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Wallpaper in the style of Provence for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway: advice on choosing

In applying to the interior, Provence is the direction of the country style (country), and for the inhabitants of this locality the name is a direct association with the place of residence by the province. I had to Do you read the inspired novels of A. Dumas, where the French provinces were mentioned in part? Provence is one of them and is located closer to the south of France. Here reigns:

  • original coloring;
  • invariably wonderful weather;
  • brightly shining hot sun;
  • an amazing living world, surprising with variety;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • vineyards.

Learn the style and the intoxicating aromas present in the life of the inhabitants of this region.

Features that characterize the style

Typical style Provence features include:

  • rustic everyday life;
  • Uncomplicated decor;
  • complete exclusion of pretentious elements from the interior;
  • striving for natural simplicity;
  • unity with nature;
  • an abundance of flower compositions and herbaria.

This - the main features of the style of Provence, which recognize this direction in the interior. Innovations and elements of modernity are inappropriate here.

Decorative component of stylistics

A characteristic feature of Provence is the abundance of accessories in the form of:

  • forged framing of mirrors and clocks;
  • cornices for curtains;
  • extravagant candlesticks;
  • wicker chests;
  • baskets with a dried flower;
  • cushions for decorating sofas, beds, chairs;
  • pots with flowers;
  • fruit vases,
  • ceramic and glass figurines.

So, for example, the ceramic figure of a rooster is a reminder of the homeland of this trend in the interior design of France. And the statue is considered a symbol of this country.

Imagine a massive forged or casta lamp with a glass lampshade, harmoniously blending into the interior. The open wall surface is decorated with paintings with Mediterranean landscapes, still lifes, decorative ceramics with paintings.

Provence is characterized by the use of cotton andlinen fabrics made in gentle colors in the form of curtains, outdoor tracks, tablecloths with light ornamentation or the traditional style of this multi-colored strip.

Textile products should look likemade by own hands. An indispensable condition is the characteristic style - rural, naive floral compositions in pots on the windowsill and bunches of fragrant herbs in the kitchen.

It would not be superfluous to apply the Mediterraneanthemes in the interior design of the bathroom. The tile in white and blue tones, the bath of an interesting shape, emphasizing the style of the towel and, of course, the seagulls on the tiled squares contribute to attracting attention and create a feeling of coziness, harmony.

Wallpaper in a room in the style of Provence

Features of kitchen decoration

In the interior of this room is used anotherconcept of decoration. The walls are made of natural stone, multicolored mosaic squares, slabs for brick or brick, they are decorated with wall paper in the style of Provence.

As a decorative set, sets or collections of wooden utensils - elegantly executed pottery with paintings, linen napkins and tablecloths, embroidered with ribbons.

Modern dwelling will not do without equipping with kitchen appliances. Here, choose the option for a kitchen set with the possibility of mounting the equipment inside the cabinets and cabinets.

The presence of a stone fireplace or decorative oven and a barely noticeable effect of soot on the ceiling will strengthen the associative series, so close to the rural life of the interior of a modern house.

Wallpaper for a bedroom in the style of Provence

Kitchen design in Provence style

Kitchen is the place where the woman spends the mosttime and so, I want this place to be cozy, but at the same time functional and spacious. Elements of Provence, regardless of the type of dwelling, are increasingly added by interior designers. Wallpaper in the style of Provence for the kitchen - a popular material for finishing the room. The decoration in this style helps dilute the strict lines, create an atmosphere of hospitality and home comfort.

Deciding to follow the interior design in fullProvence style does not necessarily have to decorate the wall paper. You can resort to painting, although this option is used less often. Painting is less common in decorating a modern interior, so getting up wallpaper for the type of room and style, you will surely withstand the aesthetics of the direction in the design of premises - the provence, often intertwined with the country and the sheb.

Stripes in Provence style wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen in the style of the French province, pay attention to:

  • Collections with a gastronomic print - cups and saucers, spoons, teapots, pastries, cupcakes. Such a plot picture, provided that it is not too large, harmonizes with the style of the kitchen.
  • Wallpaper with birds, highlighting the romantic atmosphere of the kitchen-dining room. Designers recommend to emphasize the theme of one of the allied elements: a picture of birds or cups with a "bird's" pattern.
  • Wallpaper pastel colors in warm colors.

Important! Recognize the wallpaper in the Provencal style, even if you do not understand this, will help put on the canvas floral prints and pastel colors.

Please note that furniture of light colors andeven white furnishings fit well with the cool tones of the wallpaper. It can be monophonic or cover with a barely noticeable bluish pattern. This decoration contributes to the addition of raisins in the interior in the form of soft rustic elegance.

How to emphasize the style of Provence in the kitchen

Provence is a style in which attention is focused on details. Therefore it is so important to fill bright kitchen with bright elements:

  • dishes;
  • painted plates with decorative effect;
  • floral arrangements;
  • clay pots;
  • jars of spicy herbs;
  • amazing bottles of butter;
  • culinary notebooks;
  • figurines.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence for the kitchen and the decoration itselfroom, characterized by multifunctionality, carry a beauty and coziness. So, open shelves, depending on the location, serve as a stand for decorative items and souvenirs or used to store kitchen implements. Modern features make it easy to hide the technique in the curbstone, hiding the instruments behind the facade of the headset. So nothing will disturb the single rustic style of the room.

Bedroom decoration in the spirit of Provence

The purpose of the room is rest. This means that the very atmosphere of the room should contribute to peace and tranquility, but this does not mean that monotonous kitchen wallpaper will be moved here. It seems appropriate to design the walls in a calm, non-tensing colors, supplemented with a color-diluting print, for example, in a flower.

