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Tropical flower hoveya: care at home

One of the most unpretentious evergreen palms -hoveya. Care at home for this plant can lead to the fact that the palm tree will reach a truly grandiose size. In nature, there are two of its varieties: hoveya Forster and Belmor. Outwardly they are similar, have wide spreading green feathery leaves, smooth trunk, and also can produce inflorescences from the sinuses of the lower leaves.

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Lovers of horticulture is appreciated hoveya. Care at home is not particularly difficult. The main rule is the abundance of free space and sunlight. In its homeland, in the tropics, the palm tree is huge. If the plant feels comfortable, it can bloom and even bear fruit. Forster is usually higher than the Belmora. However, to make the flower a real decoration of the interior, one should know about the light and watering modes.

Palma Hovei: care

  • If your house has a well-lit area,where the scattered sunlight will fall, then it is there to put a pot of palm. It is necessary to choose the right place where your hovey will grow. Care at home begins with this stage.
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  • Then you need to take care of the choicea spacious pot and a suitable soil mixture. It is known that palm trees do not tolerate additional transplants. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately choose a container wider, taking into account the further growth of the palm. As a soil, we buy any soil mixture with a neutral acidity level, or a special ground for palm trees.
  • The selected pot must have a drainage holeat the bottom. It is mandatory to use a pallet to drain excess moisture. At the bottom of the tank we put a layer of drainage 3-4 cm thick, then pour a layer of soil, put the hoveu, gently straighten the roots and pour out the rest of the soil, abundantly watered.
  • Humidity is very important. If the room is dry with warm air, then the plant will stop growing at the same level. In the worst case, the tips of the leaves will dry up. Darkened edges - this is the first signal that the palm tree is hovaya, the care you take is very much in need of spraying. If it is not possible to spray the flower every day, you can use an air humidifier, or put a container with water next to the flower pot.
  • Watering is carried out as the soil dries. In summer the flower needs moisture more than in winter. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that soft water is always at hand. The plant does not tolerate lime water. It is not superfluous to arrange a palm "bathing" under the shower.
  • Periodically wipe the leaves of the hovei from dust. This will not only make the plant more attractive externally, but also rid of pests, fungus, parasites.
  • Air temperature from 18 to 22 degrees -The optimal, at which the hive is actively growing. Care at home is also reduced to regular ventilation of the room. Despite the fact that drafts are contraindicated to the flower, heavy stale air will also not benefit the plant. That is why palms grow so well in public places: museums, polyclinics, cafes - there is always a fresh air supply.
  • The overgrown roots often leave the ground,therefore it is recommended to pour the soil into the pot as the hovee grows. The introduction of special mineral fertilizers will lead to the fact that your evergreen beauty will feel comfortable.
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