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Rating of built-in electric ovens: a review, types, manufacturers, characteristics and reviews

Modern kitchen appliances pleasetechnological novelties, which greatly facilitate the cooking process. One such solution is built-in closets that are safe to operate and allow you to prepare a lot and quickly. But brands offering such products, a huge number. Therefore, we decided to make a rating of built-in electric oven in different price categories.

the rating of built-in electric ovens

What are the rules of choice?

First, let's talk about what you need to consider whenpurchase of such household appliances. The oven is a powerful unit that heats up very much. Therefore, you need to mount it where there will be some furniture, or where it is made of resistant materials, because otherwise the furniture panels will be destroyed due to heating. The second important point is the presence of the ventilation window, and its dimensions depend on the particular configuration of the oven itself. And now consider the rating of built-in electric ovens.

rating electric oven built-in

In the low price segment

Note that even the cheapest built-inovens look stylish, besides among a variety of design solutions, it's easy to choose what harmoniously complements a particular interior. Any built-in technology is selected for the design of the kitchen, so you need to focus on this rule when buying. When purchasing an oven, start with the following characteristics:

  • pull out and install the baking trays easier if there are telescopic guides;
  • cabinets should be easy to clean;
  • management should be as clear as possible;
  • the presence of a separate connection is an added plus.

So, we represent the rating of built-in electric ovens, which can be bought at affordable prices, that is up to 15 000 rubles.

Indesit 70 FIM 20 K.A IX

The products of this brand have always been popular,and the brand offers a lot of models in a different price range. This modification costs about 9000 rubles. For this money, the landlady will have the opportunity to use an oven of 60 liters with electromechanical control, when all the buttons are put on the front panel. In this oven there is no timer, so the cooking process must be adjusted independently. The heating modes are four, complete with a pan and a metal chrome grate for frying and baking. In general, for this price category is a standard set.

rating of built-in electric ovens

Candy FPP 502/1 X

In a rating of built in ovenselectric this model is included due to the cost of 10 000 rubles. The oven made in a classic style looks simple. Electromechanical control, several modes of heating and cooking time, a timer - all this is also in this model, but there is no display. However, as the reviews say, working with the oven is so easy. Users say that for a price of 10,000 rubles the model is equipped with more than enough, but there are no telescopic guides, which is not very convenient. Of the pluses there is a double glazing of the door, due to which the outer glass is not heated very much.

the best electric ovens

Average price segment

Based on the average cost, we offer you a newrating. The electric oven built-in oven is a convenient kitchen equipment, which is supplemented by numerous functions. But they need to be paid for. Among the ovens, which cost from 15 000 to 30 000 rubles, we decided to allocate the following:

  1. Bosch HBA 23B260. The black oven looks very stylish in the kitchen of any format. Immediately conspicuous control system - there are rotatable adjustable controls, thanks to which you select the heating mode and set the temperature. Touch screen allows you to navigate the device, there is the possibility of locking the control panel. The oven inside is covered with a special enamel, resistant to various influences. The lighting system is thought out. Users note that this model is ideal for energy efficiency indicators, besides it can work in convection or static mode.
  2. Gorenje BO 5348 DX. We also decided to include this model in the rating. The electric oven Gorenje BO 5348 DX is memorable in appearance, as it is a combination of black and metallic finish. The oven attracts attention and a system of steam cleaning, which is celebrated by many housewives. In addition, the glazing of the door is triple, which reduces the heat loss and heating of the outer glass. The equipment is also quite rich: in addition to the usual baking tray, there is also a grate for frying, and a pan of glass, and a removable handle for working with it.
  3. Hotpoint-Ariston FTR 850 OW. No rating can do without the products of this brand. According to users, in the line Hotpoint-Ariston draw attention to the model in retro style. In addition to the unique design, the oven can be liked by different heating modes, analog timer, quick cooking function and a separate baking mode. Among the pluses, buyers note the lighting system and a large volume, among the minuses - the lack of telescopic guides.

which firm the electric oven is better

Expensive Models

Now it's time to rank the built-inelectric ovens in the premium price category. We note at once that additional options are pleasing to many buyers, but the price of such equipment is disappointing. And it is high - from 30 000 rubles and above. Among the models that buyers like, you can include the following:

  1. Kuppersberg RC 699 C Bronze. There is such an oven of about 40 000 rubles and attracts attention it is a catchy design. Retro style with the predominance of bronze color will not leave indifferent any mistress. But no less elegant and functional features of the equipment: numerous heating modes, telescopic guides, rich equipment, coating the inside with enamel - all this can only please.
  2. Neff B45C42N3RU. Household appliances of this brand is in great demand, and therefore many buyers mark as the best electric ovens the model of this particular brand. Neff B45C42N3RU, according to customers, was created for the maximum convenience of users. In it everything is thought out: the design of the door, and 10 modes of heating, and the smooth running of the guides. And you can cook in this oven without closing the door!
  3. Bauknecht BLTC 8100 ES / L. This is a premium model, for which you will have to pay about 75 000 rubles. Its chip is a glass door, which opens not to the bottom, but to the side.

When deciding which firm the electric oven is best for, consider everything: both the price range and the functional features of the equipment.

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