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Drill-screwdriver Makita 6347DWDE: specifications and reviews

The network power tool is gradually inferiortheir position in the market for battery analogs. This trend manifests itself in different spheres, and this does not always apply to the small-format hand tool. Nevertheless, it is in this segment that the concept of an autonomous construction assistant manifests itself most vividly. In this case, do not forget that the introduction of the design of batteries is not an obvious advantage in all aspects of operation. The Japanese screwdriver Makita 6347DWDE demonstrates with its example both positive and negative aspects of the new principles of the approach to the development of hand tools.

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General information about the model

Multifunctionality of devices designed forperforming drilling and screwing operations, today even amateurs are not surprised. Although the superiority of narrowly specialized models for such a tool is very controversial, from the consumer point of view, this step justifies itself. Developers Makita 6347DWDE sought to minimize the shortcomings of the concept of multifunctionality and balanced the technical stuffing for quality work in both modes. This is evidenced by the use of a new generation gearbox and the presence of twin bearings. As a result, the device received a reliable, efficient and productive mechanical basis.

The creators of the screwdriver andergonomic part. As is typical of most models of the Japanese brand, this version has got a comfortable handle, a case with unusual execution of lines, and also systems of easy control of functions. At the same time, the Makita 6347DWDE Cordless Drill Screwdriver is not overloaded with excessive options. Additional devices that help the operator when performing work operations are also balanced and do not cause inconvenience in the handling of machinery. Usually battery models sin too much, but in this case there are no special claims to this aspect. Although the lack of an additional handle that could make it easier to handle the tool, many see it as a drawback.

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Main characteristics

Manufacturers of drills with severalfunctions, often try to combine in one design affordable price, performance and ergonomics. As a result, models are obtained which are sharply issued for the better by high working qualities, but noticeably lose to professional equipment in other aspects. And the pitfalls are often found in the process of exploitation, as they are difficult to identify in the course of acquaintance with the documentation. In turn, the battery drill Makita 6347DWDE, the characteristics of which are presented below, by the standards of its class is sound and optimized for the needs of a skillful master:

  • The overall frequency range is 0-1300 rpm.
  • The torque at the maximum is 80 Nm.
  • The number of speed modes is 2.
  • Number of stages of tightening - 16.
  • The length of the tool is 243 mm.
  • The diameter of drilling on wood materials is 38 mm.
  • Drilling diameter for metal - 13 mm.
  • The weight of the device is 2.4 kg.

As can be seen from the characteristics, the manufacturer does notskipped on providing the model with high performance. In fact, it is a strong semi-professional device that fully meets the requirements of the segment. Moreover, when fine-tuning the individual parameters Makita 6347DWDE could be positioned as a professional representative of the segment. But this would be more a marketing move, which is more often practiced by manufacturers of budget models. Due to 2-3 indicators they try to position their products more profitable, which the Japanese did not do.

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Battery Specifications

Before large manufacturers of constructionthe tool for a long time does not cost a question on, to use accumulators as a power supply source or not. In each line there are such modifications. Another thing is that different versions use different chemical elements. In this case, a nickel-metal hydride block is used, which ensures stable and productive operation of the Makita 6347DWDE. The battery has a capacity of 2.6 Ah, and also operates at 18 V. This is averages, but they are enough to provide a full function of the screwdriver. To the power and torque, at any rate, on the part of the owners of the model there are no complaints.

It is important to note that the use ofelement Ni-MH gives both pluses and minuses. The advantages of this solution include the lack of a "memory effect", a relatively high charge rate, which in this case is 1 hour, as well as environmental safety. In other words, the 6347DWDE screwdriver quickly charges and is not dangerous to the health of the user in terms of toxic effects. But not without reason, most manufacturers are still oriented toward lithium-ion batteries, which, incidentally, is equipped with most of the battery packs Makita. The fact is that Ni-MH loses to the analogue in terms of power, it is more massive and sensitive to operating conditions.

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Structural features of the model

The elaborated structural part is one of thestrengths of Japanese products along with ergonomics. In this case, these performance qualities complement each other. It starts with the ability to quickly replace the nozzles. The device is equipped with a quick-action chuck, thanks to which the operator can update the working component in a matter of seconds. Actually, this principle is quite common, but in Makita models it is worth noting the reliability and overall high quality of the mechanism. The model differs and a wide range of torque settings. The tool allows to use one of 16 steps, which makes it possible to work effectively with different materials. In addition, we can note the ergonomics of the Makita 6347DWDE housing, provided with a handle with a rubber lining. This solution is issued among the competitive offers and the very form and quality of the finish, which is maintained for many years and is not deformed.

Tool functionality

Design and technical filling of the modeloriented on the performance of basic operational tasks of drilling and working with screws. Stable and efficient performance of these operations is facilitated by the presence of two speed modes, electronic control of the rotation speed of the head, reverse stroke and air cooling system. Such equipment expands the range of possible work operations, increases the convenience of handling a screwdriver and contributes to a qualitative result.

