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The most popular types of begonias: description and photo

All kinds of varieties and begonias conqueredlovers of flowers around the world. They originate in the tropics of South America. They are well established in the tropical and subtropical zone of Asia and Africa. However, those species that are known to our lovers of indoor plants, were derived artificially. Most of the hybrids appeared in Belgium. But the name of the flower is not associated with this country.

Features of the plant

The first flowers of begonia became popular inEurope thanks to the activities of the quartermaster of the French colony of Michel Begon. He organized an expedition of Charles Plumye, who studied and collected wild plants that grew on the Antilles. The botanist wrote a book on plants in America, supplementing it with drawings. He gave one of the cultures the name of the quartermaster.

Begonia is an amazing plant. It is divided into many species and varieties. All of them contain two opposite sexes. This means that to obtain seeds it is necessary that the male flower pollinate the female. The inflorescence consists of flowers of both sexes. For pollination in the home, it is enough to use a soft brush.

Rhizome begonia


The main distinguishing feature of these species of begonia is the rhizome. It is developed on the surface of the soil. Its shape may differ depending on the variety:

  • long and branching;
  • thick and fleshy;
  • with short interstices.

The leaves of these plants are extraordinarily beautiful. They are large enough, they are located on red cuttings. Each leaf is painted in a green tone and covered with white hairs. The middle of the leaf is silvery, and the border is reddish or dark green. In some species, leaves can have silvery inserts, metallic luster. But the flowers are usually small, do not attract much attention.

Many species have undergone so many breeding changes that have lost their original appearance. But from this they became only more beautiful, more adapted to the apartment living conditions.


Types of tuber begonias have large flowers,the size of which varies from five to fifteen centimeters. They are more often planted in gardens. Plants are unpretentious, do not require much effort in care. At the same time, they blossom beautifully, from early spring to the onset of cold weather.


These begonia species are rarely found in the openground. But on the windowsills they can be seen quite often. All varieties have a bent stem with a dense branching. The leaves are usually green and round in shape, the flowering is abundant. How to care for domestic begonia species?

Begonia bushy

Care of room types

To plants are pleased with continuous flowering and beautiful leaves, you need to take care of them. Virtually all types of begonia care required minimal.

The following recommendations should be adhered to:

  1. Water better with soft water at room temperature. From spring to autumn, the land should remain slightly moist.
  2. Indoors should be high humidity. But you do not need to spray flowers and leaves with water. You can increase the humidity by placing a bowl next to the water, and if there is - a humidifier.
  3. The plant is fed from March to September once in seven days. In autumn and winter, this procedure takes place once in thirty days.
  4. The plant needs an annual transplant, which is best done in the spring. The new container should be wider than the previous one by two centimeters.
  5. Flowers can stand in a bright place, but without direct sunlight.

If you adhere to the minimum recommendations, many species will bloom all year round.

Description of the popular species

All kinds of begonia are divided into two groups: decorative-deciduous, decorative-flowering. But the work of breeders does not stand still, so there are many hybrids of these plants. It is these that are bred at home. What are the most popular types of begonia? The names of many of them are of genuine interest.


The height of the flower varies withinthirty to ninety centimeters. Inflorescences come in two colors: pink and red-orange. Leaves on top are silvery with greenish-olive veins. The underside of the plate is reddish. The plant lives about five years. It can be propagated by means of cuttings.

Begonia coral


The most favorite among the florists is the kind of begonia. Photos of the plants turn out beautiful, all thanks to the unusual foliage. They have a purple color, which is complemented by a white border. In Europe, the first wild plants came in the nineteenth century from Southeast Asia. During this time, the breeders created dozens of varieties of this flower. There is even a variety with dark olive leaves that appear black in the photo. Insanely fascinating effect gives the leaves of the Escargo variety. The leaves are painted in a green tone, a white spiral passes through it. It seems that it was not nature that did it, but the artist walked all over the leaves with a brush with whites.

But this flower is fastidious. He needs a certain temperature regime - eighteen to twenty-five degrees. He also needs abundant watering, protection against burning sun rays.

Royal Begonia


This kind of begonia, whose photo is appreciated for decorative leaves, is a new royal variety. The plant grows up to forty centimeters in height. Casting large with unusual coloring.

The plant is perennial, often planted in wintergardens. It gives contrast to green plantations. The variety looks great with other kinds of begonias, especially blooming. Gryphon is quite hardy to external factors, unpretentious to the quality of soil and watering. It can be raised in an apartment or in a garden. He feels well in the shady area.

Begonia Griffon


Kind of begonia royal. The plant belongs to a decorative-foliar group. Its height is only twenty-five centimeters. Flowers at Rex are faded and inconspicuous, painted in a pale pink tone. But the leaves are amazing with their colors. They have a wide-oval shape and serrated edges. Their coloration can be pink, purple, red, silvery. A plant needs a shaded location. Humidity should be moderate. You can multiply the flower with the help of cuttings and by dividing the bush.

