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Closet is a device that will make rest comfortable

The theme of the garden toilet can not be called new. On the contrary, this question is eternal. In each country garden this task is solved in different ways. Do not give up a small house in nature, which can be called traditional, especially since construction can be done independently.


it's smacking it

Closet is a highly effective, but not verytechnological device. Many home-based craftsmen try to improve and modify it on their own. This design assumes the use of different powdered substances, which are filled with fecal waste. This should include:

  • peat;
  • sawdust;
  • dry leaves;
  • dry land;
  • ash.

If the sewage will fall asleep, but simplypowder, then the closet is a device that is also called a powder cluster. Use for this peat, as practice shows, not the best option, because in some cases on the floor can form a layer of dirt. As a basic rule, there is a dusting after each visit to the toilet.

Powder-Closet Device

rural toilet

If you decide to build on your dacha sitedescribed system of sewage removal, it is necessary to prepare a rectangular pit, the bottom in which will be inclined and filled with concrete. The pit should be divided into three chambers, but the partitions should not reach the bottom, they should be located in the upper part. Above the inclined bottom it is necessary to leave a free aperture, along which impurities will enter the deepest part of the cesspool.

Such a closet is a device, the first camerawhich will take at the highest point fecal masses. It should be placed directly under the toilet seat. The second compartment, which will be located outside the house, can be filled with food waste, weeds and mown grass. Gradually, impurities will flow into the third chamber, in which organic waste will begin to form. The main task here is the creation of chambers, which would be little available for flies.

Nuances of creating a closet

the toilet closets

The device of the closet should be known to you, thiswill allow to understand, on what technology to carry out works. The technique assumes the need for a tightly closing lid, which will prevent the penetration of flies. However, oxidation with oxygen will not be so active, but unpleasant odors will be absent, which, as practice shows, allows to exclude the possibility of the appearance of worms.

Closet is a device that periodicallymust be emptied. You can send the fertilizers to a compost heap or dig in the ground near the bushes and trees. The main disadvantage in this case is that solid and liquid wastes will be inseparable, while the consistency will receive an average liquid. In order for the rural toilet to be comfortably used and emptied, it is possible to create a structure that involves the collection of solid and liquid wastes separately. In winter, the pipes for liquid waste are further heated, at which time it is possible to switch to the conventional powder-closet mode.

The second variant of arrangement of powder-closet

device of a closet

Another modification of this toilet issemiautomatic powdered sludge. To do this, a special cover must be made in which to place sawdust or any other suitable substance. As soon as the lid rises, some of the sawdust will be in the ejector. The lid is lowered and some of the sawdust wakes up through special holes. In this case, the toilet-closet will become even more effective and simple.


If everything is properly arranged, then such a toiletgenerally there will be nothing to smell. This is true if you periodically break a bucket filled with water with EM preparations containing live bacterial cultures. In this case, the village toilet will soon be able to cope with the waste.

The construction itself can be finished with tiles, the lid withthe seat is sanded and varnished. However, for proper operation it is important to choose a location for the location of the cottage toilet, which should be a meter or more from the border with the neighboring site. From the apartment house, this structure must be removed at 12 m, from a well or a source with drinking water - by 8 m or more.

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