However, from some functional additionsThe manufacturer still had to refuse. It is about the absence of impact and illumination. And the fact that the screwdriver Makita 6347DWDE is deprived of the possibility of power mechanical destruction of the material, completely fits into the concept of the model. Thus, even network devices from the middle segment are not provided in each performance with the capabilities of a perforator. In the case of cordless screwdrivers, this option is even more difficult to implement, so the developers did not begin to deviate in this direction, but focused on the quality performance of the main tasks. As for the backlight, its absence, of course, makes it difficult to use in low light conditions and forces the operator to use additional accessories. On the other hand, this restriction is justified, since in other cases an already massive device can do without a built-in flashlight.

Nuances of operation Makita 6347DWDE

Before work, you should check the general conditiontool, reliability of connections, integrity of the power unit, as well as its charge. After that, you can go to the snap. Bits are set in accordance with the requirements for the result and the characteristics of the target material. But the most important thing is that the working element should approach the quick-action chuck constructively. Then you can start the workflow. Both when drilling and using the screwdriver function, it is important to secure the workpiece securely. Also, there should be provisions for a strong retention of the device during operation. As a drill Makita 6347DWDE is rarely used in the reverse run mode, but as a screwdriver, reverse rotation can become a necessity.

It should be borne in mind that the inclusion of reverse is possiblePerform only after the rotation has stopped completely. The process is terminated by smooth stopping of the engine, in which it is impossible to remove the bit from the work area sharply. The maintenance of the model also involves checking all the functional components of the device, the connections and the condition of the carbon brushes. By the way, the manufacturer facilitated access to the installation site of the engine's protective elements, so this part of preventive maintenance will not cause any special difficulties.

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Positive reviews

For the main operational parameters, the modelis extremely positive. Mainly this refers to the power potential and, in particular, the torque. The device copes with various and whimsical in use screws, down to large samorezov format of 140 mm. And it is worth noting versatility of the tool. So, in addition to typical construction and repair operations, there are reviews that describe the effective work of Makita 6347DWDE in creating holes on ice. True, such operation can be harmful because the battery cell is sensitive to extremely low temperatures for such equipment.

Special attention should be paid to the quality of assembly andreliability of the element base. There are a lot of descriptions from users who dropped the device and accidentally allowed shock impacts on the hull. Despite this, the internal base kept working qualities, not to mention the integrity of the solid housing Makita 6347DWDE. Reviews of the screwdriver also mark a wide range. In addition to the tool, the manufacturer delivers an ergonomic branded case, two battery packs and a charger. By the way, the assortment of the manufacturer offers a lot of auxiliary devices and hand tools, which organically complement the function of this drill-screwdriver. The complex acquisition of such sets is beneficial at least in the sense that the same snap-in can be used for different devices.

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Negative feedback about the model «Makita 6347DWDE»

Japanese designers are fond ofthe use of non-standard functional and structural solutions. Therefore, the products of "Makita" are often allocated from the general mass of competitors for the better. Still, the abandonment of the widespread lithium-ion batteries in favor of the nickel-metal hydride element rather went against the model. In the reviews there are various complaints about the battery. As a rule, low service life and problems in indication of the level of charge are underlined. In this case, the Ni-MH block itself does not usually sink so obvious problems - most likely, it was unsuccessfully designed specifically for the Makita 6347DWDE model. Reviews with criticism apply to small ergonomic nuances. It has already been noted that the apparatus is devoid of illumination, but many people take this flaw, which can not be said about the absence of an additional handle. By the standards of the general segment of battery devices, the mass of this version is quite acceptable, but the lack of support is still unacceptable in the case of powerful devices with weighting batteries.

How much is?

The model is not cheap, but its price tag is fullycorresponds to technical and operational indicators. On the domestic market, the model can be purchased for 10-12 thousand rubles. For this money, by the way, you can find a more powerful tool from the professional category. But it is important to take into account the numerous advantages of this particular device, which are not always found in higher segments. For example, it is worth mentioning a combination of functionality, structural reliability and ergonomics. Semi-professional drill-screwdriver Makita 6347DWDE also differs by thoughtful control systems of working modes. In general, if you take into account the generous equipment, then even the maximum price tag of 12 thousand rubles. looks attractive for such a purchase.

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Orientation to the possibility of qualityperformance of basic operational operations clearly defined and the consumer audience, which this model can approach. The device is friendly enough for inexperienced home masters and at the same time will not disappoint with its capacity of specialists. It is difficult to speak about universality from the point of view of professional application, if we recall at least the missing impact function. But if it is a question of standard operations, the Makita 6347DWDE screwdriver is quite capable of ensuring high quality of the result in small household events and in the process of on-line operation on a construction site or production.

Despite this, it is important to take into account the shortcomingsapparatus. The concept itself of battery power supply is very attractive, but one should prepare for certain problems with the maintenance of batteries. Unfortunately, in severe conditions of use with remote power supply, the current supply unit can lead. But the design and technical stuffing is unlikely to disturb the stability of the working process.

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