Floral wallpaper in a room in the style of Provence should be selected with the following recommendations:

  • remember that such paintings are consonant with retro style, and wallpaper with large flowers, geometric or fantasy plants will not work;
  • a small, frequent flower on the background, emphasizes the depth of color, and in the style of Provence - this is what you need;
  • background for a floral print is selected based on the style: for Provence - it is color-association with the direction: lavender, mint, olive.

In the bedroom in the style of Provence, wallpaper striped, slightly burned in the sun, even more profitable emphasize the village motifs.

Covering the walls of the children's room is often notdiffer from all the same paintings for bedroom decoration and exploit the usual floral pattern. If there are too many wallpapers in this style in your house, and you want to select one of the zones, in this case, a children's room - select a cover with a slight retro-coating. Typical are the wallpaper with a picture of a girl with a bird cage or children of the beginning of the last century on bicycles.

Wallpaper in the hallway in the style of Provence

Features of the decoration of the living room

As a finishing choose materials of soft,quiet colors, sometimes with a color pattern. For example, to choose a wallpaper in the style of Provence for a living room in one tone, and choosing furniture of the same color only with a pronounced print, emphasize the interior.

How to supplement the situation

In the decor of a spacious room is acceptable use:

  • paintings;
  • textile wallpaper for wall decoration;
  • flowers and plants;
  • suspended gentle lamps.

Interior design in the described style -a fount of inspiration for romantic personalities. The distinctive features of the Mediterranean-filled sunshine contribute to the inspiration of the interior, and the notes of the style can be traced in each of the decoration elements: decor, furniture, floor and ceiling decoration, wall-paper wallpaper for the bedroom, living room, kitchen.

Stylized design of the hallway

Where does a person get into the home? Correctly - in the hallway. Here the guest gets a first impression of the house and the atmosphere reigning in it.

The choice of wallpaper in the described stylistics for the hallway is not simple. Here everything depends on the situation - the smaller the furniture, the brighter the background, and vice versa.

Choosing for the decoration of the house warm colors, do not interrupt the overall picture of cold wallpaper in the hallway - adhere to a single style.

Wallpaper for interior in the style of Provence

Living Room Style Provence

A complete lack of modern materials andThe use of rustic (forged, wooden, wicker) rough furniture characterizes the style of Provence in the interior. Such interior objects look as if they served people for generations. When using such furniture, they try to preserve the natural color of the tree, and sometimes, paint in bright colors, in harmony with delicate wallpaper in the style of Provence.

The village living room is characterized by the features:

  • sunshine;
  • openness;
  • saturation.

A drawing room, conditionally speaking, it is accepted to make outslightly more elegant than the other rooms in the house, but it's important not to overdo it. Pomposity and dynamism are inappropriate. On the contrary, this room is designed to accommodate those who enter the house.

The abundance of pieces of furniture and fireplace should notsuppress. Interior should be diluted with simple wallpaper that would not load the situation, but at the same time emphasize the ensemble. Since the wallpaper is the main component of the cozy interior of the living room, and the main task of covering the walls is to reflect the peculiarities of the style being played.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence

What is suitable for finishing

To decorate the living room suitable for such variants of wallpaper in the style of Provence:

  • Monochrome relief.
  • Colors that fit into the style - olive, beige, white lavender.
  • Monotonous wallpaper. Applying this style of decoration do not worry that the room will look boring. To dilute the interior and give it liveliness will help a picture on the wall, a bright floor mat, cozy textiles, an abundance of pillows and a lot of vases with beautiful floral compositions.

What to look for when choosing wallpaper for the hallway

Please note that if you select wallpaper forinterior decoration in the style of Provence is to abandon the paper cloth. They are too quickly amenable to wear, and in the most "running" room you need a coating with a strength slightly higher.

In this room are worn worn furniture andRough walls with amazing wallpaper for a hallway in the style of Provence, intertwined with sophisticated objects of decor. In such a room, it is traditional to use items that are not inherent in the interior design: buckets, cans, leks into which flowers and houseplants are planted.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence for the living room

Forming the situation in the hallway or living room, take care of enough light and do not forget about the appearance of the lamps.

General advice on the formation of the interior in the style of Provence

This direction is inherent in the use of watches and paintings, made in the spirit of classical French style. Thanks to this accent, the designer creates a cozy atmosphere and complements the interior.

Planning people repair ask about howgo to the design of the bedroom in the spirit of Provence. For registration, the ready-made details used for decorating are used and connect them. Curtains, bedspreads framed by ornaments, paintings and decorative pillows combined with stylistic decoration and interior decoration look unobtrusive and form a relaxed atmosphere.

Often in Provence style rooms wall wallpaperreplacing with decorative patterns, complementing the interior with indoor plants. And you can draw a picture on your wall, covered with light wallpaper: wood, butterflies, birds, dream catcher at the head of the bed.

Wall-papers in the style of Provence

Provence - style in interior design, whichcharacterized by a careful attitude to traditions, preserving the aesthetics of the unity of man and nature. It is at the same time nostalgia for a happy childhood in the grandmother's house, the times of reading books and drinking tea in the living room in a pleasant family circle, and not in front of a computer monitor screen or another modern gadget.

The house or apartment, designed in this style, immediately acquires a home cosiness and becomes part of the provincial dwellings of southern France, despite the fact that it is in the most remote corner of the world.

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