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Anduline roof: installation instructions

Ondulin in recent years is becoming increasingly popular with the construction of the roof. In many respects it is caused by the low price for it, excellent operational qualities and ease of installation.

Anduline roof instruction
In this article, we will talk about how the andulina roof properly fits. The instruction will be rather brief, but it includes all the basic information.

The distinctive qualities of ondulin

We have already said that this material hasa number of excellent performance, which should be considered separately. Firstly, it perfectly protects the roof from rain, as it is completely waterproof.

In addition, he perfectly tolerates per diem andseasonal temperature differences. Such an Andulin roof, the installation of which is quite simple, can survive more than one season. At the same time, its technological parameters and the color of the coating will remain practically unchanged.

In contrast to the same slate, on ondulina neverthere will not be a lichen. Its high durability is due to its resistance to UV radiation, as well as to aggressive chemical media. Yes, in the suburbs of a large industrial megalopolis, incidentally, it is the andulin roof. Instructions for its installation - later in the article.

We count the crate

Since this material is rather soft, itis attached not to the roof itself, but to a specially designed crate for this purpose. Note that in order to properly design it, you need to carefully make all the measurements.

 anduline roof assembly
So, if the roof all the way has a slope up toa dozen degrees, will have to do a continuous crate. In addition, you will need to lash 30 cm of material from each row. If the slope is 10-15 degrees, then you need 20 cm overlap and a lath, the step of which can be done equal to 45 cm.

The optimal option is the angle of inclination from above15 degrees. The step is made at 60 cm, and the amount of lapping material does not exceed 17 cm. In this case, the andula roof, the installation instruction of which we are considering, will be cheaper, and will last longer.

Edging of the battens

There are no specific recommendations, butIt should be noted that it is more expedient to fasten its elements on bolted connections. If you just perestilayte slate roof, you can leave the old crate, after replacing the worn out elements.

We are working!

The material sheets need to be adjusted according to the measurements using a simple wood hacksaw. Difficulties with sawing are easily solved after you smudge the tool.

The laying process must be carried out in a staggeredorder. To put it is necessary from the leeward side of the sheet, observing strict order. Every even number is very desirable to start with only half the sheet. In this case, only three elements are lapped, which greatly facilitates all work.

Anduline roof photo
Nuances of fasteners

Strengthen it in two places: where the sheets "creep" on each other, and also at the very end of the piece of material. Note that for a proper strength and a better aesthetic appearance, you must maintain an extremely straight fastener line. Each "correct" anduline roof, the photo of which is in the article, is laid precisely on this rule.

It is best to use an ordinary plumb line, according to whichyou can easily navigate. Take into account that the proverb about the seven-fold metering is suitable here as well as possible: if you incorrectly nailed the leaf, it is unlikely that you will be able to remove nails without damaging the appearance of the coating.

As you can see, the anduline roof, the installation instruction given above, is laid relatively simply.

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