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Garden callouses (planting and care)

Garden callouses (planting and care)
Callas are becoming increasingly populargarden. Planting and caring for these plants require some skills in floriculture. What kind of plant is this and how to grow it on your plot of land? These amazing plants belong to the numerous family of Aroids. These flowers are divided into 2 groups. One of them comes from the most common and famous calla Ethiopian. It has white flowers and a powerful rhizome. What is the difference between these garden callas? Planting and caring for them under favorable conditions can be carried out throughout the spring-summer period, since they practically do not have a clear period of rest. Most often this species is grown as a cut or house plant, although it feels remarkably in the open.

Another group includes garden callouses,landing and care for which have their own characteristics, due to their rest period. These flowers have a colored veil, and their underground part is a tuber. This group originated from the golden calla of Eliot and the reddish-pink Remani. These plants are still very rare in the CIS countries. Planting material of painted callas is not so easy to find in our stores, and their price is much larger than that of ordinary whites.

Flowers calla (care)

Most people mistakenly call a flower"Coverlet" (covering sheet) of the plant. In the center of it there is a bright yellow "candle", which is an inflorescence-cob. In most varieties of this plant, these flowers are very fragrant. Their aroma resembles the smell of vanilla. Garden callouses, planting and caring for which consist of several important stages, reproduce themselves with tubers. A healthy planting material is planted in small (2-3 liters) pots. The tubers are poured and exposed to a lit place. After about 14-16 days they germinate. When appearing on the surface of the earth white roots, you need to pour a little bit of soil into the pot. Weekly, calla lilies are fed with liquid fertilizer "Effect". As a rule, this plant develops very quickly. Different varieties of this flower differ in the shape of the leaves. They can be lanceolate, elongated, cordate. Some varieties have leaves with silvery or white spots. Plants need regular watering.

Garden callouses
After 1.5-2 months after planting tubersbegin to blossom calla garden. Planting and caring for them, with proper performance, give excellent results: from one tuber can develop 2-3 flowers. Multicolored varieties begin to turn yellow in September. At this time, watering should be reduced. After the leaves die, the tubers are removed from the soil, cleaned of the ground and dried for 2 weeks. Store them in a cool dark place until April. Large specimens can be divided into parts with growth buds. Planting callas colored garden in the second year can not be in the pots, and in the open ground on the backyard. They prefer a weakly acidic, fertile soil enriched with leaf humus. Flowers calla, care for which is not so complicated, should be planted on sunny or slightly shaded areas. The tubers are closed to a depth of 5-6 cm. At the end of May the flowers come up. Plants can be fed "Effect" once a week. Water the flowers 2-3 times a week (as the soil dries). These plants are resistant to diseases and are practically not affected by pests. When growing callas of different colors, they can be sprayed.

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