expensive than simple drills. In addition, at a greater price, spare parts also differ, however, they are more durable.

How to choose the best puncher for your home?

When making a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with theall operational characteristics of the device. The main one is the power of the device. This factor will determine the thickness of the drill and the speed of operation. More powerful devices by weight are heavier, so you will have to work harder. You should pay attention to the speed control. This function should have almost any puncher for the house.

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The device must have a stopper switch,which will automatically lock off, so you do not have to hold the button all the time. Use of this function will bring convenience when working with solid materials. The presence of a shock mode in the perforator will allow the tool to be used as an ordinary drill.

Choosing a puncher for home, you needlook at its configuration. It is desirable that together with the device supplied consumables and spare parts. Better just pay a little more, and then save on buying additional accessories.

Choosing a puncher for the house, you must givepreference is given to the variant with which additional brushes for the electric motor go together. This is more the case when a large volume of work will be performed, and an early replacement of brushes may be required. In any case, you can save on this, because the brushes in the kit will get almost free.

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Choosing a puncher for home, you needsee if there is an adapter-cartridge in the kit. Without this part, it will not be possible to use conventional drill bits. If there is no such supplement, it is advisable to ask: is it possible to disable the impact function in the perforator and install an adapter.

It is advisable to purchase a puncher for the home withset of Boers. It is important to check their presence in the basic set, because unlike conventional drills, the Boers are more expensive and stronger. For everyday household work, a standard set of drills is sufficient.

If drilling is performed only insoft materials, then you can just buy a drill. However, this happens rarely, and, as a rule, it will be necessary to carry out other more complex works. And here without a puncher will be difficult to do.

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