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Design of apartments in a panel house. Advice

The standard layout of premises in homes is quiteoften do not like the owners of housing. However, everything is easy to fix, it is enough only to know the basic techniques that make it possible to hide design flaws.

Design of apartments in a panel house
Following simple rules, the design of apartments in a panel house will be an interesting and exciting occupation. To the main shortcomings of multi-apartment buildings built from panels, it is customary to include:

- small kitchen area;

- small areas of bathroom and toilet;

- Narrow corridor;

- small size of rooms.

Sometimes to eliminate these shortcomings removedpartitions between different rooms. The most acceptable design of a two-room apartment in a panel house, which involves the demolition of the partition between the bathroom and toilet.

Kitchen design in a panel house
Due to this, a rather spaciousA premise that can organically accommodate a shower cubicle, toilet, washing machine, sink and various lockers. On the floor it is better to use a tile, and it is important that its surface does not slip when wet. Particular attention should be given to lighting. Spot lights allow you to correctly place accents, and mirrors visually increase space.

Kitchen design in a panel house

In the event that the kitchen is adjacent to the hallway, itsthe area can be increased. A good design of apartments in the panel house can be done without global re-planning. It is enough to divide the kitchen into several functional areas, for example, dining and working. Usually for this purpose screens are used, shelves, but to avoid cluttering up space, you can play with light or combinations of different floor coverings. Excellent looks multi-level ceiling, allocating a zone above the table and practical lighting the working area. On walls it is advisable to glue washable wallpaper, which, among other things, does not absorb smells. It's a good idea to make an apron in the work area. As for color, preference should be given to light colors.

Design of a two-room apartment in a panel house
Design of apartments in a panel house. Bedroom

The bedroom is used for rest, comingin it, a person must feel comfort and comfort. Choose a wallpaper with light colors. For the decoration of the ceiling can be used a variety of materials, but it is better to choose a multilevel structure. They not only look beautiful and elegant, but also allow you to organize a variety of lighting, bright lighting.

Design of apartments in a panel house. Living room

This is a multi-functional room. They meet guests, work, have fun. It is in the living room is a large number of consumer electronics. You can not do without a set of upholstered furniture, a functional coffee table and all kinds of accessories that make the interior complete. By the way, about furniture. It is better to give preference to such a style as minimalism. Essentially save space is a closet-bed, a table-bed and other transformable structures. The furniture made of glass is especially well suited to the interior.

A few tips

- Horizontal stripes are visually able to expand the space, and therefore make it more comfortable. And this applies not only to wallpapers, but also shelves, shelves and other decorative elements.

- Use the height of the ceiling. Arrange the ledge on which the upholstered furniture or bed will be located. The space below can be used as a storage place for things.

- Cabinets should be chosen high, as they take up less space and are more roomy.

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