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Chicken fleas: methods of fighting and prevention

Chicken fleas - small parasites, habitatwhich is bird feathers. It is on the body of birds, especially chickens, such insects spend their life cycle, multiplying extensively and feeding on the blood of their victims.

remedy for chicken fleas
Consequences of the destructive activity of chickenfleas, apparently reminiscent of dark hanging outgrowth, is the spread of various infections (plague, salmonellosis, brucellosis), a decline in egg production, deterioration of health and subsequent death of birds. If chicken fleas are found on poultry, how to get rid of these pests quickly and harmlessly, preserving the health of the birds?

Description of chicken fleas

The bird parasite is characterized by a brilliant corpusclebrown color, which is about 1-2 mm in length. Unlike flat brothers living on cats and dogs, it has a tall, slightly bent and flattened torso on the sides, so it is almost impossible to crush such a pest. Additional strength to the body of chicken fleas gives a strong chitinous cover, and the sharpness and agility provide strong and elongated hind legs, due to which harmful insects jump very high.

The optimal temperature for the existence of such parasites is 40-41 aboutC is an indicator corresponding to body temperaturepoultry. For this reason, the chicken flea never leaves its limits and accumulates in places where there is no plumage: there the skin of birds is the thinnest, just "on the teeth" of the small parasite.

Causes of infection with chicken parasites

Sources of the appearance of chicken fleas at homebirds are large enough. Chickens can infect parasites from wild birds: sparrows, tits, crows. If there is a poultry farm nearby, chicken fleas can easily migrate from there. Eggs of pests can be found in straw or hay used in chicken coops as litter.

Features of reproduction

Despite the huge "dedication" to itsthe owner, to breed on the body of a hen, a female flea can not. Every day, with the help of a certain group of muscles, she pushes a portion of eggs out of her calf for considerable distances.

how to remove chicken fleas in the chicken coop
Emerging from them the next dayvermicular larvae begin to eat strongly "by the fodder. After a few weeks, the larvae pupate. In an adult, reincarnation occurs at the same comfortable temperature +40 aboutC, most often in the nest, where the layer is placed on a prolonged incubation.

Dangers of chicken fleas

Chicken fleas are for poultrya huge danger and, actively multiplying at increasing rates, are capable of simply "bite" in a short period of time. The hen is very much tormented, behaves restlessly, stops eating and drinking and can die from exhaustion.

a drug from chicken fleas
In addition, the bites of such parasites infect birdshelminths, which subsequently pass through the meat to humans. Therefore, it is urgent to take measures to remove dangerous parasites. If chicken fleas are found on a bird, how to get rid of these pests? What necessary measures should be applied? Which drug to use for chicken fleas?

How to determine the defeat of chicken fleas?

Determine the presence of parasites on the chicken can bevisually: insects very often creep out to feed on bare skin areas near the eyes, beak, and also on the legs. Swarming in the plumage, they greatly annoy the bird. The latter, trying to scratch irritated places, pecking out feathers, begins to lose weight rapidly. It is easier for a bird to be feathered on free grazing. Having the opportunity to leave a place for spending the night, on the grounds they can clean plumage in dust and anthills, so they are less likely to get infected with such parasites as chicken fleas.

How to get rid of folk remedies?

When getting rid of chicken fleas wellThe time proved popular methods. In particular, the effect of tansy and wormwood is effective, the smell of which will quickly expel small parasites from the chicken coop. It is enough just to decompose these plants in the corners of the room or hang around the perimeter.

chicken fleas how to get rid of folk remedies
Pleases with a positive result of the actionwormwood-pizmenny decoction, filled with boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 3 and infused for 12 hours. It is recommended to treat the chicken coop with its entire contents: walls, floors, corners, feeding troughs, perches.

In times of not so distant chicken coops were sprayeddust, the use of which in small quantities not only eliminated parasites, but also prevented their appearance in the future. The most proven measure is ash baths.

chicken fleas
Chickens swim in them with pleasure, incidentally getting rid of annoying fleas.

How to remove chicken fleas in the henhouse?

From chemical drugs,Beaphar drops are recommended. Made on a natural basis, they are designed to remove fleas from dogs. Such transparent means of buttery consistency can successfully save chickens: carefully rubbed into the skin, not allowing it to enter the mouth and eyes of the bird. The period of protective action is 3 weeks. Then the treatment can be repeated.

Hartz drops are also designed to get rid offleas of cats and dogs, but are able to help in the treatment of affected poultry. The contents of the tube should be applied to the back of the head and rub well. The insecticide will quickly spread through the subcutaneous vessels and paralyze the activity of the small pest. The effect occurs after 24 hours from the moment of treatment. It is not recommended to apply this product to chickens due to high toxicity. A wide range of drops against chicken fleas allows you to choose from any of them: "Bars", Frotline, Stronghold, "Advantage", "Dana". With strict adherence to the instructions in the process of applying these medications, the result will please literally immediately.

Anti-block treatment is recommendednot only in relation to chickens, but also the premises where they live. For this procedure, any insecticides used in the fight against cockroaches, fleas, cockroaches in the premises: "Tetriks", "Get", "Tsifox", "Carbophos", "Cucaracha".

Against chicken fleas - drug Butoks

In industrial chicken coops, where livestockcounts tens and hundreds of hens, effective treatment with Butoks, the key advantage of which is the possibility of easy preparation of insecticide solution in significant volumes. The contents of ampoules, whose capacity is 1 ml, must be diluted with 4 liters of water and applied to the back of the head of the chicken, carefully rubbing.

butoks from chicken fleas
On the blood vessels of the subcutaneous preparation"Butox" from chicken fleas will spread rapidly throughout the body and will not leave the parasites the slightest chance of survival. It is also recommended that this facility handle chicken coops, from which it is required to remove the entire bird beforehand.

Effective powder "Deltamethrin"

In the fight against dangerous small parasites, manyfarmers use a remedy for chicken fleas, like the powder "Deltamethrin". The drug should be sprayed on the bird feathers (avoiding getting into the respiratory tract), then carefully rubbed into the skin. In the presence of a special atomizer, powder treatment can be carried out in large poultry houses. After treatment, it is recommended that the chicken coop be kept for several days without harvesting to ensure that all flea larvae die. It is not always possible to get rid of such dangerous pests as chicken fleas from the first time. Therefore, sometimes in 2-3 weeks it is necessary to repeat the treatment, letting the surviving pupae reincarnate in adult fleas. At the pupal stage, pests are less susceptible to insecticides.

chicken fleas how to get rid

Before returning to the chicken should be held wetcleaning, whitewash the walls with chlorine and slaked lime and carefully ventilate the poultry house, remove the litter, change the litter in cages. It is impossible to carry out the treatment simply by spraying the means: each bird must undergo individual treatment, which must necessarily be carried out in a respirator and gloves.

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