Begonia Rex


Many kinds of begonia at home feelbehave well. Not an exception and a collar grade. Its stalk is creeping, leaves are light green in color with slight pubescence. In the lower part of the leaf plate there are veins on which bright red outgrowth develops. They are also on the top of the sheet. There they form a rosette that resembles a collar. Hence the name of begonia.

begonia collar

The inflorescence is presented in the form of a loose, charming brush, which consists of many small flowers of bright pink tones. The flowering period begins in winter.


An unpretentious plant feels well indifferent temperature conditions. The name of the flower is associated with a special spraying, which gives the leaves a metallic tint. He grows up to ninety centimeters. He needs moderate watering, the humidity should be moderate. Separately, it should be said about the soil. It must be acidic or slightly acidic.

Moisten the flower by spraying the leavesrecommended. It is better to pour water into the pan. To give the flower the correct beautiful shape, it must be periodically rotated around its own axis. The plant reproduces leaf cuttings, which are enough to place in water or wet sand. Roots appear pretty quickly.


The plant belongs to the ornamental foliagegroup. The leaves do not descend to the ground, their shape is oblique. The name of the flower was received for the color of the bottom of the leaf plate. The plant itself is not high, the stalk is fleshy and large, pressed against the soil. Gently pink flowers will be more noticeable if you plant a begonia in a hanging pot.

Begonia red-leaved


The plant is undemanding. Its height is only ten centimeters. It grows rapidly, as a result of which a beautiful bush is formed. The flower easily transplants. From spring to autumn, regular moderate watering is required. Lighting should not be bright, but scattered. From strong illumination, Bauer's leaves turn pale, but many buds appear. The flowers are white or light pink.

Bauer transfers the temperature not lower than +16 ° С. It breeds quite easily with the help of leaf cuttings. Many growers like this kind of begonia for beautiful leaves.


The plant belongs to the groupdecorative and deciduous. He has erect stems and heart-shaped leaves. The length of each sheet plate reaches seven centimeters. Its color is brownish-olive. At the edges there is a small green spot. The plant can grow up to thirty centimeters in length. For full development, he needs bright lighting. In this case, direct sunlight should not fall on the flower. Also, do not allow water to fall on the leaves. Water should only land.

Begonia tiger


The flower is famous for its large decorativeleaves, the length of which is twenty centimeters. They have an elongated oval shape, the edges are serrated. The upper side of the leaf plate is dark green with a fine silvery patchiness. The opposite side of the sheet is painted in a reddish tone. Despite the fact that the plant belongs to the group of decorative-leaved begonias, it has rather large flowers. Their diameter is one and a half centimeters. They gather in bright pink inflorescences-brushes. Begonia blossoms long and abundantly.


A beautiful plant that is abundantflowering. It refers to the species of evergreen begonias. Flowers are very bright, strewn all over the bush. Such begonia will be an ornament for any apartment or office. Reproduction occurs with the help of seeds and stem cuttings.

Begonia pendula yellow


The plant belongs to the tuberous species. He has beautiful leaves, blossoms abundantly. Depending on the color of the inflorescences, several subspecies are distinguished: pale pink, white, red, yellow with pink edging.


This kind of room begonia has long marooncuttings and dark green leaves. The flower can grow to thirty-five centimeters. He reacts equally badly to excessive watering and dry air. Spraying this kind of conduct is not worth it. To give the bush a beautiful shape, it must be regularly rotated around its own axis.

Begonia Cleopatra


Dwarf one-year-old species grows to twentycentimeters in height. His terry inflorescences are very large - nine centimeters in diameter. The flowering period is very long. The first flowers appear in early June. The plant pleases its beauty until the fall, until there are frosts. The leaves are painted green.

This is only some of the many species of begonias. Care at home for most of them uncomplicated. How can these unpretentious flowers be propagated?

begonia non-stop

Briefly about the cultivation of begonias

Some species of begonias live only a few years. Then they lose their compactness and fall apart. That this does not happen, it is necessary to regularly update the plants. You can also grow new seedlings to change them to fading.

Grow some kinds of flowers can be seeds. Their germination is very high. The seeds are placed in the ground in February, so that the plants will grow stronger by the autumn. The land for sowing should consist of sheet soil, sand, peat. Seeds slightly roll into the ground and cover with a film. The air temperature in the room, where the containers will be located, should be twenty degrees. Watering necessarily carried out by a drop method, so that the seeds are not washed off. Sprouts will appear in two to three weeks. They are carefully transplanted into separate containers. In a month they will be ready to land on a permanent place.

Begonia is well reproduced by tubers purchased in the store. For the appearance of rootlets, the tubers are laid out on a wet cloth. When the roots appear, they are placed in the ground.

Such a variety, like royal begonia, is goodmultiplies by rooting a fragment of a leaf. To do this, it is necessary to divide the leaf plate into segments and choose one that has a thick vein. She will give the process. A fragment of the sheet is planted in loose ground and covered to create a miniature greenhouse. Soon, a sprout should appear, which is grown as an ordinary plant. Begonia in a beautiful pot is an excellent gift to a woman who likes to grow flowers.

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