/ / "Volokolamsk windows" - the right choice of plastic windows of your house!

"Volokolamskie windows" - the right choice of plastic windows of your house!

The choice of plastic windows is very important and complextask, from the solution of which will depend on the comfort in the house and the health of the whole family. To date, the following requirements are imposed on the quality of plastic windows:

  • Soundproofing - The window should provide a sufficient level of silence in the room in a closed state.
  • Thermocontrol - the window should keep warm in winter, and in summer provide rapid airing.
  • Tightness - the window must protect against any possible drafts.
  • Security - the window must be made of environmentally friendly and safe material.

The company "Volokolamsky windows" will help to makeright choice. Our specialists are engaged in the quality and rapid installation of plastic windows in any premises with a warranty, and also help protect windows by installing roller shutters. We can use our services with the help of our representatives by installing windows and Roller shutters in Zvenigorod. Contact us and choose a wide range of essentials you can on our website - http://lamaokna.ru/

When selecting a window, you should pay attention to itsinternal components, because it is on their quality will depend on the life and reliability of the window itself. Any plastic window consists of those parts, namely PVC-profile, double-glazed windows and window fittings. To make the right decision when buying a window, we'll look in detail at each of them.

PVC profile Is the frame of the window itself, which representsa few plastic parts, connected in one window frame. When choosing it, one must pay attention to its level of elasticity and strength, since this is one of the weak points of all plastic windows. From this characteristic, the degree of sagging of the profile depends on regular use. The characteristics of the profile should also include the number of air chambers in it. On their number depends on what window can provide heat and sound insulation. The number of cameras by manufacturers varies from three to five. Profiles with three cameras are perfect for installation in the city, and with four and five - for country houses.

Double-glazed windows Is a design of several windows combinedwith each other on the metal profile using a sealant. In the interstitial space is the dried air or special gas - argon, used to resist the window heat exchange process. There are single-chamber, two-chamber and three-chamber double-glazed windows. When choosing a glass unit, it is necessary to take into account the temperature level and humidity level of the region. For the central strip of Russia, a double-glazed double-glazed window will be an excellent choice. From the characteristics of the insulating glass unit, the level of noise insulation and energy saving is again highlighted. Correctly selected glass unit will reduce the cost of heating and take care of the health of residents. Of the features of the double-glazed window, its great vulnerability from external influences and all sorts of destructive encroachments stands out. Protect the double-glazed window and the window as a whole can be installed roller shutters. Install quickly and efficiently in Ruza Also, the representative office of the Volokolamskie windows company in this city will help.

Window fittings Are moving parts and window parts that area single mechanism, whose purpose is to lock and open the window, as well as setting the ventilation mode. From the quality of assembly and production of all the details of the fittings, the convenience and lifetime of the entire window depend greatly. Modern plastic windows use a single complete set of the entire perimeter of the locking mechanism.

With the right and high-quality assembly of the hardware, the window will last for a long time, and its operation will require a minimum of effort.

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