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How to water orchids at home: just about the complex

how to water orchids at home

In flats and houses, orchids became frequent guests. Photo and video instructions on how to take care of them flooded the Internet. Is it any wonder? These exotic plants are very beautiful, and, as experience has shown, most species are rather unpretentious. In flower shops and even hypermarkets a large selection of plants of the orchid family appeared. The cost of these flowers depends not only on the species, but also on how their flowers look - and the variety is amazing. So it is very difficult to resist to buy such a plant.

The question of how to water orchids in domesticconditions, occurs in novice flower growers quite often. And it's fine if newcomers prefer to find out the answer, and do not rely on intuition, because caring for these flowers, including their watering, is very different from caring for the plants of other families.

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There are 3 main ways to waterorchids. At home, they can all be easily realized, but each florist chooses the method that will be most convenient for him. Usually phalaenopsis orchids live in houses, therefore the presented irrigation methods will primarily concern the care of them.

The first method is watering by immersion. This technique refers to the most common, it is familiar to almost all growers. In order to water the orchid, you can take a fairly deep pot, pour the water inside, and then put the pot and flower there for about half an hour. Then you need to let the water drain. It is important to watch, that in about a week the substrate dries, otherwise the root system can begin to rot.

The second way - watering from above from the shower. Many growers prefer to share their thoughts on how to water orchids at home, with like-minded people. And this method has become quite widespread. Its advantage is that in this way it is possible to water many plants at once. The water temperature should not be too high or low. Watering with a shower simulates a tropical rain, which serves as the main source of moisture in the homeland of orchids - in the jungle. After such a procedure, the above-ground part of the orchids should dry completely, so that water does not stagnate at the point of growth - in decay, the orchid will most likely die.

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Another popular method of how to waterorchids at home, is the use of ice cubes. Once a week, 1-2 cubes are placed on the surface of the pot, which slowly melts. It is worth noting that a lot of controversy is going on around this method in the environment of florists, as the method is rather ambiguous, and its consequence can be frostbite of the root system. That is why it is possible to conduct similar experiments only to more or less experienced florists.

General recommendations for watering phalaenopsis are as follows: it should not be too frequent, the roots should dry well and change color from green to silvery-green. Phalaenopsis is much better tolerated by drought than gulf. Too frequent watering can result in the decay and death of the plant, while it is much easier to rehabilitate it after a prolonged drought.

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