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Nippon spirea is an excellent choice

Beautiful bushes - an ornament for personal plots, gardens and parks. A great popularity was won by gardeners and designers spiraea.

spirea Nippon
These shrubs have the decorative shape of the crown,often crying or wilting, sometimes upright. A variety of spirits amazes: there are only more than 90 species, and in general it is unlikely that anyone considered them. Amazing variety of forms and shades of leaves, different shape and size of inflorescences, different periods of flowering, color of flowers - from white to bright crimson. If you set a goal, you can pick up the spirea so that they blossom from early spring until late autumn. And if we add to this that most spirits are unpretentious and frost-resistant, then their popularity becomes clear.

Among gardeners, the division of spirits intoEarly and late. One of the most popular early-ripening species is Niphon spirea. Photo confirm that this is a very beautiful shrub. He pleases the eye with drooping, long branches, completely covered with flowers in the springtime. The leaves are oval, entire, with deep teeth at the margin. Especially the color of the leaves of this species of spirals: on top of green, from below - slightly bluish.

Spirea Nippon planting and care
Blossoms spirea nippon (Spiraea nipponica)abundantly. Its branches are literally covered with inflorescences. Small flowers have white petals and a yellow center. They are collected in semicircular scutes of 15 pieces (approximately). Duration of flowering - 15 - 25 days.

Spirea Nippon: Reproduction

Like all representatives of spirits, this species does notespecially fanciful. It prefers well-lit areas, but it also develops well in the penumbra. Propagation of spirea Nippon cuttings, bush division or seeds. Cultivation from seeds is the most painstaking way. They are sown in early spring in boxes with fertile soil, 2-3 months after the emergence of shoots, young bushes dive to the beds (incidentally pinching the root). Blossom young spirea for 3-4 years after sowing.

In order to preserve all the characteristics of the variety,propagate spiraea with cuttings. From semi-stubby shoots of the current year cut cuttings about 10 centimeters long and planted in the soil. To better form roots, you can dip them into a special solution. If you plant cuttings in early summer, then by autumn a fairly good root system is formed, and most plants successfully winter.

spirea Nippon photo
Propagation of spirea Nippon and litters is good. To do this, in spring, the branches that grow on the periphery are bent down, fixed, and sprinkled with earth. If the whole summer abundantly watered the plant and removed flowers on young spirits, then by autumn or spring the young shrubs will already be large enough.

Nippon spirea: planting and care

Plant this plant better in the spring. Spiree prefer light soils, on which they feel good. After rooting, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers is necessary three times per season.

This is a very unpretentious plant. All care consists in sanitary pruning: it is necessary to remove damaged and withered branches. In spring, after flowering, you need to remove old branches that are more than 5 years old. When pruning, do not shorten the shoots: this will cause increased sprouting of the lateral branches, which will change the shape of the crown. Just remove old or damaged branches.

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