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How to make a bizeboard for your children: a master class

All parents are familiar with the situation when a childnot interested in a lot of modern and new toys, and mobile phones, pans and remotes from TVs. That is why quite often the house-craftsmen make a bis-board with their own hands. Such a device will cause the kid to do something interesting, after playing for a long enough time. Return to such an interesting board the child will repeatedly, as practice shows, the toy develops many skills, as well as motor skills. If the child learns such a board, he can open and close the bottle stoppers, use locks without the help of adults, and start learning the time and numbers. If you decide to make a bis-board yourself, you can take not only the smallest members of the family, but also the older sisters and brothers.

Preparatory work


To carry out the work on the production, you will need a board, sealant, fasteners, glue, filler for the bisbord, as well as your own imagination.

Recommendations of the master

bisybord for your children

Making a bis-board with your own hands, you shouldyou will think about which components are best used. Experts advise to prepare such a board, which will form the basis of the product. It should have a thickness of 1 cm or more. It is important to stock up the seal. Its thickness should be equal to the corresponding parameter characteristic of the board. As fasteners, you can use nails or screws. You will need a hammer, a screwdriver and scissors. Screwdriver will make the work in the shortest possible time. Take care of the presence of pliers, which can be found in the arsenal of any home master. Making a bisyboard with your own hands will be quite simple with the use of construction or hot glue. The filling of the board will depend on the budget and desires, which will be influenced by the future skills of the baby.

Components of the board

how to make a bisyboard with your own hands

You can fix on the surface an old phonedevice that has a disk dialer. Children quite willingly play by scrolling the dial. Take care of the presence of door bells, switches and voltage regulators. Well, if on the board there will be a block with numbers that reminds the counter. The kid will strive to learn the time, if you add a bisyboard with hours with arrows, then he will become interested in this new subject for him. Figures will be stored in memory if you supply a construction with a calculator, which must be in working order. You can strengthen the mirror and the old mobile phone. In the process of how the bizyboard is made by hand for children, locks with keys are often used, the last of which is recommended to be fastened to the rope in order to exclude the loss on the first day. It is necessary to prepare a latch, bottles of bottles that are equipped with lids, hooks, a rotary lock and an old computer mouse. Experts advise to supplement the board with a block with bright buttons, all kinds of geometric shapes and elastic bands. If there is a cooler with a fan, borrowed from the old computer, then this will also appeal to the child. You can make yourself a small door and a window that differentiates the games of the baby. Making a bisyboard with your own hands for children, you can supplement it with all sorts of interesting details, it can be a lighted bulb that starts working when you press a button, or a belt buckle. If possible, a cloth with buttons and slots can be fixed on the board, which can be used for fastening and unbuttoning. There is not a single child who is not interested in forks, sockets and all sorts of wires. In order to exclude pampering with real objects that work from electricity, you can supply a board with the named components. In every house there will most likely be bills, which will also be of interest to the child. Prepare all kinds of gears, laces, taps and chains for doors. This list can be continued indefinitely.

Before you make your own bisyboard, you can visit the garage, balcony or places in the house where old things are stored.

Manufacturing technology

bisybord hands master class

The prepared board should be enoughthick, so that the fixation of the elements with the help of screws and nails does not lead to the fact that the fastener will be visible from the back side. The edges should be pasted with a sealant, whereas if you purchased a blank, you should ask to close the edges with proprietary slats. If the treatment has not been carried out, the edges must be carefully ground and varnished. This will eliminate splinters.

Features of assembly of the board

how to make a bizeboard for a child with your own hands

If you decide to make a bisyboard with your own hands,The master class presented in the article will help you with this. Before fixing all the components of the board in its place completely, it is recommended to arrange them to understand how best to use the space. You should try to arrange the elements in a rather interesting order. For example, windows and doors can become part of a house, whereas a clock is recommended to be placed on the roof, especially if the mechanism is small enough. The neck of the bottles can become part of the wheels of the locomotive, which, in turn, is made of switches.

Before you make a biz card for your childhands, you should evaluate your artistic abilities, because if you have them, you can paint the background with acrylic paints. If you do not have certain skills in drawing, then using the same colors, draw a contour with a ruler. Pictures and all sorts of patterns can be cut out of magazines, and then glued to the surface with the help of PVA glue.

Secrets of making boards

bisybord hands for girls

Making a bisyboard with their own hands for girls,you can stick as many mirrors as possible. Machines can be replaced with dolls or kitchen appliances. After the objects are selected, they must be securely fixed. The more components will be screwed with metal fasteners, the better. Some of the elements can be planted on the glue.


Care should be taken that those elements,which can be removed, were also well secured, this is necessary for safety. This includes a plug that plugs into the socket, a chain lock, and keys. It is recommended to arrange something interesting behind the door, so that the kid is entertaining to use this design. It can be an envelope with a gift or an image of a favorite hero.

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